Patrick Beverley calls in to tell Will he knows nothing about basketball | The Will Cain Show | ESPN

Patrick Beverley calls in to tell Will he knows nothing about basketball | The Will Cain Show | ESPN

Patrick Beverley calls in to tell Will he knows nothing about basketball, to which Will responds.

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99 Responses

  1. Lexicon Prime says:

    How does Will Cain have a show but the goat Chris Broussard doesn’t?

    • EL Plagua says:

      Fs1 offered him his own show and it’s said that he turned it down cz of scheduling etc idk his exact reasoning but w e. And anyone here that’s debating whether Broussard is a great analysts is a fucking retard. Anyone that thinks he’s wrong 80% of the time is a fucking idiot who doesn’t know about sports. He’s always objective about everything, ppl call him bronsexual but he’s far from that cz he actually criticizes Lebron when he sees fit and he actually knows ball and recognizes that Lebron isn’t up on Jordans level yet for goat status. Like y’all def don’t know shit about basketball if you think Broussard doesn’t know his shit. He’s actually the best analyst they have cz he always breaks down exactly what’s going on with the team on and off the court etc and as far as reporting maybe back in the day he got shit wrong like a lot of ppl do that doesn’t mean he was making sources up. They always get shit wrong. But aside from predicting future moves ,Broussard is always right on the money when it comes to analyzing the game. He’s the most unbiased , knowledgeable basketball analyst there is on fs1 or espn. He left espn, they wanted to keep him but fs1 came with the big bux cz he was espn #1 NBA guy, now they have that fat slob windhorst who got a job cz he been following Lebron everywhere he goes since the age of 14 😂

    • EL Plagua says:

      – xrampagex – hmmmm?? Sources to prove this?? Cz I find it highly doubtful that Broussard would do what you just said. You’re saying he didn’t vote for Bradley cz he says that booker dropped 70 on him but he didn’t know that Bradley wasn’t even playing that game?? I could be wrong. But that aside, cb is actually a great analyst of the game. He’s very knowledgeable and breaks down exactly what’s going on on the court and off. You don’t know shit about ball if u think he doesn’t know his shit

    • Max Austin says:

      Easy, ’cause… he white.

    • trying to get there says:

      Lexicon Prime this day and age that shouldn’t even be a question

    • NostalgiaXOXO says:

      “LAAAA-bronn” lmao

  2. kawhi jennings says:

    Only Patrick Beverly would do this too 😂😂

  3. Steph Curry the 2x FRAUD says:

    LOL Patrick Beverly real af 😂

  4. H. Laker says:

    Will Cain is the worst analyst ESPN has. He knows jack shit about sports and his logic is retarded

    • TacticalPower88 says:

      Joseph Roth Really? Cuz he was barely able to speak competently during this interview. Him saying a team with Lebron is a lock to win the east just cause wasn’t the most articulate explaination. Its a total disregard to what Boston/Toronto have been doing all season. Beverely can ball but he should let Doc handle the strategy lol.

    • Jalen Woolfolk says:

      Max is the worst analyst at ESPN

    • Boss Pinson says:

      H. Laker nah Steven A Smith is the worst! Dude dont know shit about Football or NBA and FYI New York Sports sucks!

    • Luis Polanco says:


    • John Neino says:

      TacticalPower88 it’s also every one else’s opinion who has ever played in the league. Lebron is the 2nd goat, he’s gonna sweep the east again

  5. Mohammed Alam says:

    This is the first time Ive heard of this show. Does anyone actually watch Will Cain?

  6. Chivo says:

    Why tf does Will Cain dumbass have his own show?

  7. Killa Kam says:

    LOL Will Cain definitely went on first take and said the Celtics “WILL” win the East. AND KD “WILL” take the crown from LBJ  lol

    • Joshua Lerma says:

      Killa Kam KD will take the crown there the two best players right now n Lebron in the end of his career KD jus getting started

    • Killa Kam says:

      Joshua Lerma Of course thats how life works but Will Cain said this year and even elluded to him taking it back in the finals. Both of which did not and will not happen. KD will be the best one day but not in a couple years still.

    • Law Fullbuster says:

      Joshua Lerma by the time KD better than LeBron someone else will be better then both of them!! KD will never be #1 with his bitch ass!!

  8. ReezyBeBreezy says:

    Who the hell is Will Cain

  9. Parrit says:

    Beverly is so real instead of saying I’m a starter he even admits and says I’m a really good role player 😂😂😂

  10. Stoned Opinions says:

    This was a very respectable conversation between 2 differing views

    • Kyle Elpel says:

      He was pressed for time on the radio and tried to make sure he got his point across.

    • Taylor Donelson says:

      This is the comment I was looking for! I expected Patrick Beverly to be on some tough guy shit! But that was solid them having a debate

    • Stoned Opinions says:

      Beverly took up well over 50 percent of the time premier but these two people seem to respect each other and we need more conversations like this

    • Angel H says:

      Will Cain on his own show is completely different than will Cain on first take

    • Stoned Opinions says:

      I think he’s pretty much the same on both it’s just that when arguing against people with very different opinions it can make your opinions sound much more extreme

  11. Blake Eldridge says:

    Patrick Beverley Lowe key got washed on this topic

    • Premier Acee says:

      Blake Eldridge will constantly cut him off before he could articulate his point

    • James Wilson says:

      Blake Eldridge low….

    • Orlando chavez says:

      Premier Acee he spoke for a good 2 minutes dummy, he just said Lebron is the reason why they’ll come out of the east, but Lebron may need more help this season to do that.

    • Blake Eldridge says:

      Orlando chavez but saying that cavs are not a lock to win the east is not a ridiculous statement at all

    • Adam Beers says:

      Premier Acee i like pat Beverley, but he couldnt not articulate himself.. Heard a whole lot of “um,um,um,um……” His points may have been valid but dam he didnt articulate himself well at all. In a court of law, Will takes this 1 by a long shot.

  12. Terrence says:

    I remember Beverley in 2K11, he had a 67 rating.

  13. Don Don says:

    Will Cain definitely gets respect for this. Especially the way they debated it peacefully. Respect to Pat Bev also

  14. DBW says:

    “nah”- Patrick Beverley 2018

  15. Phaedon Wallace says:

    Pat Bev = Savage😂👌✔

  16. butchbrittany says:

    Yup Will Cain sucks. 🙂

  17. Mathew Davis says:

    Why do people not like Will Cain? It seems like he’s at least somewhat of a critical thinker unlike the vast majority of blowhard commentators. I guess because he doesn’t completely toe the line when it comes to political correctness?

    • hunter melott says:

      He’s a very critical and logical thinker, therefore, people don’t relate to him. They’d rather see a guy scream for 10 minutes (cough cough Steven A).

    • Tj Don says:

      Mathew Davis if you are not a LeBron fan you are insane. He is not riding that train. But like Patrick beverly said history repeat it’s self. LeBron will have had 9 straight appearances and 3 championships. He is done. He needs a another kyrie. Clarkson is not Lance Jr is not and rodney hood is not. We talking about clutch. Dude in the fourth quaternary when it matter. Notice LeBron doesn’t have the ball in his hand when it matters. He is not a closer. And that will be his down fall this year. People don’t pay attention to that history of LeBron. We know who he is don’t let sorts castor’s fool u look over the pass 8 years of lebron

    • Darius King says:

      because he doesn’t suck LeBron’s dick and thinks objectively

    • CHR_15 says:

      Tj Don lol are you kidding me? Lebron lead the league in clutch scoring early this season and has continued to do it. Watch the Minnesota game. Watch the thunder game. This man is clutch and y’all just ignore it. Watch live games not highlights.

    • christianzuniga002 says:

      Mathew Davis That’s because people are racists

  18. Joe Douglas says:

    Much respect to Beverly never liked the dude but he has basketball knowledge and WHO THE FUCK IS WILL CAIN

  19. Brian Cheng says:

    “A lock to come out of anywhere……..except in the West.” Leastern Conference confirmed.

    • Leo Quintana says:

      Daniel Isome You just said you’re 40 damn years old 😭Idgaf if you’re Yao Ming *HIMSELF* nobody but Kyrie posses more pure skill over me. Ain’t beating 💩❗

    • Daniel Isome says:

      Leo Quintana ok we can set it up bro. I have nothing better to do I’m retired and I still get it in by the way I’m 39.

    • Daniel Isome says:

      Leo Quintana again when I take you to the post and just keep the ball away and shot layups you know what Lebron do. I’m going to shoot about 50% from the field because that’s you mr argument for your boy. You can’t teach size and we saw what Kobe did to Kyrie don’t get it twisted.

    • Rio Rio says:

      Brian Cheng lmao except the past two seasons the cavs have had a winning record against the West lol stop blaming the east for Lebron being dominant. When they lose they suck when he wins the east is weak lol these are professional nba teams , one man shouldn’t make a whole conference lose. Respect his greatness and stop being a casual hater.

    • Daniel Isome says:

      Rio Rio tru explaining his Finals record

  20. CurtWork says:

    I’m happy for Will Cain tho, he earned this, he worked hard, and look at him now with a show

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