Patriots vs. Rams | Super Bowl LIII Game Highlights

Patriots vs. Rams | Super Bowl LIII Game Highlights

The New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams during during Super Bowl LIII.

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87 Responses

  1. OneManArmy009 OneManArmy009 says:

    Rams weren’t even supposed to be at the Super bowl and they showed you why.

  2. NLMB GBE says:

    Patriots best team ever they can beat you every game with a different game plan Tom and bill the ?

  3. phoenix887 says:

    The NFL wanted the Rams in the SB and they only managed to score 3 points… HAHAHAHAHA ???

  4. TakeAShowerStinky says:

    The New England Patriots are America’s Football Team.

  5. Sahil Patel says:

    Tom Brady: 3 super bowl losses
    Nathan Peterman: 0 Super Bowl losses
    And people call Brady the goat smh

  6. CaQuad_04 • DangeRuss says:

    *Tom Brady has double the Super Bowl rings than the Rams had points*

  7. Jon Davis says:

    Goff = average QB
    Cooks = decent
    Woods = decent
    Everett and Higbee = decent
    McVay made all them look wayyyy fukin better then they really are all season long. Got exposed today

  8. Melina Melena says:

    More defense than France vs Germany in World war ??

  9. Abdel Djaballah says:

    After collecting his 6th ring, Thomos Brady is playing Aliens next year for the galaxy title.

  10. margeraman1090 says:

    Imagine paying $3k for field goals and Maroon 5.

  11. L C says:

    Steelers fans on suicide watch

    • lro001 says:

      L C it’s amazing because with the talent the Steelers have, they should be representing the AFC every year, but it’s The disciplined structure in the Pats organization, from Kraft to the people who wash the players’ uniforms, that makes them not just good, but GREAT.

    • Malcolm says:

      I’m not though

    • Ya Boi Stephano says:

      Omg I’m a mad Steelers fan

    • Vodka Brandon says:

      NFL on life support.

    • lro001 says:

      Ya Boi Stephano I’m gonna be ? with you, Mike Tomlin gotta go. You guys deserve a better disciplined coach that’s not trying to be a player’s friend and the Rooney family needs to have a stronger backbone on just dumping spoiled diva players and having no compromises with their childish mentalities.

  12. Oof says:

    Funny how the highlight of the game was the record setting punt

  13. Romax 24245 says:

    This is the greatest low score defensive Super Bowl

  14. TMP CLAN says:

    The most retarted super bowl I’ve watched

  15. cool name here says:

    Seattle should’ve ran the ball tbh…

    • Save N money says:

      Seinfeld should have had a better finale. Its in the past

    • intosilence 1 says:

      Actually I’m one of those that think if Lynch had gotten the ball at the 1, that’s no guarantee that he makes it. That year the seahawks had run the ball from the 1-yard line five times, and only got it once. They had also passed at the 1-yard line 5 times, and scored 4 of those times. Statistically, passing the ball at the 1 had been more successful all year than running it. But what doesn’t help their case is that Lynch had been running for positive yards ALL game long. So they should’ve taken that into account also.

    • Jaime Palomino says:

      +intosilence 1 lynch was born for that one yard.

    • Fusion Banks says:

      Lakers did good yesterday against the Patriots

  16. Duzer - says:

    The rams lost because they weren’t supposed to be in the superbowl

  17. Colin Noble says:

    If you think this super bowl was bad, I will admit, it wasn’t the best. But it certainly was not the worst. The offenses struggled, but the defensive performance was what made the game pretty good. The half time show was pretty crap though, apart from the spongebob bit which deserved 10x more time.

  18. Paul Autry says:

    When the Saints lost to the Rams because of the bad call, I immediately decided to not watch the Super Bowl for the first time in well over 40 years, because after all, the Super Bowl is supposed to be about the best two teams in football and not about the best and the second best going into the game. And I posted in another thread on the tube that It’s a hands-down Patriots win.

  19. G & J Gaming says:

    Use this as a “worst halftime show ever” button

  20. B? says:

    Imagine paying $3k for missed field goals and sicko mode

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