Pat McAfee Reacts To Jordan Love Being Drafted To The Packers

Pat McAfee Reacts To Jordan Love Being Drafted To The Packers

This is a clip from the McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk Primetime Super Draft Special

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69 Responses

  1. Peter Geittmann says:

    I’m a packers fan and flipped 14 tables and punched a hole in my wall

    • Daniel Casement says:

      Daniel Ventura it’s not even that. The talent isn’t there, at this point in the draft the only big splash guys are “reaches.” They can get a WR in rds 2-3, no top O-linemen were left, CBs were gone (still not dure why fulton and johnson fell). No top lbs, d-line or safeties were left, and nobody was picking rbs in round one. Not really sure what else they could’ve done.

    • Marley Targaryen says:

      Why do you have 14 tables bro 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 that’s hilarious

    • Wolfgang Kemp says:

      As a bears fan… Lol

    • D Bowz says:

      But you didn’t though…

    • Jesse Lopez says:

      I’m surprised your name isn’t Kyle

  2. Island Fantasy says:

    Packers is gearing up for Rogers retirement, trade or letting his test free agency. 3 or 4 years from now of course

  3. Trevor McCue says:

    Hey, how do Packers fans feel about this pick?

  4. Elias Haze says:

    If the patriots moved down thinking Love would be available early in the 2nd, then this is hilarious

  5. TheElmatador32 says:

    Ima need a Mel Kiper compilation after this stream. Guy had be cracking up all night.

  6. wslaxmiddy says:

    “Ty, embrace the future of the Green Bay Packers.”

    Little did he know how far into the future this actually meant.

    Devils Advocate: The ONLY reason I can see this pick is 1) like Pat said LeFleur loves Jordan Love, but also 2) They are confident they will play so well they will be unable to get a Trevor Lawrence or someone of Loves caliber in a coming draft due to picks?
    But like hold the phone man, tighten up the Defense first or give your limping offense some weapons before you start banking on making NFC Championships for the next 5 years.

    • ben d says:

      Defense first offense through free agency. Gunkust made this a point last year and we made bounds. We could have gotten hurts in rd 2

    • Ben Howe-Jones says:

      wslaxmiddy dude has a lot of upside. I can see him being like Jimmy G if Aaron keeps playing at a high level for the next 3 years. They could trade him for a lot honestly.

    • Daniel Casement says:

      Brian OSullivan From a talent perspective (not skill), Love blows them all out of the water. Guy has a great arm and can make those mahomes/rodgers off-platform throws. Its about being consistent with it, but the ability is there.

    • Daniel Casement says:

      ben d But who would you take then? CBs were mostly gone (and you guys are solid there anyways), no top Oline or Dline left, wr was available later and the packer system makes it hard to come in and start right away, rbs don’t go that early, and linebackers were gone.

    • Pool Soup says:

      Jamisa Sana Did we already have this conversation 15 years ago

  7. Tucker Bayers says:

    5:26 I’m dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Row The BOAT says:

    Who else is just watching Ty’s reaction over and over again

  9. Larry Mosher says:

    Don’t call Aaron,call Bret Favre.I would like to hear his comments.Probably doing a victory dance, saying: you like that,you like that.

  10. Derrick Washington says:

    “We should not call him right now” 😂😂😂

  11. Howie Carson says:

    5:25 and you’ll hear what a truly frustrated fan sounds like 🤣 sorry bro I feel ya

  12. Jon Stark says:

    “Miami Drafted Another Tackle”
    Mel Kiper: *”WHO CARES?!?!”* 🤣💀

  13. Jon Stark says:

    “The Patriots have traded out of the first round for Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.”

  14. Nate Blair says:

    “YouTube wants to watch the world burn.”

    …that’s pretty much the Internet in a nutshell.

  15. Ghost Face says:

    This is Rodgers replacing Farve all over again. Funny how things come full circle

  16. SuperBlazeomatic says:

    5:25 the greatest Goddamnit I’ve ever heard LMAO!

  17. ceplio says:

    Guess Aaron Rodgers can replace Tom Brady when he retires in Tampa Bay

  18. Tracti0n says:

    Bears: We’re gonna trade up to draft a QB that we’ll regret but its better than nothing

    Packers: Oh yeah but I’ll do you one better

  19. John Breckenridge says:

    This video deserves a 100k+ likes solely for that “god dammit” from Ty 🤣🤣

  20. AngeK47 says:

    Glaring holes specifically at WR2, RT/OL, and ILB/Run D

    Gute: Got any more of those QBs?

    • Servant of the Sound says:

      I get why they’d pick up Love, but I still think there was so many other players we needed more

    • Silverback says:

      They just signed Devin Funchess and they have Allen Lazard. I think at receiver they’re fine.

      At the other positions though, they’ll probably need some help.

    • Jake Boldt says:

      Silverback we also get st brown back who looked good as a rookie but was injuried last year. We need to stop the run though. With how the board was I would have went queen but wouldn’t have hated a rb. We would have had our pick at RB and jones and Williams contracts are up after this season.

    • MrBenflores says:

      AngeK47 it’s not good for the immediate but if it’s good for the long term then this was a good pick up. Otherwise 4 years from now we will be saying why didn’t the packers get a quarterback to develop under Aaron earlier

    • Nicholas Zaborowski says:

      Guys who can stop the run are a dime a dozen. QBs that talented dont fall to the mid 20s every year. Good pick, didnt need to trade up tho

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