Paramore: Hard Times [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Paramore: Hard Times [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Paramore’s music video for ‘Hard Times’ from the upcoming album, After Laughter – available May 12th on Fueled By Ramen. Pre-order it at

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Directed by Andrew Joffe (

All that I want
Is to wake up fine
Tell me that I’m alright
That I Ain’t gonna die
All that I want
Is a hole in the ground
You can tell me when it’s alright
For me to come out

Gonna make you wonder why you even try
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
And I still don’t know how I even survive
and i gotta get to rock bottom

Walking around
With my little raincloud
Hanging over my head
And it ain’t coming down
Where do I go?
Gimme some sort of sign
Hit me with lightning!
Maybe I’ll come alive

Tell my friends I’m coming down
We’ll kick it when I hit the ground

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20 Responses

  1. NoPr0bl3ms says:

    On one hand, Paramore has moved on from the really dated cookie-cutter pop punk, which is a good thing or else their music would have gone stale if they were writing the same shit 10 years later. On the other hand, the sound they’ve adapted now isn’t new or cutting edge, in fact they’re pretty late to game in terms of appropriating 80’s new wave and repackaging it as modern indie pop. The 1975, Walk the Moon, Foster the People, etc. have been doing this for years now. Not saying this song is bad, but it’s really uninteresting given how the landscape of indie pop music has looked like this for quite a while, and this song adds no new ideas.

  2. Juan Cena says:

    hey, I didn’t know Dusty Rhodes had a new entrance song

  3. Parker A says:

    Anyone already obsessed????

  4. Unicorn says:

    Old sound/new sound debate aside, can we talk about how fucking cool this video is?

  5. Emilee Oliver says:

    I’m so happy they’re back and this sound… it’s so unique while still sounding Paramore. It’s like if 70’s met pop punk.

  6. Real Faction / Piercing Lazer says:

    This isn’t Paramore anymore. It’s just Hayley with a band. :/ Linkin Park and Paramore used to be good, then instead of just saying “hey we’re under a new band project”, they decide to tarnish the names we remember for their signature sounds with…watered down mainstream garbage.

  7. PSD : says:

    Cadê os BR’s ?

  8. Ahmed Maitah says:

    every band is turning into pop 🙁
    no more rock and punk these days

  9. Delphox 616 says:

    WTF they still make music and isn’t she supposed to have orange hair?

  10. Angel Torres :v says:

    Al fin :’v

  11. Beatriz Wright says:

    I Looove this video! It’s like it’s on LSD but in a “let’s love the world” kinda way.

  12. Carlos Leon says:


  13. Captain Kon'Doriano says:

    10/10 would absolutely listen again.

    Take notes Linkin Park, this is how you evolve and innovate.

  14. twenty øne smøl beans says:


  15. Kell Online says:

    Representando o Brasil!

  16. BeendaBoxx Detoxx says:

    I’ve listened to it a few times and I like it more and more!! ?

  17. 0 Octave 0 says:

    The verses are a little mediocre, but the chorus is fire!!

  18. Lord Lenny - The Dank Meme Master says:

    Guys, you have to check this out 😮
    Paramore shared this today as well on their feed. There’s an awesome give away going really viral right now
    Everyone can get one today. Grabbed myself some neat goodies thanks to them <3

  19. Montserrat Guadarrama says:

    First time that Hayley has normal makeup and hair.

  20. FruityCheeks says:


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