Paris Saint-Germain vs. Manchester City: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Paris Saint-Germain vs. Manchester City: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Manchester City picked up a decisive 2-1 win in the first leg of the UEFA semi final against Paris Saint-Germain.

PSG came out firing in the first half and converted one of their many chances into a goal. Marquinhos scored in the 15’ to give PSG the lead. PSG kept the pressure on in the first half and finished with 9 shots on goal.

In the second half PSG was content to sit back and defend the one goal lead. Manchester City took advantage and notched two goals both from set pieces.
De Bruyne scored in the 64′ when he tried to play the ball to the far post off of a free kick and instead found the back of the bet. Then Mahrez put the English side ahead in the 71′ when he found the hole in the PSG wall off of a free kick right outside the box.

Manchester City was able to maintain that one goal lead and will head back home with a huge advantage on aggregate.

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45 Responses

  1. Hayhas11 says:

    Verrati is the only player who seen mahrez goal in full hd 🤣

  2. វាយោ Clip Kh says:

    Pep in halftime break: SIT DOWN NOBODY TALK!

  3. JG124 says:

    This was an amazing game to watch. PSG looked so strong in the first half and City looked pretty shaky. But in the 2nd half City did what they did best and PSG just crumbled under the pressure. You could really see the frustration and desperation in the PSG players as City just dominated the possession in the 2nd half.

    • JASON57 says:

      possession is usuless, fact is MCI have score 2 lucky gaol, its the difference, when PSG have win Bayern witch its much better than MCI it was without possession..

    • Miles Atkins says:

      @JASON57 if you think possession is useless you’re probably not the smartest

    • Logen M says:

      @JASON57 True, City did score 2 lucky goals, but they also created good chances to score more. It would only be bad for City if they didn’t have any other chance except for those 2 lucky goals but clearly that’s not the case.

    • Bob says:

      @JASON57 I don’t know exactly what you said, I imagine English isn’t your first language but the 2nd goal wasn’t lucky. PSG just lacked the ability to make a good wall. That was their fault

  4. Daniel Rezayat says:

    KDB enjoying his game , he is such a gentleman who doesn’t give a shit to silliness in the game, big respect , MAN UTD FAN

  5. Chokri Mzoughi says:

    Guardiola played very cautiously in the first half for fear of the speed of Mbappe and Neymar but in second half he started to press high and changed the game .. well done Guardiola

    • Manuel Escobar says:

      @Nova Generator and if the score was 2-1 psg it would of been considered a mistake.

    • hanan Levis-Betancourt says:

      @Nova Generator no coach always gets the right strategy. The indicators of a great coach are their ability to adjust their strategies and acclimate their game plan throughout the game in a positive way that leads to winning football on the pitch. Pep did exactly that.

    • hanan Levis-Betancourt says:

      @Bhlack Bishop to be honest they should’ve been down 2-0 at halftime. Mbappe missed practically a sitter in the first half at 3:19.

    • Thibaut Taquet says:

      I believe it’s more PSG playing poorly on the second half. No pace whatsoever. DeBruyne has all the time in the world on his goal, the free kick is a stupid fault so close to the goal and the wall just lets the ball through. They just played really bad.

    • Oreste Quijije Duarte says:

      Kyle walker showed everyone that he’s faster than Mbappe

  6. says:


  7. Yosef Zeleke says:

    M’bappe with no shots on target!!! – I still remember how he danced his way into Bayern’s defence in the first leg. Championes City!

    • Anirban Manna says:

      Messi had his own world of his fans , he has responsibility of a whole club , so he has the pressure to come out from difficult situations . And he showed he can fix it . Whereas Mbappe can do nothing better than showing off and trolling others

    • xxx Majin Vegeta says:

      @Shreyansh Singh so true, only small clubs like psg celebrate winning a tie like they won the final 😂

    • Cameron BVHS2021 Lynch says:

      To be fair Bayern was missing 2 world class players and a solid defender in sule. And no I don’t wanna hear how psg was missing veratti. Those are not a comparison, missing lewy would be like missing mbappe. And still psg barley scraped by

    • ninjaXavier2 says:

      @Chikezi Alexis nah chelsea are beating you

    • Anirban Manna says:

      Real will win this title

  8. Allons-y à l’essentiel says:

    A Pep Guardiola who plays without a 9 but gives us a great match🤓
    Well done Man City

  9. SPORTS HUB says:

    Guys, take a moment to appreciate Zinchenko & Ruben Dias display in the second half !


    Shout-out to the referee. He controlled the match very well ❤💖

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