Parts of southwest Florida underwater as Hurricane Ian moves through

Parts of southwest Florida underwater as Hurricane Ian moves through

Hurricane Ian flooded portions of Southwest Florida as it moved through Wednesday.

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  1. Nichole Hand says:

    Prayers for all those going through this is Florida!!! Texas is here for whatever you need that we can try to help with!! Please stay safe!!

  2. Brandy 62 says:

    Prayers for all in Florida and all other’s impacted by this hurricane

  3. Joseph J says:

    Thoughts and prayers to all in Florida & others who’ve been impacted 🙏🏻. Love from Toronto, Canada

  4. monica sojka says:

    Praying for you all in Florida. I’m in Myrtle Beach SC and we were slammed with Florence 4 years ago Labor day weekend. We 2-3 feet of rain in 2 days, plus the storm surge. It was also slow moving and stayed. Every road was flooded or washed away. It took 3 weeks to get back home.

  5. X x says:

    We are in Doral, FL and there is wind gusts and sporadic rain but nothing like in the West coast areas being impacted right now. I hope everyone remains safe and together. Insurance can replace materials things but not people. Be strong!

  6. Tonya says:

    I pray that everyone be safe and what is lost, will be restored. Amen.

    • Alex Rodriguez says:

      @Tonya Ignore this blind deceiver. We all born again believers truly know that prayer is so useful and powerful in the eyes of our Lord God and Jesus, especially in these current times. God bless ❤

    • HM3 Drake says:

      such a pointless gesture.
      it means NOTHING.

  7. Jason Gonzalez says:

    It is super crazy here in ellenton fl….The winds just picked up even more.Irma was way worst than this tho back in st Pete.The wind is blowing my screens out of their frames in my balcony.Hopefully my lady and our daughter are safe back in the berg….🙏🏽to both of them and our family and friends.

    • Jason Gonzalez says:

      @Shadwell Thank you 🙏🏽!!!!The wind just started to calm a bit….It’s on and off but not as crazy like at 11pm and early this morning and all evening smh.I actually went outside and that wind was no joke !

    • Shadwell says:

      Prayers for you and hope you and your family is OK

  8. Elizabeth Ramsey says:

    I am in Florida I am in Jacksonville, and all the buildings that are near the water, have to follow property code, hurricane windows, and such.
    I am praying for everyone who is in the fort meyers area, that y’all are safe and well.

  9. natalina bellican says:

    prayers for everyone the storm chasers and news stations are doing great job.and we are all so worried about everyone there prayers sent out

  10. Jerry Traveler says:

    My family lives at Sun City. Right by the water. They decided not to leave. The storm early on was not suppose to grow to this kind of storm. Florida has the strongest building codes in the U.S. I think the buildings are holding up. But you cannot build enough for flooding.

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