Paramore: Fake Happy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Paramore: Fake Happy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Paramore’s music video for ‘Fake Happy’ from the album, After Laughter – available now on Fueled By Ramen. Download it at

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DEC 01 Milwaukee, WI @ FM 102/1 Big Snow Show 12
DEC 03 Tampa, FL @ 97X Next Big Thing
DEC 05 Orlando, FL @ Dr. Phillips Center (SOLD OUT)
DEC 06 Miami, FL @ The Fillmore (SOLD OUT)
DEC 08 Norfolk, VA @ 96X Winter Meltdown

07 JAN Barcelona, ES @ San Jordi Club
09 JAN Paris, FR @ Olympia
11 JAN Cardiff, UK @ Motorpoint Arena (SOLD OUT)
12 JAN London, UK @ The O2
14 JAN Birmingham, UK @ Genting Arena
16 JAN Amsterdam, NL @ AFAS Live
19 JAN Manchester, UK @ Manchester Arena
20 JAN Glasgow, UK @ SSE Hydro Glasgow

08 FEB Melbourne, AU @ Rod Laver Arena
09 FEB Sydney, AU @ Qudos Bank Arena
11 FEB Brisbane, AU @ Riverstage
13 FEB Auckland, NZ @ Spark Arena
18 FEB Manila, PH @ Mall Of Asia Arena
23 FEB Honolulu, HI @ Blaisdell Concert Hall

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Director: Zac Farro
Cinematographer: Josh Goleman

Producer: Lia Mayer-Sommer
Exec. Producer: Robert H Dyar Jr.
Production Companies: Welker House Group & Walter Pictures

Stylist: Phoenix Johnson
Hair & Make-Up: Brian O’Connor
Production Manager: Talia Bernstein
Camera PA: Taina Martinez
PA / Drivers: Gerard Giraldo, Maya Delany, Emily Lauer

Editor: Niles Howard
Animation: Computer Team

Color: The Mill
Colourist: Michael Rossiter
Executive Producer, Colour: Dee Allen
Senior Producer, Colour: Rochelle Brown
Production Coordinator, Colour: Blake Rice
Senior Colour Assist: Nate Seymour

I love making you believe
What you get is what you see
But I’m so fake happy
And I bet everybody here
Is just as insincere
We’re all so fake happy
And I know fake happy
I been doin’ a good job
Of makin’ em think
I’m quite alright
Better hope i don’t blink
You see it’s easy when I’m stompin’ on a beat
But no one sees me when I crawl back underneath
If I smile with my teeth
Bet you believe me
If I smile with my teeth
I think I believe me
Oh please
Don’t ask me how I’ve been
Don’t make me play pretend
Oh no, oh what’s the use?
Oh please
I bet everybody here is fake happy too
And if I go out tonight
Dress up my fears
You think I look alright with these
Mascara tears
See I’m gonna draw up my lipstick wider than my mouth
And if the lights are low they’ll never see me frown
I know I said that I was doing good
And that I’m happy now
I shoulda known when things were going good
That’s when I’d get knocked down

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70 Responses

  1. leonardo oliveira says:

    thumbs up for hayley´s ass

  2. charley1189 says:

    I was so transfixed on her adorable dancing and cute butt but honestly the bit with Hayley and the glitter tears at the end made me tear up that was so raw and emotive

  3. naureen mehra says:

    I live for Hayley dance moves?

  4. mbarbera says:


  5. AngelMusume Gaming says:


  6. Cle0patra_B says:

    Great Job, however I think that Rose-Colored Boy and Caught In the Middle deserve a video clip too.

  7. Fénix :3 says:

    Dat ass :v

  8. Samizein says:

    Whoa! First new Green Day video now Paramore. :O

  9. Music Hoe818 says:

    anyone else dissapointed?

  10. Swichapt says:

    Better than Redtube.

  11. mbarbera says:

    0:08 HEY IT BREAKS MY HEART?????? :((

  12. anothercrazysenpai says:


  13. Christine Jun says:

    no way you walked through NYC and no one didn’t recognize you

  14. #AndresSTyle says:


  15. Luis Darío Zambrano says:

    I fall in love with this song for the second time.

  16. Brian Lagos says:

    *This is what Hayley Said about the video:*

    “I walked around forever and a day, wearing sequins and looking like a mermaid superhero. i danced with strangers, got yelled at by a construction worker, hugged a time traveler… all the while looking p damn carefree. 
    in my mind, i was anxious and really self-conscious. we didn’t even write the treatment around that, it just was the reality of filming Fake Happy on the streets of one of the busiest cities in the world. the only moment that any underlying emotion (other than “happy”) is apparent is at the very end….
    @zacfarro directed the video. he conceptualized it and insisted we shoot it on film. very proud of him. proud of me for not giving a shit that im the only one in this video. we made another something we love for the band we grew up in. *I love Paramore* ”

    — Hayley Williams 


  17. noodle tea says:

    favorite song off the album tbh

    • lemon lemon says:

      noodle tea same, along with idle worship

    • Aaron Cat says:

      It’s the best song off the album by far, it reminds me of the video game Seiken Densetsu 3, the opening sounds synth sounds like the games music.

    • rlyehdate says:

      What about No Friend? I just hate that the voice sounds very low but it’s great. To be honest, this album is very great: the first time I heard it I thought it was very happy, very pink, but once you think about the lyrics you understand that the happy vibe is just a mask for very deep songs.

  18. MonkeyFlop says:

    She is so hot! Marry me and we can be Fake Happy together!

  19. jessiepaege says:

    first i couldn’t stop playing the song. NOW THE VIDEO

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