Patriots vs. Raiders | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

Patriots vs. Raiders | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

The New England Patriots take on the Oakland Raiders in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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108 Responses

  1. Tate Benjamin says:

    Wow New England once had a 25 point lead.

    Atlanta take notes.

  2. Alfonso Montoya says:

    Remember when people said the raiders could beat the patriots???


  3. Demarcus Moore says:

    Tom Brady is the first NFL QB to have 300+ yard games in 3 countries. GOAT


  4. zaivier joseph says:

    When Your CARR runs outta gas in Mexico

  5. MrJonsters says:

    whos a patriots fan?I am

  6. Ian Rapoport says:

    Sources tell me that the #Patriots HC Bill Belichick was reportedly found finishing installing wind turbines in order for Gostkowski to drill a 62 yard Field Goal.


  7. MineMaker601 says:


    Plus why is there a 🐐 on the field?

  8. The Seahawks didn't run the ball says:

    The AFC West is terrible this year

    • My Man says:

      MrOasis316 bro, the jags have been tearing it up on their wins. But couldn’t get consistent back to back wins

    • Joe O'Malley says:

      It’s turning out that way. I really wished and hoped the Chiefs would do it but they have seemingly lost every bit of magic they had in their first 5 games and the Steelers and Patriots are unstoppable right now.

    • Frodo Lives says:

      Understatement of the century ahahahahhahaahahahahahah

    • Joshua Spano says:

      mritizwatitiz bruh it’s called injury’s and it happens to KC every year! It has nothing to do with knowing who a team is because KC at full strength 100% healthy is still a very dangerous team in this league and have proven that time and time again but can never be 100% healthy by playoff time.

  9. Patriots Defender says:

    Remember when the Raiders said they were going to end our dynasty. 😂😂

  10. RammyDino// Cookie//BashfulMussel96 says:

    Chiefs beat Patriots
    Raiders beat Chiefs
    Patriots beat Raiders

    (I’m a pats fan)

  11. Noah Castro says:

    I respect his greatness and all, but I’m just counting the days until Tom Brady retires man….sick of this dynasty

  12. The4fourEver says:

    Why were there that many pats fans in Mexico? Brady and Bellichek both openly support trump😂

    • nope problem says:

      I think because they are Mexican and not from the USA.

    • don juran says:

      Pierre Louis trump never said anything against americans who are of the Mexican heritage, he was only talking about the illegal, trespassing, border crossing aliens, do you support criminal behavior?

    • don juran says:

      David Gahan TRUMP doesn’t want people breaking in our country illegally and that makes him racist? I guess about 3/4 of our country’s racist because I talk to black democrat Obama loving liberals at work and they don’t like illegals coming here and taking jobs they or their sons and daughters could have

    • Luis says:

      ummm they thought it was FUTbol. they gave out free jerseys so they just put them on

    • Ascencion Bueno says:

      Because this beautiful sport has nothing to do with POLITICS

  13. Aaron Rodgers #Overrated #9-7 in the Playoffs #0-5 vs. Dan Quinn Defenses #4 TDs-5 INTs in NFCCs says:

    So many Raiders’ fans complain about the Tuck Rule, but don’t want to talk about that 1976 playoff game against the Patriots with that terrible roughing the passer call. The call was also used against the Patriots in the Jets game in the same season in the same game Drew Bledsoe got injured. Then, they don’t want to mention the fact that the Raiders still could have won the snow bowl in overtime. They choked and they deserved to lose. There’s no in-between. Peace out!

    • Angel Valle says:

      the game wasn’t over the raiders lost in overtime brady made his own legacy listen to yourself he’d be retired by 09 with 0 rings lol more like 2017 still playing in his prime with 5 rings !

    • Angel Valle says:

      backup to Bledsoe where in buffalo ? pats traded drew once they confirmed what they liked in brady.

    • Angel Valle says:

      drew played only a series in the afc title game but lead them to a important td and brady came back in after rolling his ankle played the rest of the game and the sb they knew what they had in brady .

    • Kaan Tekuzman says:

      your username makes me laugh so hard

  14. Big Nuts says:

    Even if you’re not a fan. You’ve got respect Tom Brady, Belicheck and the Patriots dynasty. You may never see excellence at this high of a level ever again in your lifetime.

    • 可愛いえくぼ says:

      (laugh)Off course,look at the defenses today in the NFL.If Brady faced the defense in Montana,Elway era,80s,90s,No way he can be this excellent.They were just too Dominant.Lawrence Tayor,Charles Haley,Mike Singletary,Richard Dent,Rod woodson,Carnell Lake,Greg Loyd etc.You cannot even compare to the
      Defenses we all are seeing today.It was onced said Quarterbacks Paradise era.
      If they were present today,Brady will be sacked after sacked.I respect Brady and those guys putting an hard work on Defense,but you know,its just not that level.

    • Angel Valle says:

      truer words have never been spoken.

    • 可愛いえくぼ says:

      Thank you for understanding.What you and i saw in those days probably
      will not be seen ever again in a lifetime.NFC dominance.Do you think Brady could of stopped that?Just imaging it makes it scary.One thing is for sure.There will be no such thing as Brady not getting touched by defenders.He will be touched.Like Chad Brown chipped a part of
      Jim Harbaugh`s front teeth.And Patriots offensive line cannot protect
      Brady like they do today.End.

    • Spencer B says:

      Lowkey Gamin’ every team is proven cheaters

    • Ricardo Vera says:

      Big Nuts you took the words right out my mouth man. I’m a packer fan and I’ve envied the pats for so long, because they just do things right. Perfect balance of development through the draft and getting the right free agents at the right time. If only Rodgers had that luxury…

  15. L.Akers 323 says:

    “tHe rAiDeRs ArE gOiNg tO eNd ThE pAtRiOtS dYnAsTy tHiS yEaR..” 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Thorfinn says:

    It turns out chupacabra is real. Sighted in Mexico wearing number 12

  17. 6ippin says:

    Brady > wentz hand me my w’s

  18. #derekcarr4 #4hunit #weowntheAFCwest says:

    I’ll beat Tom Brady one day mark my words…..hand me Ws

  19. Musa Jafri says:

    If tony Romo is so knowledgeable about this why couldn’t he do that when he played 😅😅

    • Patsfansince1983 B&BDynasty says:

      I do like him in the booth too. I hope replaces Collinsworth as the big game announcer soon. Something about CC just irritates me. Probably the cheap shots he takes at the Patriots. His voice is annoying too. Reminds me of a stoner surfer character from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    • Nyjee Bradley says:

      kae587 your beautiful

    • Tone Loc says:

      kae587 gronk has been to 3 super bowls and won 2 Romo hasn’t even touched a super bowl field yet

    • Anthony P says:

      its much easier to observations when you’re not in the mix than when you’ve just rattled by Mack.

    • All Alone says:

      kae587 You could’ve literally used any other consistently injured player not named Gronk. Gronk is a superstar and still is one of the greatest ever to play his position. People won’t even remember Romo in 5 years, compare him to Jamaal Charles, not Gronk 👌

  20. Lun Hing says:

    Damn pats going all the way watch

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