Part One: Welcome to Jeannie’s Surprise Baby Shower!

Part One: Welcome to Jeannie’s Surprise Baby Shower!

What’s Fri-Yay without a surprise baby shower for Jeannie?! We’re celebrating Jeannie and Baby J with these must-have gifts and a few incredible surprise guests! Tune in TODAY to see who’s stopping by!

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29 Responses


    Loni & Jeannie dresses are so beautiful!!! Congrats again Jeannie

  2. The Hufflepuff Hermione says:

    Jeannie will make an amazing mom. She is with the right person to have a child with. She is just an amazing person.

  3. Anas says:

    To everyone who says they are ‘just co workers’, moments like this prove otherwise. I’m so happy for Jeannie and although she didn’t invite them to her wedding, I hope she realises how lucky she is to have Loni and Adrienne in her life. These women radiate so much love and warmth.

    • Estefania Pena says:

      @Fizzy Bizzy this channel covered it and she liked a comment that said something to the effect that the ladies are only co workers and that they have always mistreated Jeannie and she has the right to not like them. And my issue with that is that she pretends to love them and she obviously doesn’t.

    • Estefania Pena says:

      @Gail A. ^heres the video 🙏🏻

    • Gail A. says:

      @Estefania Pena Thanks for the link. Did Jeannie ever address that comment? It seems unlike her for her to like it.

    • Estefania Pena says:

      @Gail A. no she never did 😢 and it was so out of nowhere and I think that’s why the girls were salty I mean I would be too

    • Gail A. says:

      @Estefania Pena Man, I find it so hard to believe that Jeannie herself saw and liked that comment then carried on as normal. That’s so petty and really doesn’t seem like her.

  4. Sarah Alharbi says:

    I can’t lie this show is so cute!!

  5. Mellanie Achieng says:

    I really loved Garcelle’s message that Jeannie reaffirms what it means to find true love ☺️☺️☺️. Just beautiful, because it hits home and it is so true 🥰
    I am so happy for Jeannie, this new chapter of life for her will be amazing.

  6. Prudence K says:

    Jeanie low-key reminds me of my sister. My sister did NOT want children, now she is the MOST AMAZING mother of 2 beautiful daughters.

  7. virgoslut says:

    I love Garcelle so much 😩 she’s the perfect fit for this show

  8. Kylethia Kylay says:

    I’m literally crying… Such a blessing to have friends & coworkers so loving and kind.

    • Erin Brochovic says:

      That’s what I thought at first too. But then I remembered that they all played along when Tamar bullied Jeannie and they really gave her a hard time sometimes so I don’t know if she appreciates them like she says she does. I mean she didn’t invite them to her wedding which really shows how she feels and not what she says

    • 2realformost says:

      Me too! 😢😢

    • TakenbyTannies says:

      @Erin Brochovic Thats literally a decade ago. People grow, change and evolve. Tamar was toxic and Jeanine also said some problematic things about black people.. Are you still holding that against her to, like you’re doing to Tamar? They’re very good friends and she explained her wedding was an intimate one with just close and instant family members. Stop spreading negativity.

    • Cherise Brown says:

      Yess! This is sweet!!🎈

  9. Taurus 03 says:

    Jeannie is so, like, she isn’t naive, she’s just very…adorable. 😂

  10. Lolly Girl says:

    Adrienne’s heart omg, her heart and her happiness for other people is so remarkable ❤️

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