PART ONE: Jeannie Opens Up About Her Engagement to Jeezy

PART ONE: Jeannie Opens Up About Her Engagement to Jeezy

Jeezy proposed in quarantine and Jeannie is giving us all the details!

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95 Responses

  1. Christina Jefferson says:

    It’s weird people in these comments are judging Amanda based on her expression. None of us know her personally enough to make those judgements. She could just be listening to the story 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • nahi banny says:

      javi ruiz Ppl are usually complaining she talks TOO much. Now it’s oh she’s supposed to talk 🤦🏻‍♀️ Jeannie was telling her engagement story, there’s no reason to talk. Loni didn’t talk until the very end but no one has a problem with that 🤔

    • Sylvia day says:

      It’s a combination of group think and Racism. Amanda goes strongly for black women and men and the racists hate that. Then they start the Amanda hate train where they try to pick apart any little thing so they can use it to justify their hate for her. That’s where the group think comes in. Some fans see others doing it. Then they join in. It’s ridiculous

    • Sylvia day says:

      @javi ruiz talk while Jeannie is speaking? I thought the reason for the Amanda hate train some weeks ago was because she wouldn’t let Jeannie and Tamera get a word in?
      Just give it up. You’re a hating ass person hating on Amanda for no damn reason.. Own your truth.

    • Abasha Cisse says:

      Christina Jefferson We don’t have to know her personally, she Is communicating with us through her facial expressions hello!

    • Angelica Lopez says:

      we’ve seen her personality enough on the show… Amanda is a strong person, and her facial expressions give off her mood

  2. Camill Kondrakhin says:

    Boujie Adrienne has worse cam quality than Jeannie’s Family T-Mobile Android Samsung plan. What up bless up. 🙏

  3. Aimee Jayy says:

    If he didn’t say “Will you be Mai Wife?”.. I dont want to hear it

  4. priyainbelfast says:

    This show isn’t for Amanda, she needs to go and find something she’s interested in.

    • Tifani Price says:

      priyainbelfast exactly smh they were all smilies and being happy for her but Amanda was just there like she really didn’t care smh just so rude.

    • Courtney novus ordo Jordan says:

      Okay they need to make room on the view for her

    • crass says:

      Google the petition to get her off the show

    • OneIn AMillion says:

      I can’t just hear inside her head that she wants to say something about willing to marry an Asian woman but not his black baby mom!lol

    • sgrhopoodle2001 says:

      priyainbelfast I 100% agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I support her as a woman doing her thing. This show is NOT for her.

  5. Shantajah Johnson says:

    Amanda looks stuck between work and home lol her face is like “there’s the kitchen, there’s my phone, I’d love to get that book.”. Lmao

    • Simon Smith says:

      Shantajah Johnson I’m just waiting her to make a joker impression by saying why so serious 😂🤣

    • Gemini Empress says:

      @Javan uHnah ooooohhh, I see. Let’s hope she has changed her perspective because that sounds hella messed up for her to say fr

    • aikinsv says:

      @Chica Arana She’s probably thinking, damn this chick is getting married and I can’t even keep a man long enough to tell anyone, lol! When you are single, engagements hit different. Look at everyone’s face vs. Amanda.

    • Shantajah Johnson says:

      @Simon Smith lol

    • Javan uHnah says:

      @Gemini Empress well obviously her perspective has changed after her white husband humiliated her and left her for another white woman. But that doesn’t justify her lack of apology.

  6. Iacobus says:

    Tamera & Adrienne dressed the part. The rest of them said “f*** it”.

  7. lily Edwards says:

    Aw, Loni just looks so genuinely happy for Jeannie. She never stops smiling throughout the whole time Jeannie is talking, her face is glowing with happiness for her friend’s joyful news. She is a true friend

  8. omobosolaajayi says:

    Lol.. y’all tried it. Amanda is everyone of us in a group chat that listens but dont know where to look. We just be smiling and listening to the convo but we look crazy 😂
    If Jeezy feels like Jeanie is who he wants to marry regardless of his previous relationship let him be. Just cos you have a baby with someone doesn’t mean you marry them. It’s not about race and I hope people stop pushing that narrative. Love is love and who you love is your choice.
    Congratulations Jeanie 💃🏾

    • Tina says:

      I am going to wish Jeannie Good Luck because its hard for me to wish someone that is marrying a ex-drug dealer turned rapper with out of wedlock children Congratulations because I just don’t want this for Jeannie she could do so much better than this especially after all she has been through in her life.

    • Angel_vs_herself ChancesMakeChampions says:

      Tina who cares wat yu want? I knw yu don’t think Jeanie care… NO I can’t believe their together but I’m happy for ANYONE who finds happiness yu seem bitter and very much miserable hunnay🤦🏾‍♀️

    • flipmode7 says:

      Thank you, people just like drama they really do. Good thing is I feel Amanda is not learning to care. If she looked any other way they would have said she’s coming off fake. Well t ada this is how she looks on a video chat.

  9. Jeanne's Movie Chats says:

    The effort it must have taken to coordinate this – hats off, it’s much appreciated. And congrats to Jeannie!

  10. inspire me says:

    I wish there was a transcript of Amanda’s thoughts 😂

  11. madz says:

    i think it’s so cute how they’re still arranged in their seating arrangements over the table

  12. bahadiva says:

    Amanda looking like a whole emotionless ghost. 😂😂

  13. Stella Kamau says:

    When a man knows he’s doesn’t waste your time.

    • Jolisa says:

      Amanda is too woke for this interracial love and colorstruck black men. She is happy for Jeannie but you can tell she has her views about interracial relationships in general when it comes to the black community XD The black community has not established enough economic power on it’s own to be giving away resources into other races.. when the divorce hit’s who do you think get’s all the money? the non black female partner.

    • Joyce Dominguez says:

      @Jolisa she looks bored. Like she’s thinking ” oh here goes Jeanie with a loooong ass story about every looooog ass detail. Lol

    • brianroyal1 says:

      @Jolisa lol. I dont see you saying that about Halley berry paying 2 white ex husbands child support and alimony, and let’s see what happens with Serena Williams marriage. But if you look around the internet, black women praise each other for marrying white (even when the white man makes far less) so it seems like the only interracial relationships black women get mad at are the ones that have black men in them. Hypocracy !!

    • Cee C says:


    • Elijah T says:

      @brianroyal1 Facts

  14. Jojo Breez says:

    Amanda litteraly burning “the black men” cape with her face 🥴😂😂

    • Ana Wellington 3.0 says:

      @Kay You Asian men out earn White men. The highest paying Asian men are Indian.

      My man ( Black) knows I have no problem dating out, and will date Asian men in a heartbeat. He too is willing to date out, but hasn’t had any luck with non-BW. I’ve dated the whole rainbow except for Asian, but came close to dating a Japanese guy. We both don’t play that race loyal bullsh*t.

    • Royalty JS says:

      @Jerico Thompson the first lesson you must learn is that all black women are not the same. Often times black men or lazy when picking their women, they want her to be the eye candy every man want to look at.

      I mean think about it, the black man is America’s mist wanted, dead or alive, y’all are visionaries and trend setters y’all are intelligent strong leaders. my punctuation is not going to be on point but let me say this…

      The Black man and the Black women will reunite, and until then we will not see order, as in your black daughters being mentally healthy. They don’t feel any self worth at all, daddy had to go get a non black woman just to make him happy, when indeed happy comes from within.

      Men not just brothas, but men need to stop being peace keepers and be ☮️ makers. You are the man of your home. Stop allowing the Black women and for that matter any black woman to control, and disrespect you.

      There is a manual that comes with black men and women,. the women you compare with and prefer over black women, her ancestors wrote it. Catch that if you can, and if you did now we can talk.

      You see I was raised differently, I and many women are the opposite of that stigma, brothas even have other women spewing posion out their lips about the black women, she is who she is. I have nothing bad to say about black men other then they, we are looking for peace. That is all I want, I want a good man that is mentally healthy with potential and motivation.

      I want a family man, a God loving Mann, an honest man, who knows who he is and what he wants. I want a peace maker, not a peace keeper, there is a difference.

      I hate when my sistas disrepect our men, it is demeaning and uncalled for, but I also hate when blackmen use, manipulate and purposely prey on Sistas. Now is that fair?

      Is that fair to do to a human being? No it is not and now she crazy or now he don’t date in his race because of heartache and pain, down right humiliation. And now she mad and angry at the world because she gave her heart to a man she really cares for.

      All of us do not love the same, when will will stop pointing the blame? I love black men, I will always love y’all, through the snow and the rain. We need y’all to stand up, in slavery days, you could not, your ManHood was silenced, was it not?

      The next time you choose to love love from the heart and not the mind, lead from your gut and not your feet. It is easy to give up, but try. I’m not saying that black women or easy, ask a white man to tell you his trials and tribulations with their women, they have them too, Especially during and after divorce. No one is perfect. But if it makes you happy or successful to put another women in front of the black women,go ahead because,” She Will Still Rise”

      My sons will sing another song, they do not have momma issues, you see our people have been damanged in the past, but I pray that our future will change. One day I will tell my story, but not here, not the time nor place, be blessed my friend.

      Oh and please forgive my typos🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Ana Wellington 3.0 says:

      @Tina And for that reason, I’m extremely happy for Jeannie and her man. I hope she holds onto him tightly and has a happy marriage.

    • Ana Wellington 3.0 says:

      @L C it’s not a guarantee, so why not expand to the other millions upon millions of men within her proximity and bracket?

    • Ana Wellington 3.0 says:

      @Jolisa That’s true. However in the case of BW, when or if the divorce happens, she is more likely to obtain the resources. Iman the super model is a prime example.

  15. Lifeing with wayua says:

    Like do we REALLY need Amanada on thid show…like she kills the vibe so much. She has the salitiest look on her the entire just say Congratulations,girl you only talk when they talking about race🙄

    • Naomi Mpoyi says:

      So true!!! I honestly don’t even know why she’s on the show. It was better when it was just 4 ladies. No offence to Amanda but she is killing the vibe

    • Javan uHnah says:

      no. she should stay

    • Aimee Smith says:


    • Michelle Wilson says:

      If you’re trying to define the look on Amanda’s face it’s called, perplexed. She, like most of us (black ppl), are trying to figure out how Jeannie went from “black men are only good for being side pieces,” to getting engaged to Jeezy…the blackest of the black (in terms of culture). MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!!!! ….I’LL WAIT

  16. Mekdes Abate says:

    All these comments about Amanda’s facial expressions have me rollin😭

  17. Muna B says:

    When I saw people commenting about Amanda’s face I thought ya’ll were exaggerating. Then I watched the video. Oh damn girl you’re on TV, how do you not know how to control your face? And I love Amanda’s contributions (sometimes)

    • Favoured1 says:

      @Tutu but they are not friends….

    • DarkSense says:

      Maybe she’s not aware of her facial expressions and I totally relate to her my face always has its own story to tell when I’m listening to someone can’t control it…some people say I give them the evil eye or judgy look but the truth is far from that

    • BlaqueBritishCute29 says:

      criminal!!?? woah what criminal history?

    • Dee Ambeau says:


    • Stefani Joanne says:

      Tutu so because he’s a rapper, has children and a criminal history he’s not worthy of love and happiness…? key word, a HISTORY. it’s not like he’s still running the streets being a criminal and is always in and out of jail. Same with Adrienne. So her man isn’t perfect..? They’re in love and happy, why shouldn’t they be married. Seems A and her husband make each other happy and better people and same with J and J. Amanda just seems bitter.

  18. Arzo Popal says:

    4:00 Amanda’s face when Jeannie talked about tamera and Adrienne in terms of marriage…yeah that’s not just her listening.

    • Javan uHnah says:

      @Marlange Laine Loni is old and unmarried, Amanda is single. She probably thought it was a bit funny/shady for jeannie to inadvertently point out that they know nothing about marriage. She probably meant no harm but it’s a sensitive topic for mature women.

    • Stefani Joanne says:

      Javan uHnah if you’re not or have never been in a long term marriage then you don’t know as much about marriage. Why would she credit them with knowing how marriage is when they haven’t really experienced it. Silly. It’s like saying they all know how to be parents. Well really only Tam does. If you’re not a mom or dad,
      you don’t truly know what it’s like.

    • Javan uHnah says:

      ​@Stefani Joanne I’m not disagreeing. Truthful statements can still be said with the intent of shade, and even withe intent it can be perceived as such if it is a sensitive topic.

    • Stefani Joanne says:

      Javan uHnah I don’t think she meant it to be shady. She’s a pretty straightforward woman and if they chose to take it that way, it’s on them.

    • Javan uHnah says:

      @Stefani Joanne I dont know how she meant it, but it wasn’t the most sensitive thing to say. Clearly it took amanda aback for a second, but I doubt she’s tripping.

  19. 10k subs with videos? says:

    Zoom: exists

    Everyone: I’ll take your entire stock

  20. 10k subs with videos? says:

    Jeanie: gets engaged

    Everyone: *happy noises*

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