Pat McAfee Reacts To Andrew Luck Finally Explaining Why He Retired 3 Years After

Pat McAfee Reacts To Andrew Luck Finally Explaining Why He Retired 3 Years After

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46 Responses

  1. Levi says:

    Sounds like he chose life and fatherhood over football and for that I commend him. Conflict will always exist when you are so excellent at a field but if that field endangers your personal life you must make a choice. It also helps he’s very well educated and holds a degree from Stanford. I wish him the absolute best and he’s a slayer of my chiefs forever.

    • Dr Suicide says:

      You are CORRECT NO ONE should EVER strive for greatness. The west is so soft no wonder your getting raped on the international stage!

    • Travis Slaughter says:

      @Debra Congram true. But in any capacity if you dedicate all of your time to your job, you’re really just a provider. You aren’t there every day being dad loving your kids, it’s important to find that median

    • Matthew Gabbard says:

      @Sk8erboysweet666 They couldn’t spend it anyway from the cap hit I don’t think. Plus it was workers comp

    • cabe mackey says:

      @Raymon Kravagna dying at 45 bc of cte Is letting his family down, but ya let’s go die so some fans can cheer for us!

    • cabe mackey says:

      @Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s I guess you forgot how insane people went on him for the first 2 months bc he wanted to protect his brain?….🤣you fucks are comical

  2. Dodecahippo says:

    The man chose his family over prestige. Honestly, it’s a great lesson in priorities. He felt he needed to be more present with his family, he already made his bag, and now he’s happy. It’s a position I can’t even imagine being in, but I’d say he made the right choice

    • RyZeSnipez says:

      @Eli Brady said “nah fam” literally….
      Florida chances a man brotha

    • Dodecahippo says:

      @T Z we’re doomed

    • T Z says:

      @Dodecahippo I am a therapist

    • Dodecahippo says:

      @T Z Brother, just go to therapy

    • T Z says:

      @philwill0123 I’m not arrogant enough to think that what i want in a relationship is what you or anyone else should want in a relationship. But there’s a hard truth i’ve learned from experience and observation. It seems like the right thing to do to listen to women and do things for the sake of the relationship. If Andrew Luck quit playing football because of health concerns, then that’s probably the right decision. He was getting destroyed and that’s no way to play quarterback, especially considering the long term effects of brain and body damage. But if he quit playing football to please his wife, that’s one step in the direction of becoming the nice guy. Women hate that guy. If a guy keeps doing things just to please his wife/partner, he slowly becomes invisible to her. Then one day, she gets attention from a guy who makes her feel something she hasn’t felt in a long time – excitement. If her husband has done what she’s wanted him to do for a long enough time, she’ll probably even tell him about the guy who gave her attention. If that scenario doesn’t bother you or any other guy, then that’s up to you and them. But if any guy doesn’t want that to happen, he has to never do anything just because his woman wants him to. Believe me, i’ve struggled with accepting this. It would be awesome to have a relationship with a woman who respects me even if i do what she wants. But what i’ve figured out is that women have no clue what they want. None of them. In fact, i’ll prove it to you. The next time you talk to a woman, ask her 2 questions. First ask her what she wants in a relationship (i.e. what she wants her partner to do/provide). Then ask her how many different ways she’s tried to get what she wants. If she’s being honest, she’ll say she uses sex or just telling him what she wants. You and I know that men need more than those things to be motivated to do something. I say all that to get to this. A relationship only works when both people know how to get what they need/want from their partner in a way that makes both people happy. Men need to improve just as much as women. But if all a woman has to do is nag at a guy to get him to focus on the relationship instead of following his true passions, she’s going to lose respect for him 100% of the time

  3. Jenna Fong says:

    I read the article. While being a better husband, father, etc were big factors, I think you all understated what I took as just as big of a contributing factor for his retirement which was the injury history, recurrence, and continued struggle with rehabbing/feeling inadequate while being injured/mental toll that cycle took on him.

    • Tyler Wines says:

      Yeah I think they missed that. I read the article and got that he may have been thinking, “when all is said and done, what’s left of ME when I retire if I continue to get hurt like this?” Mentally, physically, etc. Guys retire with mental issues from multiple concussions and lifelong lingering injuries that’ll only get worse with age. I think the family and marriage stuff is part of it, but along with that is wanting to be able to physically and mentally be there for them as much as possible and I respect Andrew for making that choice.

    • Matthew Jarrod says:

      Not only is rehab repeated over and over for injuries but the PAIN medicine also comes into play. Hard for me to say it DIDN’T effect him, he’s just smart enough to get out of the game before he got HOOKED. This coming from an addict in recovery. I don’t care what anyone says, being dosed over and over will suck you in. His superior intellect told him to get out before it’s too late.🤕

    • RM says:

      @Still Johnny I’m sure you’re very qualified to judge the kids mental health. I been in the military and work around the military now for almost 2 decades… when your dad or mom is leaving 6 months out of the year every year the mental toll is HEAVY. Honestly F you for even criticizing someone for choosing to be with their family over their career. When you look back and you missed a total of 6-7 years of your 18 year old kid’s life, there is nothing but regret for time no one can ever replace.

    • RM says:

      @The Shrew Yeah, thought that was really crap of them to say. They talk about how he shouldn’t have been such a “people pleaser” one moment and then the next moment are like, “He should have just sucked up for our benefit and F how he feels inside” …. like the dude literally decided to stop pleasing people and do what his heart told him, what you JUST said he should be doing in life lol. Sounded like a bunch of bitter whiners to me that things didn’t work out the way THEY wanted it to with Luck.

    • benjamin3290 says:

      Good reading 👍

  4. Roulé says:

    I still remember his playoff run in his rookie season. He picked up the fumble and made a crucial td. Dude was tough as nail and just solid man overall, not just as a player.

    • Joshua Kessler says:

      @Cody Mcallister Thank you, idk how Pat forgot that. 11-5 and losing to the eventual super bowl champs isn’t a bad rookie season but Pat has his years mixed up.

    • scericabauer says:

      @Morgan Yup, one of many bad playoff memories.

    • Jason Allen says:

      No you don’t they lost to the Ravens his rookie year. The fumble was against the Chiefs…in 2013…his second year.

      They made the AFC Title game in 2014…..his 3rd year.

      Can you and Pat really not remember 10 years ago?

    • Morgan says:

      @scericabauery’all were up 38-10…..

    • scericabauer says:

      Chiefs fan here. Fumble converted to a TD was definitely against chiefs while several on the Chiefs D stood and watched like they couldn’t believe he was doing it.

  5. farminstoltzfus says:

    Hopefully Luck is a lesson to coaches and front offices that no matter how big and talented your quarterback is, ya gotta protect them. A shame Andrew retired so early, but any respectable fan would understand why he had to.

  6. Jitesh Ramakrishnan says:

    Andrew Luck held so much promise and had the makings to be amongst the elite quarterbacks of the nfl. It’s a shame the incompetency of Grigson and Irsay ruined any chance of Andrew Luck to be truly great.

    • 𝙏𝙚𝙡𝙚𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙢 𝙢𝙚👉 @Pat_McAfee says:

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  7. WarDaddyShadow says:

    Man Luck was my hero. Had no regrets as a Colts fan having him as our QB. Praised him through the roof. Still Rock his Jersey #12 always will.

  8. Tusky66 93 says:

    Andrew luck was a franchise changer, hence why the colts are what they are now…..wish him the best, glad I got to see him play

    • Steven O says:

      Huh? Peyton is the one who changed the Colts

    • PandaArcoiris '_' says:

      @Man Franciscoi think since the moment the team wasnt working and had a bad record, jim irsay fired reich and hired someone with zero experience for 2 reasons: test of he could be our future head coach. Or to tank, because if u want to win it is stupid to get a coach without experuence. So that is why i think they are tanking. Also the team plays without energy. Against dallas there were many fumbles, colts arent even trying at this point

    • Man Francisco says:

      @PandaArcoiris ‘_’ The colts aren’t tanking. They just weren’t the team that was expected. Yes you need a new QB but are you gonna get a legit QB or another Jeff George? You struck gold with Manning and Luck. Manning had Hall of fame receivers (Reggie Wayne gonna get in eventually) and RB. Luck didn’t have that. You’re gonna need more than a QB. QBs like Burrow, Allen, Mahomes don’t come often and even then they have talent around them.

    • PandaArcoiris '_' says:

      @Man Francisco yup that is right but this time they are definitely tanking for the good of the team

    • PandaArcoiris '_' says:

      @Mystery Hombre hope they finally draft a qb. That’s why colts are tanking i hope

  9. Zac Adams says:

    “To arrive at the clarity, that I don’t need more clarity”.🔥The more I thought about that line, the deeper it got. Sometimes we know what the right answers are in our lives, but we overcomplicate things out of fear. The dichotomy of simple versus easy.

  10. Bear says:

    I’m not even a Colts fan, I’m a saints fan and I watched Colt games because of Luck. He literally made the game worth watching, I miss him so much

    • Dark Omen says:

      Patrick Mahomes is the Goat for steeling fans of other teams.

    • rob chapala says:

      @jshumphress13 i do…but then I have to remember hes human and all that…but it never doesn’t sting…

      Unfortunately, I think he’s gonna br remembered as a quitter in thr future, without much context, all it seems is that he didn’t want to get hurt, and quit.

    • DirtyBird91 says:

      Well dayyyumm! If I didn’t see the name Luck, I would think that you were talking about Joe Montana, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning. Men who “literally” made watching the great sport of football intriguing & exciting. The most interesting thing I ever saw Andrew Luck do is get his brains scrambled, then get up & say something that the other player couldn’t understand & he couldn’t remember saying lol. He wasn’t great at reading defenses, he was mobile enough to run himself into sacks but not mobile enough to pull away from Defenisve Ends, He was accurate but not pinpoint deadly. Honestly the only rare quality I ever saw in him was toughness, but not tough enough to stick around long enough to give his football story even a decent ending. So in the end his rarest ability was also his downfall.. I admire him for trying as long as he did. & I kept thinking year after year that he would attempt a comeback, but he never did so now I’m left disappointed. It’s too late now, which is sad because he was supposed to be the next great. Not a bust, but not a top 25 #1 draft pick of all time. In the end, most fans were left disappointed with his football career 😔🤷‍♂️
      Super smart guy though! 🙄😂

    • Frank Angel says:

      @Corey Stenson As a Saints fan. I understand why you may hate the Saints. We had bounty gate. We had a owner who did some allegedly shady things with the church. We also were consistently ranked in the top 10 of the NFL for over a decade. We also, in my opinion, wasted Drew Brees career. Should’ve had at the very least 3 Super Bowls appearances. I’m sure you also understand that many Saints fans just grew up in the New Orleans area. Just our home team. Hence why we root for them. Now with that being said. May I ask who you root for?Genuinely curious.

    • Jim Bob says:

      I’m a colts fan and still haven’t recovered from this. Also, really dude, on side kick to start the second half? 😡

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