Paul Ryan: Portrait in Courage | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Paul Ryan: Portrait in Courage | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Did you know that handsome people can be bad, too? We’ve got just the Paul Ryan to prove it.

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20 Responses

  1. Molly .S says:

    Kellyanne is just dead on the inside. You can only spew out BS for so long

  2. Michael Smith says:

    Again Samantha, really your the best satirist and keeping the real issues to the fore.

  3. Max Mac says:

    Paul Ryan , an excuse for a man. He’s a spineless weakling.

  4. Andrew Berrocal says:

    Ryan is trumps lap dog.

  5. utterlyepical says:

    Is kellyanne dead. She looks like a zombie running on fumes

  6. utterlyepical says:

    Ah, Paul Ryan is a puppet’s puppet. Party over country indeed

  7. cleftintwain says:

    every time I look at Paul Ryan , I just want to smack him. there are politicians and public figures that I dislike more. something about Ryans smug self righteous smirk just sticks in my craw.

  8. Breanna Boyer says:

    Paul Ryan looks like someone who murders people that he finds on Craigslist.

  9. Atomic Hobo says:

    I’d rather have Cthulhu as a president.

  10. Huey R. Ruckus says:

    How can anybody even begin to understand Paul Ryan? He has spent 98% of his whole life with like, a whole bag of dicks in his mouth.

  11. Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner says:

    These spineless Republicans have sold their souls to grab the White House they’ve coveted for so long. They have zero moral standing anymore. Honestly, they are far more despicable than Trump or his cronies, who didn’t bother pretending they had scruples to begin with.

  12. Frankie Holden says:

    This is offensive, huskies are way, way better than Paul Ryan.

  13. Cory Faist says:

    Scientists everywhere are completely baffled that an invertebrate like Paul Ryan can stand up straight without a spine.

  14. el jay says:

    The biggest brownnoser!

  15. Clash says:

    *Flynn:* Traitor who committed espionage, which is treason.
    *Trump:* Pathological Liar
    *Kellyanne:* Alinskyite and propagandist minister
    *Paul Ryan:* Coward
    *GOP:* Conformist

    We are living I’m an Orwellian atmosphere, everybody. Good luck to you all and may God be with you!

  16. sfshinz says:

    “Intellectual” and “Republican” can’t exist in the same sentence.

  17. RythmBoy says:

    McConnell and Ryan are so much against unions, minimum wage, universal health care, clean air, clean water, anything that benefits the American workers.

  18. Utoober729 says:

    Paul Ryan brown noser. ?

  19. Last Guy Minn says:

    Oops, Sam…Ryan’s not a senator…He’s speaker of the HOUSE.

  20. AmesKtown says:

    “This party does not prey on people’s prejudices, we appeal to their highest ideals”. Since when?

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