Patriots vs. Steelers | NFL Week 15 Game Highlights

Patriots vs. Steelers | NFL Week 15 Game Highlights

The New England Patriots take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 15 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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99 Responses

  1. Sam Federman says:

    That call hits close to home for Romo.

    • george orta says:

      True that dez caught it but all we can do is move forward but refs these days are just not callin plays right

    • jack17393506 says:

      george orta no the refs are calling it correctly it is the rule that is messed up

    • BrizzyThaBeast says:

      lol it hit home for me im a cowboys fan, but its a stupid rule

    • DRock6906 says:

      Sam Federman That hit home for all Cowboys fans. I felt the exact same way when they ruled that catch by Dez incomplete. It should have been 1st and goal just like tonight. But until they change that rule, catches like these will always be ruled incomplete.

  2. Edgy Zombies says:

    That’s not a catch, you have to secure the ball for it to be a touchdown. He bobbled it and the ball hit the ground. steelers fans lmao. (Btw, I’m not a pats fan)

    • newera 19 says:

      the ball had already crossed the goal line, Just like when players run into the endzone, they put the ball across the goal line then someone hits it out, they call it TD.

    • Spida Spirals says:

      newera 19 he wasn’t considered a runner because he didn’t complete the catch… Since he was falling down, he has to maintain control… He’s an NFL wr with gloves on… He should be able to catch it cleanly

    • Tristan Flynn says:

      he hadn’t secured the catched, regardless if ur over the goal line or not. You have to secure the ball the ENTIRE time. The ball is allowed to touch the ground, but only if the player has complete control of the ball. Which he did not.

    • Johnathan Patrick says:

      Patriot Games How many times do I have to keep saying that James breaking the plane of the goal line means ZILCH??!! He immediately went to ground, so he ain’t a runner. He has to cleanly catch the ball — which he DID NOT. No catch. 😡😡😝😝

    • Fuck Everybody says:

      Patriot Games if you didn’t know it is a rule to where you have to maintain possession of the ball even after U cross the goal line go look up Calvin Johnson catch rule

  3. Fred Saga says:

    For those Steeler fans arguing its a touchdown or whatsoever, please refer to NFL Rule 8, Section 1, Article 3, Item 1.
    You can complain to NFL that this rule being stupid or what, however, according to current rules, it’s a good call from the ref.

    • Jovan Milošević says:

      Patriot Games m8 everything you said is true except when you said that they won’t be able to cheat them twice you know that nfl is going to do this every day just so Patriots who were supposed to lose win

    • cityofchamps66 says:

      His knee was down before he broke the plane???? This is pro football, Steve Harvey, you have to be tackled GTFOH

    • Colby Fox says:

      cityofchamps66 it doesn’t matter if his leg was down! He still has to survive the ground if he was never ruled a runner which he wasn’t because one he was never straight up and two was falling the whole time. The leg hitting the ground was proof he was falling, and crossing the plane with the ball doesn’t matter if you are not ruled a runner and weren’t touched and didn’t survive the ground! Why don’t you know so,e NFL rules before you come in here and argue! You are just trying to argue your way into saying that you shouldn’t have lost salty steelers fans!

  4. Fetty Wapper says:

    Tell my why the patriots are the luckiest team in the NFL. Multiple game winning interceptions IN THE END ZONE and multiple terrible calls in their favor. Happens every time.

  5. itsIqn says:

    All I’ve got to say is the following: That was a freaking catch.

    • The Fitness Life says:

      Y’all don’t know the rules, since when has using the ground been called a catch? Many incomplete pass calls just like this one happened, only difference is this one was in the end zone so everyone is freaking out.

    • Caleb Price says:

      Resident Evil 413 stfu, the way you worded that tells me your probably still in grade school. “Resident evil” WTF?You go to sleep fuckboy…

    • Tzvi Gross says:

      lawrence jones it still has to be a complete pass

    • Colby Fox says:

      itsIqn by rule the NFL says that the player has to be STRAIGHT UP and have possession of the ball! If he is never straight up he must contain that catch all the way through! The other plays like Dez Bryant’s are contriversile but that is clearly a bobble at the end of play showing he did not containing it through even though he was all the way past the goal line also he was never straight up to show that part of the rule! There for it is not a catch and not a touchdown! Also if you want to argue that the leg was on the ground try, look for a rule, that leg hitting the ground shows he was falling even though he had possession. The defender didn’t touch him so he wasn’t down!

    • Caleb Price says:

      he caught it

  6. kokoleka808 says:

    I disagree with the call only in that it was a complete pass not an incomplete pass as the official announced. That being said, the TD should not have counted as James caught the ball @10:19, his knee touched the ground @10:22 while the ball crossed the end zone plane @10:24. Am I missing something?

    • Cameron Johnson says:

      You have to be touched to be down

    • Raymundo Antonio López Aguilar says:

      Vice Mayor true its the same play

    • laysrayslays says:

      Dee Aka LA DEMET Sims even after the ball crosses over the line, the receiver is falling on the ground, the receiver can’t use the ground to control the ball.
      Imagine if a receiver is jumping and have two hands on the ball and pass the sideline but when he hits the ground he loses the ball. He did not “complete” a pass, this is a current rule.
      He didn’t stand up so he wasn’t a runner. He didn’t control the ball as he goes down to the ground so it’s an incomplete pass unfortunately.
      He should’ve either kept the ball in his hands or stood up and ran instead of diving.

    • Raymundo Antonio López Aguilar says:

      Ryan Heard he dont finish the recepcion

    • Gordon Jeff says:

      Do y’all know anything about football he wasn’t even touched e could do the worm and he wouldn’t be down , you have to be down by CONTACT idiot he didn’t catch it get over it

  7. Addster says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Jaguars are 10-4 and have already clinched a Playoff Berth.

    • Johnathan Patrick says:

      Addster And could get a 1st round bye.

    • Ej Beat says:

      Dan Seas I’m a Steelers fan, and tbh the Jags do have potential to go to the Super Bowl. Everyone is saying it’s between us and the Pats for the AFC, and the Eagles and Rams for the NFC; while I’m thinking the two super bowl teams could end up being ones that we’re sleeping upon.

    • Chris Norris says:

      Vikings Jags SB

    • Der CrysisBZ says:

      Jags are super bowl contenders, they beat the steelers pretty badly last time. I wouldn;’t be suprised if they lose against the jags.

    • Rosa Valencia says:

      As a Seattle Seahawks fan, the jags have no chance of going to the super bowl neither do the seahawks 😭😭😭 but you never know

  8. Erik Smith says:

    As a Pats fan, I felt that the Steelers essentially deserved the win in this game. They played some great football, and had not Brown gotten injured, I’m quite sure they would’ve taken it.

    The Pats offense finally got it together in the last 2+ minutes of the game, thanks in most part to Gronk. And while you definitely can’t write that off as just a lucky drive, it was something else.

    I consider myself a good judge of the calls made by refs in the NFL, and while I understand the frustration of Steelers fans, I think the refs made the right calls at the end of this game.

    To me, he clearly didn’t maintain possession throughout that catch. Had he brought the ball into his chest, he would have. Simple stuff when you look at similar calls in the past.

    Props to the Steelers for this one though.

    • Scott Gibson says:

      Well if the Pats have not had all of their injuries this year it would have been a much different game, every time we play them it seems their star players get hurt.

    • Money Meng says:

      Erik Smith this game was over when brown got injuried. Ben depends on brown to bail him out of tough situations too much.

    • Alexander Akian says:

      That’s true, but it’s just football man. Impossible to avoid injuries to significant players in any given game unfortunately

    • Gordon Jeff says:

      I totally agree they outplayed us but we found a way to win , kind of how they have been doing in their last couple games this year , that was the right call , a tough call but the right one

    • Anyone says:

      Neck yourself, you pathetic excuse for a “fan”. You’re nothing but a cuckold piece of trash. Selling your team out for cheap little internet points & attention.

  9. Daniel Nguyen says:

    You guys know the patriots cheating

  10. Steel Cat says:

    Tuck Rule 2.0

    • Nathan Big Shlong John says:

      StarkJJ 🐐? That’s a weird way to spell “referee”

    • Aaron Rodgers #Overrated #9-7 in the Playoffs #0-5 vs. Dan Quinn Defenses #4 TDs-5 INTs in NFCCs says:

      +I Love Your Hate Most Packers’ fans don’t live in that terrible, boring city known as Green Bay. Are they just bandwagon fans as well? Is the Dallas Cowboys fanbase just bandwagon fans for having a lot of national fans like the Patriots? Get over yourself.

    • Anyone says:

      “Rules That Come Into Play Very Often Being Called Correctly Despite Saltiness & Ignorance Of Childish Fans 2.0”

    • Tyler O'Connor says:

      ACR You type the same way trump tweets😂

  11. Kuma Shabazz says:

    Remember cheaters always win lol

  12. Chameleon Facade says:

    James knee clearly touched the ground before he got into end zone: 10:21 Nuff said! Go Patriots!!!

    • BAseny says:

      Chameleon Facade you’re retarded kid, you can fall down and get back up in the NFL as long as you didn’t get touched

    • dothedoword says:

      Chameleon Facade smh by rule its an incomplete. However, he clearly caught the ball and crossed the plain. Once the ball crosses the plain, its a touchdown. But he fumbled the ball as he was trying to reach when he was falling. So its incomplete. Lmao even though he already had crossed the plain.

    • David Young says:

      Javier Sánchez I’m a Steelers fan but I can realize that during a catch, you need to maintain control of the ball through the catch. So in falling to the ground, the ball moved in his grip, touched the ground as well. Crossing the goal line how you’re thinking of it is true if it had been a run play. Sadly, not the case 😕
      Was a good game though.

    • dothedoword says:

      Paul Chaos he lost control after crossing the plain. Touchdown. Once the ball crosses the line its a touchdown. He wasnt falling he had already fallen and he merely reached over to the endzone. These refs are so confused about those calls. But rules are rules i guess. Even though it counters another rule. Smh the nfl will have to make changes.

  13. Ryan P says:

    GO PATS!!!

  14. MCmudkip p says:

    Ignoring the ruling, it doesnt change that they chose to go for the fake spike instead of a spike then a FG to tie it. They took a risk and it didn’t pay off. Thats why they lost in my books

    • steeler091 says:

      MCmudkip p why wouldn’t you play to win? If we’d went to OT, the pats get to pick on the coin toss.

    • cityofchamps66 says:

      It was 3rd down? You only had 5,6 yards to go, maybe you get a TD or even a PI in the end zone, if you get an incomplete pass, then on 4th down you try the FG, it was the right decision, it was poor execution

    • tiburcio9999 says:

      Old fashion QB. Russel Wilson or Cam Newton, would´ve run the ball by themselves to the endzone. It freaks me out, how good teams have old fashioned QBs right now. And mobile QBs like Wilson have ZERO offensive line.

  15. Older General Skywalker says:


  16. Jreed280 says:

    There’s a lot of dumb football fans in these comments lol. It was incomplete according to the rules lol. If you wanna be mad at someone be mad at Ben for that terrible interception lol.

  17. Nothing Special says:

    I asked in the comments of the Ravens vs Steelers highlights video last week did Steelers fans actually think they could beat the Pats and you all got triggered. Now I’ll admit you guys played them tough and were the better team all game. Sucks that AB went down b/c I wanted him to ball out and win so hopefully he’ll get MVP. But even without him you were in control of this game and in the end you let the Pats score 11 points in like 4 mins to win the game smh. Pats just own you guys. They had players out too so it evens up with the loss of AB.

    • Nothing Special says:

      Javier campos Pats didn’t have Edelman Hogan Hightower or Kyle Van Noy if we’re breaking down injuries bro

    • Julie says:

      If Julian Edelman and Dont’a Hightower play for the Pats it’s not even close.

    • Nothing Special says:

      Rawjan 39 Im gonna say this one more time….. I can name you 4 key players that were out for the Pats. Edelman, Hightower, Hogan and Kyle Van Noy. It sucks AB got injured I really wanted him to ball out in a win so that he could legit have a chance for MVP.

  18. Triple B Produktionz says:


  19. oWhyYou Hatin says:

    The patriots will win the super bowl mark my word and like if u agree

  20. Brons Larson says:

    i’m a vikings fan so this is coming from an unbiased opinion: although the stupidest rule in the league, according to that rule, he must have possession all the way down to the ground (hence the calvin johnson rule, the dez bryant catch) and clearly in the video the ball bobbled. a stupid rule, but it’s still a rule nonetheless. most of the comments “nfl is rigged” are steelers fans 🤭

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