Part 1 – Our Thoughts on the Docuseries ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

Part 1 – Our Thoughts on the Docuseries ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

Real fam, have you seen the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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76 Responses

  1. claudia montoya says:

    I agree with Loni that the spike is due to people checking out his music because they hadn’t heard it, just curiosity.

    • Morgan Williams says:

      I feel like they shouldn’t go buy the music because they are supporting him when they do that

    • Emeka Kingsley says:

      He still is the king of RnB. You can’t change how his music made us feel. His lyrics were captivating. He had a great career but same cannot be said about his personal and private life. Which is sad for us his fans. Same applies With Bill Cosby

    • Eva Adesuwa says:

      Cierra W. THANK YOU

    • Waves On Swim says:

      claudia montoya and they want to piece together the clues

  2. Monolithic says:

    Loni, which DJ was audacious enough to play it? We need names.

    • Destinee Singleton says:

      It was on instagram. And it was funny.

    • Fatouma Yassin says:

      Loni is straight lying.. I saw someone say this on iG and Twitter and it went viral… she’s using someone else’s story and acting like its hers.. whats new tho loool

    • D says:

      +Natasha Lee it happens. R Kelly was played at a recent party I was at (well, if ‘recent’ is a couple of years ago lol) and while everyone was dancing I sat in my seat stone cold.

    • Natasha Lee says:

      Haha, damn. I was hoping there was more solidarity on this issue, but I guess people really still be spinning his music!

    • jyn88 says:

      I think the DJ knew what he was doing. He wanted to see a reaction out of the crowd.

  3. Brittani Bee says:

    Too many people want to say “well he hasn’t been legally found guilty so I’m still going to support him” which Is the first problem. Secondly, our girls, and specifically our BLACK GIRLS, should matter to us much more.

    • Maip video says:

      +Mr. F I didn’t even mention the parents, so how could you possibly know my stance on that huh? ? I said I’m tired of people treating teenagers like they can make informed adult decisions, while not holding the actual adults responsible. Especially black men who seem to be babied in the black community.

    • Mr. F says:

      +Maip video Last time I checked we weren’t babied but thats you.

    • Mr. F says:

      +Maip video But I guess you want talk about an increase of black women molesting black boys. Oh wait everything is about black women in the community.

    • Tiana Breyanne says:

      Mr. F oh black men are very much babied lol that’s just a fact.

    • Mr. F says:

      +Tiana Breyanne ok whatever you say.

  4. UniquelyMade says:

    He should be in JAIL

    • Aniya Raine says:

      UniquelyMade The mammies&Aunts of those whores need to be in prison and all the little prostitutes need to be jailed too.

    • 90sAreTheBest says:

      Or, he could die. I’m honestly great either way.

    • WhatAreYouTalkingAboutYouDumbBitch Stfu says:

      No tf he shouldn’t . Those girls dated him and he tossed them whoopty fucking doo go help women in your community not some money hungry trolls

    • Veronica Nevarez says:

      Yes I totally agree. He is a nasty pedophile he needs to be raped in jail himself

  5. fatema abbas says:

    Damn, Jeannie is so well-spoken and her thoughts are always on point.

  6. Myronn Coleman says:

    Ok here’s my thing right : I think people sometimes really do have an issue with letting go/ separating the artist from their artist… but for me I can’t support just one aspect because to me if you support his music then you suppprt HIM & the things that he is supposedly doing ! And I cannot respect or be friends with a person who would rather shy away from the fact that there is literally EVIDENCE of him dating / marrying younger girls… for instance him and Aaliyah ( may she Rest In Peace ❤️??) she was 15 & he was 27… why couldn’t he date a WOMAN not a young girl ! It’s like he preys on these girls just to attack

    • Lacye De Souza says:

      Myronn Coleman that is where his mental growth stops and why he can’t connect with a woman his age. Allegedly he went through some trauma as a child and when you’re introduced to something traumatic at a young age your can’t process it correctly so your mental growth is stunted. I don’t agree at all with what he has done, I’m just why he allegedly did those things. Also you tend to repeat what you learned as child in your adulthood.

    • ifabulocitygirl says:

      Myronn Coleman Right?? Like some of these people worry me. If R Kelly was a suspected serial killer, would they turn their head and still listen to his music because his art is different from him?? That only works if the person in question is BEHIND BARS!

  7. Rah van Taaie says:

    I think Loni is right

  8. Mary Nicole says:

    I really hope justice is served for all of the victims ? what’s done in the dark always comes to light!

  9. Diavian Nashae says:

    I think people just want to know who he was talking about in the songs since specific songs were about specific women and their stories. i.e. you are not alone by Michael Jackson being about the woman who got pregnant by R. Kelly but had a miscarriage.

  10. Privacy Wanted says:

    Jennie is on the mark! It’s become so normalized that we don’t see it as a problem.

    • Zaza Brown says:

      It’s not about it being normalized. At the end of the day, none of us has been in his presence long enough to know the real him or what he truly does to women. FEW people are going to drastically change their behaviour off rumours. Also for those who are slightly older, a lot of R Kelly’s old hits are tied to our teen/coming of age memories (e.g. first dance, first time, high school /college years etc) so regardless of what the man may have done, you’re not going to wipe out the nostalgia attached to certain songs.


      Yeo. Alot of wrongs have become normalized that people dont see it as a problem. People have become so blind.

  11. KW'IRIGARA says:

    this whole #survivingrkelly is a DISTRACTION to something bigger because they have known about this in the music for a VERY LOOOONNNGGGGG TIME!!!

    • Ke li says:

      D That is very false.

    • Gemini Love says:

      +LankyAlpaca STFU with your stupid ass argument…fucking imbecile!

    • LankyAlpaca says:

      +Gemini Love so you have failed to refute my argument, huh? Typical. ? Keep caping behind a rapist and pedophile, you absolute cretinous creep.

    • Gemini Love says:

      +LankyAlpaca I dont have time nor do I care to refute your argument. Your the one concerned about MY OPINION! I said what I said…whether you like it or not! Make your own comments dummy…you cant change my perspective.

    • a.d.w. n. says:

      Distraction? Can you walk anf talk at the same time. Im am aware of this and news all over the world. More like Deflection.

  12. BeautyAndFaith says:

    ?I feel like I’m the only one in the world who has not seen it LOL. I honestly don’t need to though because my mind I already made up about him ??‍♀️

  13. Darnelly Daniels says:

    Ahh I have said my peace regarding R kelly on Twitter and over the last year so far. In the UK the BBC already did a documentary exposing him.

    It’s mad how despite all this controversy R Kelly still getting “paid” …. even though it’s not much but 60% increase is substantial.

  14. ems m says:

    Jada is gorgeous ?

  15. Jordan Guerra says:

    I had never heard the song I Admit, and was shocked when I saw it was 19 minutes long! not 9!!

  16. Ciarahoneydip says:

    It’s like they say “Any publicity is good publicity”. Whether people are curious, doing research, or showing support…the documentary spiked some form of interest or emotion that wasn’t there before so of course his numbers spiked. I’m confused though because I thought Spotify banned his music??

    • betty x angelus says:

      They didn’t ban it they just removed it from their playlists (you know how they make playlists based on what their listeners like) so you can still find his music on there it just wont come up unless you look for it

    • Deandra Owens says:

      No they didn’t ban it you have to look for it. It won’t just start playing on it own in a playlist or be recommended to you.

    • Veronica Ivanova says:

      Very true

    • Alexandria Jezina says:

      betty x angelus that’s what I thought the policy was too. But today I was recommended a Spotify playlist “I love my 90’s R&B” and R. Kelley is actually featured on it in “Back & Forth”, a song by Aaliyah. So I guess the algorithm is still not right.

    • Ambereigh says:

      Alexandria Jezina they can’t not play aaliyah (Technically one of the victims) because of r.kelly

  17. Jassy says:

    Black men need to start holding their black male counterparts accountable for the abuse of black girls and women.

    I said what I said.

  18. Jeffrey Davis says:

    My take in it *people are gonna support whoever they want to despite what they have done. R.Kelly is no different. It just boils down to a person’s character.* Look at trump he said all those nasty things about Mexican people and muslims and I’m neither but because my character I chose not to support him. George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin I seen pictures of disgusting people getting Arizona tea cans and skittles signed by him. So with R.Kelly it’s no different. Most times people will never care about what a person does until it affects them or someone close. There is something off about this R.Kelly situation because how is he not in jail after all this. I’ve seen comments saying on Twitter and here that it’s a distraction from the government shut down. Idk I’m always open to theories tho but I don’t too much believe that one, but at the same time us common people will truly never know what goes on in the government or music industry or Hollywood

    • chrissy k. says:

      So true about people not caring until it affects them or someone close which is honestly sad. It shouldn’t take something especially something like this happening close to home for people to care about the young girls who were and are still being affected by this. Also I’ve heard the conspiracy about the shut down but the government shut down is still being talked about nationally in addition to R. Kelly. Commentary and elements surrounding the shutdown haven’t been put on the back burner bc of the R. Kelly thing. It just depends on where you watch your news bc some news reporting shows and sites are more likely to talk about news concerning entertainment arts as opposed to politics and vice versa.

  19. Odalys Flores says:

    I feel like R Kelly spotify stream went up because some people wanted to see who he is?

  20. Dylan Mijer says:

    It was literally a tape of him pissing on an underage girl but it takes a whole list of women and a Documentary for y’all to just now be outraged SMH.

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