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“I Heard You the Fifth Time” – Skipeck

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55 Responses

  1. i124Q _ says:

    “I have a low centre of gravity” = I’m short and fat

  2. Swords And sandals says:

    “Children raising children”- this has a deeper meaning

  3. MLG JELLY GAMER says:

    Is Dom becoming a parent?!

  4. LangZhao says:

    Why is it that when I binge watch Domics’s vids, he almost always uploads one the next day? *insert x files theme*

  5. Mia says:

    The bit with the kid waiting for the plan to grow had me dying so bad ?


  6. Crowned King says:

    Me: *vomiting from being sick*

    Mom: stop wasting time and get ready for school.

  7. Evie says:

    Me: Mom My Stomach Hurts…

    Asian Mom: Here, Tiger Bomb

  8. PlayBoii- Jayy says:

    Mom: *Everytime I see you, you’re always on that phone! Go out and get some sun!*

    Me: *Mom take a good long look, **_THIS_** is the look of a beautiful, healthy, hardworking, American teen. **2:46*

    • Zombieslayer0044 says:

      Mum: Everytime I see you, you’re always on that phone! Go out and get some sun!

      ME:Okay can i get out with my friends


  9. Fractal says:

    Me: mom.. I got an A-

  10. Morality says:

    Me: Mom my foot is infected.
    Mom: Put Tiger Balm on it.

  11. life everday says:

    *sips tea*
    *burns tongue*
    Stops watching to take care of my burnt tongue,sorry.

  12. Flare Rider says:

    Parent: “Your too old for that”
    Also Parent: “The adults are talking.”


      schmelly beans well we could unlike bamboo comment

    • schmelly beans says:

      Alan2022 “ignored”. It wasn’t ignored, but it was acknowledged in a rude way. How long do you spend perfecting your grammar? Enough that you don’t seem to have any grasp on human emotions?

    • WittyStooge42069 says:

      BambooDev I noticed a lot of people didn’t get your joke

    • Lemon Guy says:

      BambooDev 1 like but you can’t even use grammar properly. You used the wrong literally it’s literally “literally”. Everybody dislike BambooDev comment.

  13. Junpei ANIMATES says:

    Dom: *Parenting.*

    Mom: *I’m So Proud Of you Son.* ?

    Dom: *Huh?*

  14. Lachelle Lewis says:

    Mother: I’m not giving my child a vaccine so he won’t be autistic
    Child: “I’mma bout to ruin this woman’s whole career” *grows up to sue parent for endangering their health on a regular basis*

  15. Akseli Ananas says:

    “Cereal first, then milk” okay this video just earned a like

  16. The Exotic says:

    my mom raised a mistake

    no, not me, my sister.

  17. · Mewelii · says:

    “If there’s one thing that kids need a lot of answers to, it’s to the question _why_ ”

    _i also need the answer to that question for uh… scientific reasons_

  18. Nabila Jamaludin says:

    Me: Mom i had an asthma attack and literally thought I’d die

    Mom: Drink more water

    Asian households istg

  19. Oompa Loompa says:

    Domics: Releases “Parenting”

  20. Mona Cañoneo says:

    Me: being like my mom
    Mom: where did that attitude of yours came from huh!??
    Me: •-• uhhHhH yOu?

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