Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Starbursts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Starbursts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

What does your favorite Starburst say about you?
Red: Life is about power and you will stop at nothing to exert your influence over others. Be careful, because red Starbursts are in short supply and pursuing them is a lonely path.
Pink: Compassion is at the center of your life. Make sure that you’re not too generous or you’ll end up with no pink Starbursts for yourself.
Orange: This flavor is not bad. If you like it, that’s good.
Yellow: Some people call you quirky, others say you’re eccentric. You go through life trying to fit the square piece into the round hole. But that’s ok, because there will always be lots of yellow Starbursts for you to eat.

At the end of the day, they’re all delicious. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Starbursts.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Starbursts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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31 Responses

  1. Art Boy says:

    Me at 1AM studying – I need to sleep
    They upload a 40minute long video
    Me -well Claire’s mor important than Biology

  2. Nate says:

    Nerds rope:
    Crunchy, chewy, sweet, sour, colorful, fun to play with. The Ultimate Candy.

  3. Hardin Halsey says:

    Who has to wash all the tools and dishes once the candy residue is solidified??? I grieve for them.

  4. Essa Boselin says:

    Poor Claire. Give her a break from the candy episodes. Try something more suited to a pastry chef like Funyuns! Making those little rings of oniony, crispy, food-like product wouldn’t be stressful at all…

  5. Alice B says:

    I would love to see Claire try and make pop tarts!

  6. David Faker says:

    Levels of difficulty for Claire:
    Tempered Chocolate

  7. Jehu Dagohoy says:

    *Sees a new video upload.*
    *Gets excited.*
    *Sees it’s 40 minutes long.*
    *Internally panics for Claire.*

  8. Adam V. says:

    “Guys, Claire needs help!!!”
    Gaby is sooo cute/sweet ??

  9. Eva W says:

    This series is going to break Claire ? and yet I can’t stop watching ?

  10. Emma Esparza says:

    “I’m a prisoner of my own brain.”

    – Claire Saffitz, 2019

  11. Bethany Colors says:

    40 minutes…. FORTY MINUTES.
    I correlate the length of the video to the amount Claire likely struggled.

    • harpy says:

      Also the earlier you hear her say “this is on track/I feel good/this should be easy” the worse I feel for her

  12. hoorayforyou says:

    “Oh my god, it’s SO HOT And LIQUID. CHRIS, ITS so HOT.”

  13. Hana Brod says:

    The sad music while Claire wrapped the failed starburst KILLED me

  14. andrew woods says:

    “Pink is strawberry and red is cherry and the other ones are the other ones.” lol how everyone see starbursts.

  15. Prince Vade says:

    So, uncut version of the gang pulling starburst WHEN?

  16. The Good Jordan says:

    The candy may not have been perfect, but the episode was.

  17. Jalisa Coulter says:

    “You DONUT even know.”
    *proceeds to break down*

    Me after every pun ever

  18. Taika Niinimäki says:

    Gourmet makes is slowly turning the test kitchen into a support group.

  19. Abigail Rodriguez says:

    Brad literally not even near her:
    Literally not even near her:
    Clair: I blame brad for distracting me

  20. Max Spechter says:

    At this point I just wanna see Claire cook whatever she wants so that we can be happy for her

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