Passengers, Rearranged

Passengers, Rearranged

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Watch Chris Stuckmann and Doug Walker’s (Nostalgia Critic) joint review of Passengers here:
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Peter Sciretta’s overview of how the original script was different from the movie:


Kevin Macleod, “Arpent”


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20 Responses

  1. Spencer Pool says:

    this movie was so underwhelming… I’m glad you made a video for it

  2. Ripstar says:

    for some reason I thought this video was about united airlines

  3. hendricogrobler says:

    Jesus Christ, this was a brilliant episode!

  4. Syed Abdul Wasay says:

    OMG , Nerdwriter1 when said “what if the movie was from Jennifer Lawrence’s perspective” …… I was like Mindblow

  5. maggru91 says:

    And now I really wish the movie had been like this instead. I’m all excited and shit.

  6. Bernabé Quiroga says:

    Duuuude. This was awesome. You should make more videos like this. Fixing scripts and movies.

  7. Ged Byrne says:

    I wish I could have watched this version in the cinema. It would have been so much better.

    I would love it if studios released “second opinions” of films edited by different directors.

    One film I would want to see get this treatment is AI. I’m convinced it could be a great film with the right edit.

  8. Stimmlos says:

    the funny thing is that from just taking a look at the trailers I thought this was exactly the way the movie is going to be told

  9. Syed Abdul Wasay says:

    Now I want to see your edit of the movie………

  10. JackHoward says:

    I love these suggestions. Jennifer’s character being left alone and being forced to make the same choice as Pratt’s is really intriguing.

  11. Enzo G says:

    Someone with professional skill should edit the movie and re-release the edited version with the whole “Chris Pratt dies and Jenner is contemplating the same choice Prat made”. That would be awesome….Wink wink someone…TAKE THE HINT YOU…YES, YOU?

  12. J Grandmaster says:

    I’ve always thought this movie didn’t know what it wanted to be. It tried to be a survivor story (like Castaway), a romantic movie, a space comedy, and a ‘danger in space movie’ all at the same time. That lack of identity really held it down.

  13. JesseDriftwood says:

    This episode was next level! I did enjoy Passengers at pure entertainment value, but these edits could have truly made the film excellent!

  14. Phil Hunter says:

    Where can I get a copy of “Passengers – The NerdWriter Cut”. I want to watch his movie. A remake that is actually better than the original. That would be quite rare. 😉

  15. TheRealKjay says:

    Fuck. Now i WANT to see this entire version of the movie. That alternate ending of Pratt dying and then Jennifer Lawrence doing the same exact thing he did due to loneliness just sounds genius. It’d be like some kinda “dark” poetry.

  16. tardifan says:

    The most cruel irony of all this is: this WAS the orignal plan. The original script for the film starts with Lawrence waking up and only discovering what happened to her in the third act of the film in an extended flashback sequence. But for whatever reason director Morten Tyldum decided to re-arrange the film’s structure. Which is especially odd seeing as he;s the director of one of this decade’s best thrillers: the cult hit Headhunters. So he should know a thing or two about suspense and how an element of mystery can keep the audience engaged.

  17. Mr Nerdista says:

    More than anything else, this video is a testament to the importance of editing in film. One change can alter the entire story, shift the tone and add more complex layers to characters.

  18. Alex Ferrer says:

    +Nerdwriter1 Where can I download a copy of the Nerdwriter1 Cut to Passengers? This was amazing!

  19. Bram Jansen says:

    what if Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t the first girl he woke up 😮

  20. Ericki Haras says:

    Holy shit the ending with her crying, thinking about waking someone else just blew my mind.

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