Paul Manafort’s House Cold Open – SNL

Paul Manafort’s House Cold Open – SNL

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) checks in on Paul Manafort (Alex Moffat) and sends Melania Trump (Cecily Strong) to Asia in his place.


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20 Responses

  1. Sir CrapALot says:

    This was AWESOME!

  2. j2times2006 says:

    McKinnon doing sessions is fucking hilarious. Then I think about reality and get all depressed again

  3. President Oso says:

    I loved Mr Sessions in Deliverance he’s a very talented banjo player but he’s going to prison with Trump! Trump For Prison 2017! If you agree with the world that Trump is a moron check out my President In Prison cartoon!

  4. That Orangy Bread says:

    I’m glad to see Otto back in action.

  5. c a says:

    Let’s see a skit of Alec yelling at his 12yo daughter every week. Now that would be comedy.

  6. Amy no says:

    As always Alec Baldwin’s performance was perfection. 💜

  7. Jason Scarce says:

    Oh great, another YouTube video with a black screen. What is the deal?

  8. Grumpy Souky says:

    Shea Moisture products in the background? Whose shower is this? xD

  9. Nik Rattlehead says:

    Great to see Otto the autopilot. I thought he died

  10. Kbitch Kal says:

    I’m not insulting anyone who is a trump supporter but I can’t understand why you guys keep watching all this stuff that talks and takes the piss out of him and I’m not just talking snl like talk shows, celebrity interviews ,music and then you come on YouTube and bitch about it like why do you continue to watch it if you know it’s only going to be bad about trump? Just don’t watch cause eitherway he’s still president for next 3 fucking years so don’t you win in the long run?

  11. Greg Miller says:

    the trump doll is a famous actor who played on the movie “airplane” 😛

  12. Jim Morgan says:

    He’s going to have to sneak a shiv into jail up his ass.

  13. Devon Suns says:


  14. SeoulTeamworkGaming says:

    Everyone looks so awkward and then you have fucking Pence acting like he does this all the time

  15. Rebecca Perry Doo San says:

    Hes a BETTER trump than the real one

  16. sarahsrappa says:

    Oohhh damn u guys are gonna get some epic Trump’s tweet 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Tina Nazerani says:

    And all i thought about during the entire sketch was the amount of water , that was wasted 😶

  18. Connie Super says:

    That was amazing!Better than Melissa,which was a high bet!Loved It!!!

  19. David Cavill says:

    wow his impressions are going downhill, losing the motivation, eh? 3 more years.

  20. MLBolt5 _ says:

    They have to keep having Trump sketches or else there ratings would drop so in a way, Trump is making SNL great again. They need to Trump because they’re to lazy to write actual funny sketches.

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