Password with Blake Lively and Good Charlotte

Password with Blake Lively and Good Charlotte

Jimmy and Blake Lively team up against Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte in the game Password.

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Password with Blake Lively and Good Charlotte

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19 Responses

  1. Zainuba Ali says:

    budgie smugglers. ?

  2. Jonathan G says:

    My heart sunk at 3:02. Very easy to see why.


  3. Antonette Lioi says:

    Look at my husbands, Joel and Benji. ??

  4. Timmy Turner says:

    Blake is salty and hot

  5. Youtube Universe says:

    they look like each other are they connected

  6. Joey Goodman says:

    at 1:55 he saw the answer

  7. manguy2000 says:

    Good Charlotte? Did they open the back door and pull them off the street?

  8. Abbe24 says:

    3:00 That dude is trying too give him a fistbump lol

  9. lachlan fountain says:

    oh right they spent some time in Australia didn’t they

  10. Nancy Spargo Barber says:

    Higgins was supposed to say “Roughly a form of the word,” and give Jimmy a
    chance to turn queso into quesadilla.

  11. Awesome SK55 says:

    Blake Lively is so *gorgeous* <3

  12. William Aung says:

    3:01 left hanging

  13. Kassandra Sandoval says:

    Jimmy is so bad at pretending he doesnt know the answers lol

  14. Lilla Brown says:

    I didn’t want to believe it actually was Good Charlotte when I read the

  15. Anton Engstrom says:

    day Does anyone know worse this”vider

  16. Michael Mannucci says:

    Ugh… Good Charlotte is still a thing? That’s pathetic

  17. Blak says:

    Home boy tatted up like he straight out of prison… and is a white
    supremacist ._. (Hey, I’m just saying it looks similar to that, ok? :p That
    is all).

  18. Penguinssss says:

    Ok.. I guess good Charlotte is pretty cool… Ugh…

  19. Helo Gregorio Vlogs says:

    check my channel