Paul Ryan’s conference call with House Republicans 10.10.16

Paul Ryan’s conference call with House Republicans 10.10.16

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20 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    yep never forget who paul ryan really is

  2. Bill C says:

    screw the members how about the people

  3. Bretton Ferguson says:

    What has Paul Ryan done since he became speaker? He says lots of good things, but has he done anything?

  4. lansing street blues says:

    Rat Ryan…I’m ashamed that he comes from my home state.

  5. American Hero says:

    Paul Ryan is a Mitt Romney Never Trumper. he is a George Soros Flunky too

  6. Sam Tanke says:

    Im a moderate conservative and a Trump supporter from Wisconsin. I want to apologize to the rest of the country for my state voting this piece of shit back into office. Many of us wish there was a better choice but like south park says its always a douche vs. a turd sandwich. Many of us knew he sucked but it was him or a libtard. The other republican that ran against him unfortunately didn’t stand a chance but he was all about the Trump Train which didnt sit well with our states hardcore republicans at the time.

  7. zipde doda says:

    Buy silver now.

  8. mike mike says:

    Send him to Texas to work on the wall.

    I hate this man.

    He cares nothing for our nation.

    He needs to go.

  9. Mike Dowlen says:

    We don’t care about your BETTER WAY plan.You and so many others like you for Globalism is the reason we voted for Trump.We the people own this country.Democrats or Republicans listen to us or step aside.We have the power and your time is limited.Time for a new political party that cares about its people.Stop the death and destruction.

  10. afatds says:

    Lou Dobbs is going to lose his shit

  11. fdgdfgdf fdg says:

    Paul Ryan, Lindsey Mcgraham and John McCain are snakes and poisonous cowards that destroy the Republican party and its values

  12. Steven Duenas says:

    At 2:40 Ryan says, “Can you imagine a Clinton presidency with a Democrat Congress? So, I’m going to campaign for our Representatives.”
    ☆☆☆In other words, “Trump is going to lose the election and I’m jumping ship!” ☆☆☆
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What a douche!

  13. AutismPolice says:

    Trump needs to drop this bloodsucker and align with Rand Paul and the Freedom Caucus, ASAP

  14. karkev karkev says:

    Paul Ryan stabs Trump in the back! just one of many such instances!

  15. Jim Snead says:

    So Paul Ryan is batting for the other side in more ways than one

  16. PaperMario N64 says:

    It’s so cute how Breitbart does news. It’s like watching a kid play with an easy bake oven. 🙂

    Not that Paul Ryan isn’t the scum of the earth. He certainly is.

  17. hellonearth says:

    Progressives are the future of America. Can’t wait till Puppet Ryan and his pals go extinct. #goodriddance

  18. Hdtex says:

    I love dick-head on shit-face violence. Pass the popcorn.

  19. Raymond Rivera says:

    Garbage and lies fuck Breitbart

  20. Stank Face says:

    Anus polisher. I wonder if his tongue is sore.

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