Paul George ‘reinvented’ himself, should be in NBA MVP conversation – Tracy McGrady | The Jump

Paul George ‘reinvented’ himself, should be in NBA MVP conversation – Tracy McGrady | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Tracy McGrady of The Jump discuss the improved play of Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Paul George, and how he could be a 2019 NBA MVP candidate with a strong 2018-19 season in OKC alongside Russell Westbrook.

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101 Responses

  1. Arijan Pozder says:

    this show flows so much better when rachel talks less

  2. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Paul George has been rebuilt and is balling this year and russ is making better decisions

  3. Monkeyboy Games says:

    I’m a raptors fan so I ain’t gonna be bias but from what I’m seeing Paul Georgee is back to being a top 10 player

  4. Lil Dagga says:

    The media was pushing an agenda hard that “you can’t play with Westbrook” if people haven’t been watching the thunder Russ has took a step back only shooting 13 shots a game these past few weeks I was One of those who was clowning pg for not coming to la but this is looking like a great decision he has made and he’s happy

    • JahGrizzly says:

      Atenza your arguments are lazy and incoherent. You don’t watch the thunder. If you did you would realize that a lot of his shots are not bad shots, they just come at the wrong time, however they are all shots he has made before. KD left because he let steph and them get in his ear, KD left for KD. Russ tried to get everything with KD to work, and Russ let that man work and get him the ball. He even let him take an earlier break in games because he liked to finish the first quarter and start the second. They were a fine duo until KD didn’t want it to work anymore. That’s part of life

    • LAR Rodriglu says:

      They’re still a first round exit so who cares

    • Atenza says:

      +JahGrizzly ​ how is my arguements lazy and incoherent if it came from the man himself KD why are guys getting offended from the actual facts. KD even said he didnt like the Westbrook iso playstyle and prefer the Warriors way of playing basketball. If KD says his shot selection was bad why are you arguing with me shouldnt you be mad at him like wtf

    • onlyrog5 says:

      Just THIS season

    • Danny Branderson says:

      As long as you shoot the ball quick so he can get an assist Russell has no problem passing the ball.

  5. prescott trilex says:

    if pg had scored 5 points in a playoff series against the jazz as a member of the lakers he would have been destroyed by all lakers fans and media outlets… staying in okc was smart

  6. Monreaco Usen says:

    Hella famous in China ???

  7. Janel Mckenzie says:

    Put some respect on pg13’s name.

  8. blue diamond gem says:

    PG13 deserves MVP if he keeps this level of play.

    • eye v says:

      +Kungfu Kenny and he has a teammate averaging a triple double. neither kawhi, lebron, giannis or AD have that luxury. and the west is too close to call this soon, theres literally 14/15 teams competing for the playoffs.

    • Kungfu Kenny says:

      eye v yea pg teammate average a triple double shooting 24% 3P and 60% FT. Westbrook just got back from injury. You really gonna act like Kawhi on the Cavs lol like Toronto not 8-1 without him? They didn’t beat the warriors, clippers, jazz, lakers, and pelicans without him?

    • Kungfu Kenny says:

      eye v Oh giannis who shoots 12% 3P and 69% FT don’t have a good team either huh. Bucks average 117 points per game lol leading the league in points and rebounds per game but that’s all giannis because he has no team according to you, at least that’s what you insinuating. AD team currently the 13th seed I guess he should be ranked above PG13 in the mvp race because… Westbrook average a triple double? Like PG dont lead the number 1 defense, like PG don’t lead the league in steals, like he didn’t average 30 this month, like he don’t average career highs across the board lol.

    • Kungfu Kenny says:

      eye v You act like AD don’t have a lockdown shooting guard in Jrue holiday averaging 20 a night. Nahh you act like Paul George accomplishments this season don’t matter because the others you named don’t have a Westbrook… Lebron average 28 points but he shooting 36% 3P and 68% FT and slacks on defense. He chose to go to LA lol. You named mvp race players but quit acting like PG not having his best year and he somehow not in the convo. Quit hating and respect his game this year

    • jordan waithe says:

      +eye v curry is in the MVP race and he has KD so your point is

  9. Rarzar Bex says:

    Why is AD in the MVP race? His team isnt even in the playoffs!

    • Mike Tank Brown ll says:

      I can’t believe 15 people actually liked yo comment. If this was april, then it would seem magically, as you put it. Rockets at the 8th spot with 16 wins, pelicans sitting at the 13th spot with 15 wins in December…. only team I think we all can guaranteed will make the playoffs is the warriors. With it being so early, and so close. There’s no telling who will be in the playoffs when it starts because injuries do happen.

    • eye v says:

      +MboySwag04 yeah it would take a real christmas miracle to improve their record by a whole 3 wins.

    • sham rock says:

      AD is the best player In the world

    • John Hawthorne says:

      MboySwag04 you clearly didn’t read the comment above you saying they’re 3 games out and the NBA is a game of runs so don’t be dumb.

    • greekatso says:

      Because the season isn’t over, if the Pelicans aren’t top 6 in the west come playoff time, then his chances will likely drop exponentially.

  10. Rarzar Bex says:

    PG should for sure be in the MVP convo

  11. Donavan McDabb says:

    Pg13 is proving to the media why he made the decision. HIS decision to stay with russ

  12. JustPumps says:

    Imagine destroying your leg, and then coming back to the nba and playing better than your past self.

    • Chris Baelenge says:

      Back in 2016 or 2017 season, PG was having a better statistical season than pre-injury PG

    • borgenston bruno says:

      JustPumps TD b

    • Rokas Va says:

      JustPumps MJ also did that.

    • Justin 2914 says:

      Right I remember watching that USA game live and coach k shut that shit down! You’re right hes better than ever makes me wanna buy his shoes ????

    • Lakers Dynasty says:

      +D E F Y lol for real I think this kids didn’t even watched nba before lol….but fr George could’ve been on top right now , the way he plays when he’s stil number 24, he almost plays like McGrady type of superstar, very athletic and deadly shooter….he would be better than flopping ass Harden ,Westbrook of course or to be fair Harden will never be better than number 24 PG….

  13. Kiero B says:

    Paul George has played his best basketball since he’s been with Westbrook (in my opinion)

  14. LA Clippers says:

    Media trying to influence something they can’t control. Watching Paul in OKC, Kawhi in Toronto, and Jimmy in Philly proves my point. Front offices aren’t listening to the media.

  15. Emmanuel Kojo Dwumfour-poku says:

    Russ is making PG look awesome … but the media still want it to seem as if you can’t play with Russ smh

  16. Every Monday says:

    And people were saying Tatum was gonna be better than pg this year. PG is easily a top 10 player in the nba. Smooth asf and best shoeline

  17. Franky P says:

    OKC is has a big 4 now. Westbrook, pg , Adams, Schröder . I really believe in my thunder this year

  18. dirty birds life # 1team says:

    Everybody sleeping on my man Steven Adams

  19. Junaid Desai says:

    Let’s go PG!

    Small forwards are just ridiculous in today’s NBA

    PG definitely an MVP candidate

    • greekatso says:

      +lamasizzy05 So far I’d say the leaders are 1) Giannis 2) LeBron 3) Kawhi 4) Curry

    • lamasizzy05 says:

      greekatso I didn’t put them in any specific order I just listed names off the top of my head but I would switch Curry and LeBron. I would have Curry at the top if he hadn’t missed all that time.

    • greekatso says:

      +lamasizzy05 Yeah it’s hard to say, Lakers are 4th in the west because of LeBron, otherwise wouldn’t be in the playoff race. Warriors with Curry are significantly better.

    • FMB Bonge. FastMoneyBoyzENT. says:

      +lamasizzy05 You are dumb for not mentioning Embiid.

    • ur girls cooch says:

      +greekatso ad is probaly number 1 rn but will drop if pelicans aint top 4 seed

  20. Michael Lew says:

    Defensive Player of the Year exists, so create its opposite, Offensive Player of the Year. It can include points & assists as well as other offensive info in its consideration, without having to penalize a player for their defensive deficiencies. You could even take it a step further and exclude wins or team record from the consideration to even allow stars who put up numbers on a losing teams to be eligible for the award.
    Then make MVP about a players all around abilities and influence on a team, being able to lead their team to a win and a winning team record. So it could be offensive or defensive influence or most likely a combination of both.

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