Parkland Senior Walks Out of Graduation Ceremony

Parkland Senior Walks Out of Graduation Ceremony

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17 Responses

  1. Danielle T says:


  2. MsVamPireChic says:

    This is so rude and disrespectful, wtf.

  3. Luis Granada says:

    Man, she’s got bigger balls than me! I love her already!!

  4. BudaBrat94 says:

    She probably had to go to the bathroom…

  5. Rahul Singla says:

    This was utter disrespectful & selfish act !
    ‘Slow Claps’ for her !

  6. Candace Johnston says:

    I LOVE the dirty look that dude gives them when they blast that air horn
    and scream!

  7. Drew Collier says:

    Parkland is always going viral for something. What a way for my class to
    end it! Respect to her.

  8. Keyshell says:

    Lmao I did that at my highschool graduation too, it felt very satisfying.

  9. Ash says:

    what is the big deal she got her award or watever so cant she go

  10. Luca Entertainment says:

    It isn’t just disrespectful because she didn’t watch others who watched
    her. It’s bad because she was causing a distraction while leaving, the next
    5-10 people after her didn’t get the recognition they deserve as focus was
    on her stunt….

  11. Alex Mooney says:

    Merely a stunt for attention. She didn’t have to attend the graduation and
    would have still gotten the diploma. Just shows you how stupid people are.
    She wasted her own time by attending she could have picked up the diploma
    or had it mailed to her. Nope she wanted to attend the graduation and go
    against tradition just to make some stupid point with other idiots who
    think just like her. Kids these days do shit like this for attention which
    is why our whole country is fucked up. Bernie supporters probably calling
    her smart and clever etc. Good luck with that can’t be late for your
    interview at walmart.

  12. Mehdi Mhenni says:

    Fuck them all ! You’re the man !

  13. Geward Magno says:

    I forgot who said this but ” diploma is just a paper thing to get an
    another paper thing ” so she’s like i got my diploma so im outta here i got
    what i need now time to face the real world/life make money or build a
    business . There’s nothing wrong with that and for those who said that this
    is disrespectful act well we have our own perspective and mine is ” Go
    girl! Youre a like a boss! “

  14. Erodict says:

    People saying it’s rude and disrespectful, who cares? I only care about
    getting my diploma, fuck the rest

  15. German .F (Bloghat) says:

    Min 0:59 Angelina Jolie?!

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  17. OneBalance says:

    Why so many dislikes? Maybe she had to shit….