Patriots vs. Dolphins | NFL Week 14 Game Highlights

Patriots vs. Dolphins | NFL Week 14 Game Highlights

The New England Patriots take on the Miami Dolphins in Week 14 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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93 Responses

  1. Hunter Peter says:

    People forgot we didn’t have gronk

  2. Jacob Guzman says:

    Go dolphins yay

  3. Peppy Puppy says:

    When you forget to deflate the footballs

  4. skermp says:

    there should just be a Sunday where every team wears their retro

  5. Captain Obvious says:

    Remember they didn’t have Gronk

  6. Justin Alves says:

    Games like this actually give opposing NFL fan bases hope and confidence that the Patriots wont win the Super Bowl this year but they will

  7. Matt Sheiman says:

    No excuses here. Pats played like ass tonight. Congrats Miami. Onto next week.

  8. Joaquin Pereyra says:

    Who else watching at school right now?😂 #FinsUp!!

  9. deliciousdamion says:

    Patriots fan here: we got stomped and picked apart by Miami. Good on them

  10. Milton Hunter says:

    Once again Brady cries and runs off the field showing poor sportsmanship. Smug arrogant snowflake

  11. RIPjkripper says:

    Merry F***ing Christmas, Dolphins fans.

  12. Matthew Bashor says:

    Comment section
    80%- patriot fans bragging despite massive L
    10%- we didnt have gronk
    10%- dolphins cheated

  13. WE DEM BOYZ DC4L says:


  14. WE DEM BOYZ DC4L says:


  15. Astrocat says:

    Jay Culver was amazing. Go Dolphins
    I am an eagles fan

  16. Wes Green says:

    Isn’t it funny Tom Brady played like Jay Cutler and Jay Cutler played like Tom Brady

  17. Lioness Es says:

    Congratulations on your Super Bowl win Miami….

  18. Michael O says:

    The Dolphins have a knack for embarrassing the Patriots on MNF with alternate uniforms. Anyone remember 2005 when the ‘great’ AJ Feeley came back in beat the otherwise undefeated patriots on MNF.

  19. Butch Jones says:

    Patriot fans with gronkowski and edleman: “Brady is the goat, he is the offense” Without edleman and gronkowski: “Just wait until we have them back” lol y’all are good but you’re delusional

  20. Steel Cat says:

    Holy S*** There’s like a war down the comments

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