Parkour At The AMP HOUSE

Parkour At The AMP HOUSE

Parkour At The AMP HOUSE
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24 Responses

  1. Duke Dennis says:

    When i said i would dress up as batman or black panther i lied…my bad

  2. 𝘈𝘤𝘬𝘳𝘤 says:

    Duke has made it a long way. He’s a goat at everything he’s done. Content gets better each time he upload ❤️🐐

  3. Marcus J says:

    Duke really the definition of “completed all side missions”

  4. Mayyz says:

    We can’t risk another parkour video gang. You stessed me out with that stumble.

  5. Daniel Nelson says:

    Disclaimer: Do not try this at home lol
    Glad you’re ok Duke

  6. Mashudu Simone says:

    The fact that he does this so effortlessly is insane.

    This vid low key gave anxiety when he has the body cam on and reached the roof 🫣

  7. Darrin Nichols says:

    at this point i think this man duke can do anything no cap 😂😂😂. Big D Block

  8. BX9 9999 says:

    This man been through a lot I can tell by the way he’s appreciating everything he got now I’m glad that he’s in a better place.🤍

  9. Jada Gabby says:

    “So u just be capping, That looked like you done did that before” is exactly what I was thinking 😂😂

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