Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Girl Scout Cookies | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Girl Scout Cookies | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs. That’s right, Claire’s making Girl Scout Cookies. Did you know the Girl Scouts started selling cookies back in 1917? But it wasn’t until 1951 that the Thin Mint, the cookie most synonymous with the Girl Scouts, was introduced and swept the country like a tidal wave. And now here we are, in the Test Kitchen, watching Claire make them herself. What a time to be alive.
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Filmed on 1/21

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Girl Scout Cookies | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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45 Responses

  1. Pursuit of Interesting says:

    I’m like 80% sure that stock pot Gabby is complaining about at the beginning is what Brad used to make the Master Stock on the last It’s Alive.

  2. Badar Shahzad says:

    I would just like to take a second and appreciate the true unsung hero of the test kitchen, a woman without whom Claire would definitely be in a mental health facility right now. Ladies & Gentlemen, Rhoda Boone!

  3. Alli M says:

    Claire: “This could not be easier. I could do this blindfolded.”
    *episode is 38 mins long*
    Claire: “Why do I hear boss music”

    • Craven Key says:

      I mean that’s only because she made three kinds. She really had basically zero setbacks this episode 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Juliane Lopez says:

    Am I the only one who is disappointed about the Samoas?? 🥺🤦‍♀️ Only because I love coconut and I love all the texture that comes with the bigger sized coconut shreds

    • WastedPo says:

      I didn’t notice the coconut, but I did expect the chocolate for the Samoas and the Thin Mints to be darker. I’m sure they tasted great, but perhaps a little bit of that “Black Cocoa Powder” mixed into the melted chocolate would’ve benefited the final look.

  5. elbowonfire says:

    Fun fact: whenever she gets mad about tempering chocolate it’s literally a temper tantrum

  6. TalysAlankil says:

    claire: “I can do this blindfolded”
    me: *sees there’s 34 more minutes to the episode* oh no

    • Rafael Manzo says:

      Only she didn’t get stuck this episode (only fatigue with tempering). 34 minutes was exactly the time she needed for three cookies.

  7. melissamaga says:

    There’s two Claire’s, there’s the Claire that goes into jubilation when seeing Rhoda and there’s the Claire that hates help.

  8. Matt says:

    Claire: “I really don’t want to temper chocolate” “I am afraid of doing it” “please tell me I don’t have to temper chocolate” . . .
    Also Claire: “Guys, can we do Cadbury eggs” . . .

    • schwig44 says:

      Yeah, but the eggs start to melt if you look at them the wrong way, so there’s no way they’re tempered, and they have an obvious seam, Claire could knock that outta the park no problem

    • Matt says:

      @schwig44 For sure, they totally do be melting even just thinking about buying them . . . but the company’s “official” statement is that the outsides are made of a tempered chocolate mold . . . so I guess we will have to wait for Claire to unlock the truth for us <3

  9. Frances Lim says:

    Giving Claire a sash and art crafts was such a good idea, she is so therapeutic to watch.

  10. Mercy Vega says:

    Claire to everyone else: -____-
    Claire when she spots Rhoda: *Heart Eyes*

  11. candyapu3 says:

    Delaney: I think I should get the friendship and encouragement badge
    Claire: Yes absolutely!
    Delaney: 🙂
    Claire: Actually nvm lol
    Delaney: :0

  12. TFKEDGEMUSIC says:

    Claire: this microwave is disgusting
    Sohla: I dont use it
    Sohla:uses it
    Claire: *_Gets the belt_*

  13. Hollen Meyers says:

    Best things in this episode: gabby giving claire her water bottle to use
    How shocked chris was about the mote

  14. Lala Roux Lou says:

    claire: i hate chocolate ones. i’m not doing a chocolate one anymore.

    also claire: CAN WE DO CADBURY EGGS???

  15. noobasdfjkl says:

    “This is very special peanut butter”
    *Immediately ruins it and doesn’t use it for anything

  16. Katelyn Ray says:

    Who else gets increasingly terrified when Clare says “this is going to be easy”?

  17. aviv fox says:

    “How do you feel about the way you treated your FRIENDS”
    Claire: “How do you feel about the way I treated PEOPLE”…

  18. Cris g says:

    The fast and the furious badge 😂😂😂. “Unless you can drive like the fast and furious you don’t get that badge” 🤣🤣 💀 11:23

  19. Norina Julia says:

    Claire: “I don’t like working with anyone, it’s better if I do it alone”
    Also Claire, visibly pouting: “there’s no one here to help me :((“

  20. Kaya Chun says:

    Claire: “I’m feeling pretty confident… IM FEELING CONFIDENT” Also Claire the next day: “…. I don’t have a great feeling about this peanut butter..”

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