Hope you enjoyed Lexi rivera and I trying the pause challenge!
Comment what videos you want to see next!




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  1. Cindy Nicholas says:

    Who else loves Lexi and her group

  2. iiAnnieMochii 92 says:

    Lexi R: Omg I can’t hold this it’s so heavy my arms gonna snap off
    Weight in her hand: *literally only 5 pounds*
    XDD lol
    Luv y’all

  3. Monkey Mouse says:

    This is how many people love the Lexi’s and support them!!😀❤️👌🏽

  4. Elizabeth S says:

    I love how she brought the pause challenge back!!
    Edit: Wow this is the most likes I’ve ever gotten! Thanks!

  5. Elizabeth Conant says:

    When she said “so the McDonalds ice cream machine was broken…” me in my mind saying, all the time, all the time.

    • Olivia Faith says:

      lol yessss! that literally has been happening this whole month! today the mcdonald’s was like “the ice cream machine is broken so we will just have to give it to u in a cup” and i’m like “if the machine is broken how can u make more ice cream?”

  6. Madeline Noe says:

    who else thinks that the lexis are some of the prettiest people on yt

  7. Raghad Ibrahim Mohamed says:

    Edit: omggg thank you sooo much for all the likes!! I’ve never had this much🙏🏻💕!!!
    This is how many times they said lexi

    • Gorgeous says:

      Even if she just want likes, you don’t have to say this ..If you don’t want to like, then you don’t have to .. everyone is free to do what they want to do.
      that’s my opinion

    • Raghad Ibrahim Mohamed says:

      @Gorgeous thank you!!! I appreciate that!

    • Terrell Zen says:

      @Gorgeous if everyone is free to do what they want why do you have a problem with someone pointing out that she want likes? *Hypocrite*

    • Raghad Ibrahim Mohamed says:

      @Terrell Zen they didn’t have to say that, this is so rude and that’s bullying, they’re just trying to make themselves cool in front of others!

    • Terrell Zen says:

      @Raghad Ibrahim Mohamed yeah they didn’t have to say that i agree with you but its a public comment section!! You cant let every comment bother you cuz thats how they win.

  8. Turiayah Boateng says:

    Yall know this video would turn out good if there’s 2 Lexi’s 😂 😂

  9. Lpslover 290 says:

    Not even a single soul:
    Lexi: GoTtER!

  10. Secret Elephant says:

    Did anyone realize there was the painting Christian drew about Benji on their date? 1:20

  11. Camila Gallardo says:

    Who’s still awake 🤔

    Me: me because I can’t sleep 😁

  12. Ishika Shah says:

    1:45 wow Lexi H….. Lexi R looked like a muffin 😂😂

  13. Akshara Arunprasad says:

    They should have a channel named “ The lexi’s”

  14. Hope 360! says:

    No one:

    No one ever:

    The Lexi’s at each other: LEXI!!!

  15. Alvira Damayanti says:

    Lexi : “You know what lexi”
    Lexi : “what Lexi??”
    I’m dying 🤣

  16. Šïmpśöñ says:

    You guys should make a YouTube together and maybe name it “The Lexi’s”

  17. Sanyukta Shewakramani says:

    This is how many times both the Lexi’s have pranked each other

    • Rap topic - says:

      Sanyukta Shewakramani czrswg

    • Ihaha07 says:

      No you just want likes

    • Sanyukta Shewakramani says:

      @Ihaha07 I don’t really care about likes, and btw I have never gotten these many likes and I’m sure a lot of people have gotten more likes than me like 100 or something, and I’m sure they have done this more times than me. And I’m sure everyone has done this, i guess. And if you look down you can see people having 200 likes or 400. So how many likes my comment has gotten isn’t a big deal. I have only done this my first time. (Btw sorry for such a big reply)

  18. Florida Xx says:

    This is how many people that love the Lexi’s

  19. Tayla McKnight says:

    Lexi and her friends should do the “ Eating only cereal for 24 hours “!

  20. Swati Shah says:

    Lexi: the milk is spilling everywhere
    Benji: yum breakfast

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