Passenger opens emergency exit door during flight

Passenger opens emergency exit door during flight

About a dozen people required medical treatment after a man opened an emergency exit door during a flight in South Korea.

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56 Responses

  1. Falconer says:

    That person should be charged with multiple counts of attempted murder.

    • truth K says:

      I hope you’re not a judge

    • Dolly says:

      ​@truth K if deaths or accidents occurred, I am pretty sure you will not made the above comment.

    • Boggyeman says:

      ​@truth K I hope you never wouldn’t be involved in that situation,some ppl mindset nowadays it’s when you realize we screwed big time since our creation

    • Kara Beara says:

      One day you might make a mistake and all these people that youre talking like will want to send you to prison. Keep talking that way, karma is real. If that’s what you’re wanting, keep wishing it on him. Good going. Big brain.

  2. Laurie Diorio says:

    WTF! What the hell is wrong with people? Thank God no one got sucked out of the plane. Unbelievable. Great job pilots in landing the plane safely.

  3. Sophia says:

    Props to all the calm passengers. No screaming ” weren’t gonna die” they had complete faith with the pilots/crew.

  4. Steph P says:

    Imagine if one of the passengers closest to the door had not fastened their seatbelt

  5. D McCarty Sr says:

    He wouldn’t have made it off the flight without catching the beats from me 👋👊

  6. Chuck Sanders says:

    People that act up on flights, should be made to start driving to wherever their going, FOREVER.

  7. Brenda Eaves says:

    He Should Get A “Prison Sentence” For This.

  8. R Gary says:

    I literally thought this was physically impossible while in the air.

    • Fletcher R Smith says:

      It is impossible if the plane is climbing between 8,000 and 10,000 ft and above. Most aircraft begin pressurization around 8,000ft. Once passing 10,000 it takes nearly 5,000lbs of force to open a door if the plane is holding pressure properly.

    • MjayMuah says:

      ​@Fletcher R Smith Appreciate you sharing ❤

    • Edel Weiss 2.0 says:

      ​@Fletcher R Smith ty. I was wondering how this was possible.

    • Soraya Brophy says:

      They have to plan better door safe ! Is not suporte to open the door in the air !

    • the truth says:

      I guess they were already very close to the ground. I wonder why no one stopped him. On the other hand nothing does really surprise me anymore, after how people act since 2020

  9. Primeval Demon says:

    Forget how he opened it! I want to know how he didn’t get ejected like last nights tacos

    • D L says:

      Believe nothing you watch in movies.

    • Paul E says:

      It was at low altitude on final. The pressure differential between the outside and inside would have been similar. At 30K a few row of seats would be gone.

    • krakoosh1 says:

      And the doors are not able to be opened during flight. There are safety locks put in place before the plane takes off

    • Ace Space says:

      ​@krakoosh1 obv. this guy had the key to the lock

    • Fulcrum G says:

      The aircraft was on final approach below 14K feet where air pressure was breathable and the pressure differential is not enough to cause an explosive decompression (what you see in the movies). If you notice no breathing masks are deployed. For the passenger next to the open door would have been really horrible due to the air speed and the horrifying view. Besides the passenger madness, something went wrong, because opening an airplane door in midflight is extremely difficult, almost impossible due to the forces involved and pressure differential, the same effect that happens when you close your fridge door and try to open it immediately.

  10. G Mad2285 says:

    We are quickly approaching the point where background checks will be required for seating in an exit row… 🤔🤔🤔

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