Pat McAfee Reacts To Aaron Rodgers Saying He Wants To LEAVE THE PACKERS

Pat McAfee Reacts To Aaron Rodgers Saying He Wants To LEAVE THE PACKERS

It seems like this is the beginning of the end for Aaron Rodgers with the Green Bay Packers…

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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57 Responses

  1. roschen says:

    “You want me to read it” – ty schmidt
    “yeah” – pat mcafee
    “oh boy” – ty schmidt
    pat mcafee – *proceeds to interrupt him immediately and read it himself*

    • Obi Jon Kenobi says:

      @Allan Belton Then make your own insanely popular podcast and do it your way goofball. Or at least just don’t watch this one if it bothers you lmao.

    • Obi Jon Kenobi says:

      @Bryce Streaty Bland like? Ty is a well known Packers fan. Sad like is more like it.

    • Omar Marrufo says:

      Lmao i think it had more to do with his lifeless reading. Didn’t match the energy at all.

      Pat threw him a bone.

      *Shows no excitement*

      I’ve got this.

    • The Keegster says:

      This is why I watch the Pat Mcafee Show sparingly. He doesn’t allow his oncoming guests (or newcomers) a chance to talk much. He wants the spotlight. That irritates me quite a bit.

    • Benny White says:

      Uh-oh I can see the 2 dozen civil suits from women coming any day now against Rodgers.

  2. Mr. Roders says:

    Last year on draft day the Packers surprised Aaron by trading up for Jordan Love

    This year on draft day Aaron surprised the Packers by telling them he wants out 😂

  3. The Pat McAfee Show says:

    What team is going to trade for Aaron Rodgers?

    • CURTIS MCNEIL says:

      Problem is most teams couldn’t match what Green Bay would demand in return. Miami probably has the most draft Capital as far as two first round picks next season. New Orleans would be his best fit because Sean Payton has a brilliant offensive mind but the Daints would have to go all in and give up maybe two first round picks over the next couple of years as well as a few players.

    • Brett Penrod says:

      Saints with those weapons…………..

    • Jake J says:

      looks like he might be going to the Broncos. they are in need of a QB and passed on Justin. Hmm…

    • MrDanielcool says:

      The packers blew this thing. First they have treated him bad but second they had months to trade him Make him happy and get a kings load of draft picks that could had helped them who’s trading now

    • Ogitchiidaa Pine says:

      No where hes using these tactics to get some weaponz

  4. deathsyth8888 says:

    Tom Grossi currently has a date with his toaster in the bathtub.

    • Kamran Baig says:

      Best comment😂😂🤣😁

    • David S says:

      @Morgan McDonald my money’s on divorce. sometimes women marry someone who doesnt want kids and then decides in her late 20s early 30s she wants kids. I’m totally guessing for all I know his cat died or something.

    • Kamran Baig says:

      @KDXVII Rodgers or Grossi??😂

    • JohnnyV123 says:

      @Morgan McDonald not sure he posted the other day that aome personal things have been going on. But hey if he can joke about the toaster in the bathtub for his video on Rodgers cant be too bad haha

    • KDXVII says:

      @Kamran Baig Grossi, before he commits suicide at least watch the first 5 games next season lol

  5. Dangerous One says:

    Everyone that’s worked at a job and felt under appreciated, knows this feeling.

  6. Tschād Erdström says:

    We’re gonna make him carry the team for a decade, and when he’s finally had enough, we’ll fly out and beg him to stay. Solid management.

    • howdyusa says:

      @NRG gzzzz. Still mad at u steelers for trading above us to take bush. Pretty sure that was our guy but all is good.

    • Daniel Tesch says:

      So damn true!!!

    • Penguin1290 says:

      @dee see yep. He could have scored more. And that’s on him, but there was a dropped TD and King giving up that play before the half, reverse either of those plays and Rogers “gets it done”. Is it his fault hit hits a guy in the hands and it gets dropped? That’s what we’re talking about…lack of talent surrounding him. We draft a db or a wr instead of Love and maybe that game goes entirely different.

    • Chris Reichardt says:

      @Penguin1290 farve did the same thing…Antonio freeman, Robert brooks, Donald driver,etc,etc,etc

    • Benny White says:

      Somebody get me a list of prominent attorneys in the Green Bay area ASAP and start calling around to the local massage parlors.

  7. Dom1118 says:

    If this happens, this is officially the craziest NFL offseason of all time.

    • Lewis Last says:

      @Ramone DeCurta doubt that. The nfl still has alienated a large chunk of its fanbase that wont be coming back anytime soon. May be a fun draft for the fans left, but it wont get highest rated

    • Francisco Colin says:

      Yup and this is going stretch into training camp when Deshaun’s legal situation starts clearing up or hits rock bottom.

    • D c713 says:

      @Supa Stackman draft was boring. Nothing exciting happened lol

    • Danger Man says:

      @krabman mans just won the mvp and your saying he needs to retire, damn that’s crazy

    • Benny White says:

      Does anybody know if Rodgers likes massages?

  8. Johnathan Thinnes says:

    Jesus Ty is one of my favorite parts of the shows. It hurts to see his soul leave his body

  9. Nick Bellman says:

    Ty’s reaction is all of Wisconsin right now

  10. Ryan Montanez says:

    Imagine having Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers for almost 30 years and only 2 super bowls to show for it.

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