Part One: Introducing Our 5th Co-Host! Meet: Baby Jenkins!

Part One: Introducing Our 5th Co-Host! Meet: Baby Jenkins!

One of our favorite things about our girl Jeannie is her growth, incredible honesty, and transparency. We’re so excited to officially welcome our fifth co-host, Baby Jenkins! To see how Jeannie first revealed the news to Garcelle, Loni and Adrienne tune in TODAY!

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40 Responses

  1. Nadia Berry says:

    Proof is in the pudding. God made sure you weren’t ready for kids until HE sent the perfect man for you Jeannie ❤️

  2. SisiYemmieTV says:

    Never say never. Congratulations Jeanie!!!

  3. Jeana Crandall says:

    I cried like a baby watching this. Congrats to Jeannie and Jeezy. Ive seen this happen before. Sometimes the difference is being with someone you absolutely love.

  4. Kejuan Lynette says:

    That’s so neat that she and her husband met here, married while she’s been here and now she’s announcing their child here! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 You look amazing Jeannie 😍

  5. Nicole Masenya says:

    This makes me sooo perfect.I want to cry because this is everything Jeanie deserves 🥺♥️I don’t have any doubts that she’ll be a perfect mother

  6. Amanda David says:

    I supported Jeannie when she didn’t want kids and I support her now. I’M SO HAPPY FOR HER, SHE DESERVES HAPPINESS IN HER LIFE.

  7. H. A says:

    This shows when something is written by GOD nothing will stop it. Some way some how it will happen and things will fall into place how they were meant to be. What a beautiful thing.

  8. Gary Nguyen says:

    I think the special thing about this, is not only the pregnancy, but it’s even more special to see Jeannie’s growth as a woman. Telling everybody that she never wants kids and etc. Jeezy made her believe that she CAN do it and that they can do it TOGETHER. Jeezy truly is Jeannie’s soul mate.

    • pinkroses says:

      @Kim Keller the way the OP wrote it says they watched her growth as a woman, and then they follow that by clarifying that she would tell everyone she didn’t want kids. To me those two sentences are connected not separate.

    • C DrkAngel28 says:

      @Yolanda paulino Exactly!!!
      💯 🙏🏾❤ When your with the right person who truly see & love you anything is possible even, if you didn’t feel or believe it for yourself in the past. 💖 💕

  9. Lisa Yvette says:

    I’m cheesin from ear to ear with Jeanie this is truly a miracle.

  10. stix b. says:

    people are saying that’s it’s “weird” how she swore she didn’t want kids at first, but looking at jeannie’s childhood and the way her ex-husband treated her, i could see why she was so hesitant. but i’m so happy for jeannie and jeezy. you can tell the love is genuine. 💞

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