Patriots vs. Dolphins Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2018

Patriots vs. Dolphins Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2018

The New England Patriots take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 14 of the 2018 NFL season.

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71 Responses

  1. Douglas Proce says:

    Did Belichick have a heart attack after that last play? I was watching it and I can’t believe I just saw that happen.

  2. John Keable says:

    Gronk was dicking around back there

  3. Mistah Devious says:

    Well we all know that last play by drake will be on the ALL-TIME HIGHLIGHTS. Congrats Miami Dolphins from a Cowboys fan

  4. HerosEnd says:

    6:20 “Patriots want to take the air out of the ball in the second half.” LOL too soon

  5. Paramvir Atwal says:

    My hero Frank gore still running hard 12 carries 97 yards let’s go

  6. Leka LAXZ-A-MILLION says:

    Gronkowski shouldn’t have been in there!

    • Will Collins says:

      I think he was in there because the Pats defense was prepping for a hail mary pass. I also think Gronk is a good player to have stand in the endzone and jump up for the pass, but having him in there for that definitely backfired..

    • Daniel Kim says:

      +Will Collins There was no way Tannehill could throw a pass that far anyway. No reason to have Gronk in there. Just a bad decision

    • Chris Machabee says:

      This is what happens when you think things are just routine. Arrogant overconfidence.

    • DatBoiHayden says:

      the only reason they did that was in case of hail mary.

  7. redhurricane24 says:

    Now that was one of the best choke jobs I’ve seen this week. Let’s not forget the other one.

  8. Kramcr says:

    This is about to be #1 trending, I’m calling it

  9. Joshua Riches says:

    last play of the game is gonna go down in history

  10. Out of many One says:

    Christmas-miracles do happen; even to the Phins ;D

  11. Silly Sailboat says:

    6:20 “Patriots want to take the air out of the ball in the second half”
    Oh, I’m certain they do :^)

  12. 4 Dog says:

    Did he just say what I thought he said at 6:21 ?

  13. SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 says:

    How could you hate on this lol. This is the type of stuff that makes this game great. Good job Dolphins from a Cowboys fan. Way to never give up. ???

    • Luke Yost says:

      Tsaihung Yang nah as a pats fan the refs did well that game… and were mostly in our favor. Our defense just sucks and we got too conservative in the end that’s all there is to it…

    • Joshua Brown says:

      HOw bout them cowboys today!!!

    • Aaron Scott says:

      SamoaVsEverybody 814 2.0 Coming from an Eagles fan I have to admit that was an amazing play your team had as well, of course I was pretty pissed when I saw Cooper catch the ball but it was good game and a lotta good games end with spectacular plays like that, good luck to your team the rest of the way

    • Neil Hatrick Harris says:

      Gotta admit I really wanted to beat the eagles because a lot of eagles fans are rude (well, a lot of sports fans in general are rude lol) and because the eagles player saying they would go to Dallas and make the cowboys choke, but it’s nice seeing a friendly eagles fan. So good luck to you the rest of the season, just savor every win, and hope for the best for your team. Heck my whole house was rooting for the eagles as cowboy fans last year during the SB, that’s how much we hate the Patriots lol. Was cool to see you guys win the SB last year, now I just gotta hope the cowboys aren’t just getting my hopes up and exit the playoffs early like they always do.

    • Joseph Cotto says:

      Now that’s a true fan.. good karma.. that’s why A-cooper caught that td last night.. good win, your cowboys gotta good d..

  14. Nigol T. says:

    Belichick is eating glass shards for dinner tonight LOLOLOL

  15. Loren Fok says:

    Can we just sit back and appreciate the career Frank Gore has. Gotta be one of the most durable running backs in history of the game. Still getting heavy usage at age 35 and hasn’t had any major injury ever.

    • Michael Coulter says:

      I was watching video a Frank Gore in his Miami Hurricane days on the Miami Hurricanes team was Frank Gore Jeremy Shockey and Andre Johnson all three of them played on the same team which is absolutely phenomenal to know the careers that all three of them had on different teams

    • amoneymitch8 says:

      DA u

    • Marley Mayfield says:

      Yeah backs like Gore just don’t come around often…..I can think of Emmit smith, Sweetness but not many.

    • taurnguard says:

      He’s no longer a 49er but I still cheer for him.

    • 36 1997 says:

      I was just talking about him a couple days ago, this man has the fountain of youth somewhere in his house because it’s crazy at this point. I was in elementary school when he was drafted, I’m about to graduate college and my man is still going.

  16. Bean Dippens says:

    Who else skipped to the end to the miracle play??

  17. Big Game Shane says:

    3:11 well hello lady in the Dolphins tank top

  18. Very Well says:

    I bet Gronk wishes he had a tide pods to remove that stain

  19. Mr Williams says:

    Wow.musta been awesome to be at that game as dolphins fan.

  20. BOLIS says:

    Anytime the pats lose, its special.

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