Parkland Shooting Survivors School Congress on Gun Violence: The Daily Show

Parkland Shooting Survivors School Congress on Gun Violence: The Daily Show

While Fox News and Marco Rubio dodge the topic of gun control after a school shooting in Parkland, FL, teen survivors stage protests to call for common sense legislation.

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71 Responses

  1. Ake S says:

    Far right logic: Build a wall to keep Mexican out. They will have No way to cross pass the wall. What? Gun control doesn’t work. People will try another way to get it anyway.

    • Leivve says:

      To continue with the analogy. Most illegals come here legally, they just stay past their visa. These school shooters, buy their guns legally, just there’s nothing in place to tell if they should have them.

    • 503leafy says:

      They should just make the Wall out of guns.

  2. MissTam2000 says:

    We can’t teach kids to read on grade levels. We can’t afford new books. We can’t train and retain good teachers. We can’t pay new teachers a decent salary.
    Where is all this new money and training coming from. I’m a school counselor. My job in my school district requires that if there is an intruder with a gun, I hunt for kids who may be in the halls and get them to safety. You can’t afford to send my kids on field trips, but you plan to arm me with a gun then train me to shoot. Bad idea.

  3. Jordan says:

    It’s almost like the GOP wants to lose their majorities in Congress.
    I can’t wait to vote blue in November

    Edit: If you’re in Texas, *Beto O’rourke* is running against Ted Cruz (the Zodiac Killer).
    *Beto O’rourke* is a Bernie clone: no PAC money, no focus groups, no special interests. I attended his most recent town hall, and he announced his *full support of an assault weapons ban.*

  4. Alexis Alvarado says:

    To get a gun in Japan, first, you have to attend an all-day class and pass a written test, which are held only once per month. You also must take and pass a shooting range class. Then, head over to a hospital for a mental test and drug test (Japan is unusual in that potential gun owners must affirmatively prove their mental fitness), which you’ll file with the police. Finally, pass a rigorous background check for any criminal record or association with criminal or extremist groups, and you will be the proud new owner of your shotgun or air rifle. Just don’t forget to provide police with documentation on the specific location of the gun in your home, as well as the ammo, both of which must be locked and stored separately. And remember to have the police inspect the gun once per year and to re-take the class and exam every three years.

    I got this from a website. If you want to know where I’ll tell you

  5. Davelle Moore says:

    Hand to hand combat would be good for bullying but not for shootings

  6. Nyjeezy says:

    Still waiting for someone to explain why people need to have military grade weapons. They aren’t needed for home defense or hunting. If you want to shoot assault weapons, go serve in the military

    • Takata Miyagawa says:

      Americans thought it prudent to engage in an arms race with their society’s criminals. If someone used a powerful weapon to commit a horrible crime, the answer was not to restrict that weapon to the military class, or to people who had proven themselves respectable and trustworthy with it. The answer was to make a powerful weapon so readily available that a would-be victim would have a suitable weapon with which to engage their aggressor in deadly combat.

    • Takata Miyagawa says:

      I find it strange that so much blame has been placed on the FBI, as if they were solely responsible for swooping in to revoke this man’s right to bear arms before he used them to commit a crime. The first tip 5 months ago was worth little: a youtube comment. Not credible, not specific, and very difficult to find who posted it due to the anonymity the internet naturally provides. The second tip was more usable as it personally identified the suspect, but if it came from a person who knew him personally, then why did it rise to the level of a federal agency? If his background was so disturbing, including therapy and medication for emotional problems, then why did he pass a routine ‘background’ check so easily?

    • beccabunny09 says:

      Preach! And we all see what state sanctioned murder does to soldiers. My husband was messed up for years after it turned out he had shot a kid when patrolling in Iraq. His squad was fired upon and after they had killed all the attackers it turned out sever civilians were caught in the cross fire. My husband was 19 at the time. It took years for him to forgive himself especially as the reason he joined the army was because he knocked me up in HS. A father at 17 and a killer at 19. All to support his wife and son. Not fair for my sweet nerdy husband. And to think a bunch of last entitled limp dick losers think they’re badasses because they can buy a big rifle without requiring any training. Pathetic

    • Kt Stylinson says:

      Todd Turnbaugh car that go 150 mph and trucks that can haul 30k lbs are not made for the sole purpose of killing. also, do you not realize that you can easily buy “accessories” for your guns that can make them fully automatic ? and don’t act like assault rifles are good for hunting LMAO you may use them for “predator control” but don’t act like another gun would do the same job and probably better.

    • Left Jab says:

      P W lol, would look more like a fire marshall bill episode,

  7. gixxer6000 says:

    Yeah give the teachers guns then the shooter dont even has to bring his own gun to the school…

    • Phedre Delaunay says:

      gixxer6000 and train all the kids to hand-to-hand combact, so that next time instead of having a shooter there will be a NINJA-shooter

  8. RickinHKG says:

    If you have to register a car or a dog, … then you should have to register your gun. Registration doesn’t mean the government is coming to take your gun. They aren’t coming to take your car or your dog. Also, a 28 day waiting period with background checks. No private gun sales, unless they are approved and tracked via police permit. Anything to make people make responsible for their gun ownership. And as in a lot of Europe … mandatory annual training.

  9. Kassia Toth says:

    My boss spews everything she hears on fox. Its sickening. When I said that England and Australia had outlawed guns altogether, and change didn’t happen overnight, but its working… she stomped off and refused to speak to me for the rest of the day. The gun freaks get mad at common sense.

    • Hekat the Evil B-tch says:

      Kassia Toth The scary part is she is unwilling to have a dialogue with someone she disagrees with. Every issue has become so emotional…

  10. James Burgess says:

    My stand is: semiautomatic weapons, even without bump stocks that basically turn them into a feasible autos, is not a necessity in defending yourself.
    Which is what I firmly believe the 2nd amendment upholds, using guns to *defend* yourself (all be it in militia). Nevertheless, it states that you have the right to use A gun, it never outlined that every gun is open to be used for personal protection.
    Gun control is not to eradicate all gun violence, that’s impossible. It’s to limit the number of fatalities in a mass shooting. Not lowering the amount of mass shootings, but to lower the amount is people who will be instantly killed in a shooting.
    No one wants to get rid of the 2nd amendment.

    • Bluecho4 says:

      Exactly. We’re not asking to get rid of handguns, or shotguns, or hunting rifles. We’re talking about full-autos, the kind of firearms that are used on the battlefield. The average American is never going to need that much firepower.

    • Rodney and Heather's adventures says:

      James Burgess you can’t defend yourself with against criminals that have access to these weapons no matter what the laws are if you don’t have equal firearms of your own !
      The 2nd amendment was for us to protect ourselves from the government.

    • Dirt Diver says:

      demonic masters There are 30 round magazines for handguns as well

    • Dirt Diver says:

      tempeleng Less gun violence but higher overall violence

    • Jakob Waack says:

      Camel Spotter I’ve been wondering that ever since the Sandy Hook shooting. Almost all of the shooters have used AR-15s

  11. Yamazake Whitesky says:

    “give guns to teachers!”
    The only difference that would make is that the shooter would kill the teacher first
    Great solution dumbasses…

    • blackvial says:

      Yamazake Whitesky or the teacher could be the shooter, seriously those people are over worked, under paid, and have to deal with teenagers for several hours a day

    • Rene Curry says:

      blackvial Instead of going postal, they would be going teacher!😱 Not a good idea!!

  12. J. Matney says:

    Call me crazy but going to school where teachers and administrators have guns to fire back against a nactive shooter sounds like walking into a war zone instead of a place of learning

  13. James Burgess says:

    I never really understand this conservative argument: “welp, this is the price of freedom.”
    But suggesting every citizen to be armed, have training on every weapon as well as hand to hand combat, arming and training underpaid teacher (educators!), and have armed guards surveilling your highly populated building, JUST to protect yourself….
    How is living in constant fear for your life that you should have a gun, called freedom and is a fair price?

    • Berjan Been says:

      That One Guy at 7/11
      Also if something about cars or meds was proven to be dangerous there would be no problem in getting laws in place to negate or at least decrease the risk.

    • aguy654 says:

      James Burgess
      Remember, you’re asking this to modern Republicans, guys who accept pedophilia and Iranian influence under the sole circumstance it’s theirs. Modern Republicans are basically Fascists, trying to force everyone to believe what they believe without question.

    • Connor O'Neil says:

      Those that sacrifice liberty for security deserve niether. Does that clear it up for you?

  14. Victor Alkaiser says:

    Think of it this way folks. These kids will be our next generation. Kids that have grown up with school shootings happening around them at a far too consistent rate. If stronger gun laws won’t come now, they will come later. The old must eventually make way for the new.

  15. Sambou Jaiteh says:

    I’d say it’s ironic that every Fox News suggestion would negate their precious tax cut if actually implemented on any significant scale, but they’re just a bunch of genuinely idiotic trash.

    • t y says:

      Sambou Jaiteh Faux Porno Fake News is a joke.

    • Richard Archer says:

      @Sambou Jaiteh – One of my family shared the story about Gingrich’s idea to train and arm selected teachers or administrators. I replied to my relative pointing out what the costs of his idea will be and how many logical fallacies he is relying on to support his idea.

      Gingrich apparently has no idea what the cost will be or what his estimate of 6-8 teachers per school actually means. There are more than 93,000 public schools in the USA. I have no idea how many private schools, but just using his estimate of 6-8 school staff on average being the designated killers for the public schools means having to quickly find, train, certify, and equip somewhere between 560,000 and 750,000 people. Those numbers are equal to about half the total number of active duty personnel in all branches of the US military or about 30% of all people in the US military in total, including reservists and national guard.

      In his FoxNews OpEd posted online, Gingrich equates what he calls “protectors of the innocent” to Federal Air Marshals in the role they would play. As far as cost, he equates those “protectors” to teachers who serve as part time coaches and extracurricular activity supervisor for an a $150-$400 bump in their teacher’s pay. Signing someone up to be the designated killer-protector for the school isn’t nearly the same as being a part time coach and activity supervisor. It would be more like being an air marshal. The pay difference between average pay for teachers and average pay for air marshals is about $10,000 per year. If the schools have to pay anything close to that difference in order to get people to sign up, that means an annual cost of between $5.6 billion and $7.5 billion just for salaries. On top of that the schools would have to pay for the cost of training, certification, and equipping all those “protectors”. Figure at least another $500 million to $750 million per year for that. Not easy numbers to swallow in current government budgets considering that public schools across the country are already facing budget cuts.

      Gingrich and the rest of the Fox News idiots have no idea how big a pile of bullshit is contained in the suggestions. They are just meaningless words to make their viewer base of people from the “you’ll never take away my gun” crowd feel good about not actually doing anything..

    • Hekat the Evil B-tch says:

      Richard Archer Impressive & obviously well thought out response. You do realize you sound more qualified than most of these politicians currently jumping on the “dumb as f-ck bandwagon”… I’m just wondering is idiocy required to be a politician? (If so, you couldn’t run for political office.) Is there a quota of stupid comments as a politician you are required to make per year? Let’s see how Newt performs in one of these suggested classes? Maybe he could play the part of the piece of wood…

  16. ANTI- ROXAS says:

    2:12 Hold up WHAT?!?!
    Instead of gun control, these guys want an *Wild West Shootout* in the middle of School???

  17. Ake S says:

    What kind of fucked up world we live in when children are making so much more sense than adults. I wonder what will the Congress say if it was their children that got shot.

  18. Dario says:

    You know what, I have a better idea Trevor Noah, how about we ban money in politics, so that politicians can actually represent us, instead of pretending to care about Americans

  19. Crazy Monkey says:

    66 dislikes
    The devil loves those shootings

  20. Shahzeb Khan says:

    Trevor at his best

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