Parkland Victim’s Father Max Schachter Gives Final Statement Before Shooter’s Sentencing – Part 1

Parkland Victim’s Father Max Schachter Gives Final Statement Before Shooter’s Sentencing – Part 1

Victims’ families get their final say in court prior to the sentencing of the Parkland school shooter. The statements follow a nearly three-month trial, after which a jury of seven men and five women could not unanimously agree on the death penalty for the convicted killer, resulting in a life sentence.

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46 Responses

  1. Karma * says:

    Alex’s father is SUCH an excellent speaker!!! Powerful, intelligent, and compassionate. EVERYONE was riveted as he spoke in such an impactful intelligent way. Just so much for respect for him and for all of the victims and their family members. My prayers are with you xo

    • WB says:

      I was reading something a little while back about how his son was the same way. Very good speaker and very knowledgeable 😕 it’s so sad. My heart breaks as a parent it’s my worst fear.

  2. Surviving My Past says:

    Max should have been a lawyer . I watch him the whole trail his pain broke my heart and had me in tears nearly every day. I knew he would give a great and mind blowing testimony. Peace, Love and Light to the Victim Families 📌

  3. G says:

    I don’t know this father’s history, but he’s clearly a warrior who’ll bring attention to a weak judicial system.

  4. Rebirth says:

    What a wonderful father. So passionate about his sons murder, you can tell. If you’re reading this Max, I’m so proud of you for your work man and I’m so sorry for what happened to your son, you and your family. My condolences deeply 🙏 May God bless you wonderful father

  5. Laurie Hernandez says:

    This man is a great speaker! And right on point with his comments. I am very sorry for your loss

  6. Loulou Magoo says:

    The defense behaved so badly, unprofessionally, and without conscience or empathy. Totally disgusting. Beyond comprehension.

    • Loulou Magoo says:

      @Saeed :They didn’t use standard decorum and respect required as part of a court case, they laughed throughout the trial and were rude to the Court, and, in fact, they engaged in giving the Court the finger. Totally unprofessional and absolutely disgusting.

    • Daniel Olortegui says:

      @passing by I wanna hear from the bald guy and his fat wife

    • Maddie says:

      @Saeed they laughed and flipped off the camera

    • passing by says:

      @Daniel Olortegui society lost for now. This case will most likely change the Florida death penalty law. So it may be a win after all?

    • Edith says:

      @Saeed One of them gave the middle finger to the cameras, and laughed about it with the murderer.

  7. J Sexton says:

    I felt the pain, anguish, frustration, anger, and hatred in every single word that left this man’s mouth. My heart is broken for these families. Justice was not served today!

    • D Lewis says:

      @Someone Out-there don’t speak on a pain you can’t understand

    • J Sexton says:

      @Jennifer G agreed😓

    • Jennifer G says:

      @J Sexton didn’t he also say he wanted the death penalty? They said he went back and forth daily. He also said he enjoyed hearing from the victims families!! This is a sad no-win situation.

    • J Sexton says:

      @Someone Out-there I don’t think it would have given them closure either. But I feel like they would atleast have the satisfaction of knowing that he’s no longer drawing breath, and that he is burning in hell. And simply because they know he wanted life in prison, so in a way he’s getting what he wanted and that is why I feel they are so upset

    • sanya says:

      @Someone Out-there dp is a punishment,, so why punish anyone at all anymore, why hv a court, police and the whole system at all, why is the sky blue

  8. Crow Whisperer says:

    Absolute respect for this brilliant Dad.

  9. Tasha Awesome says:

    What a fact based statement…he will definitely turn his pain into action!

  10. La La La La says:

    There’s no excuse for what he did. Thank you for speaking on behalf of the victims.

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