PAZ Mission

PAZ Mission

SpaceX is targeting a Falcon 9 launch of the PAZ satellite to low-Earth orbit on Thursday, February 22 from Space Launch Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. The instantaneous launch opportunity is at 6:17 a.m. PST, or 14:17 UTC. The satellite will be deployed approximately eleven minutes after launch.

Falcon 9’s first stage for the PAZ mission previously supported the FORMOSAT-5 mission from SLC-4E in August 2017. SpaceX will not attempt to recover Falcon 9’s first stage after launch.

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75 Responses

  1. Jared Banyard says:

    Amazing. Can’t wait to hear about the fairing catch attempt and the prototype internet satellites!

  2. Abdulaziz Khattak says:

    Keep making history. The human race is proud of you guys.

  3. Olga Panfilova-Suvorova says:

    Hope you’ll catch the fairing

  4. Sado Plays says:

    i wish we could see that fairing recovery. that seems exciting

    • Connor says:

      Unfortunately it missed by a little bit I can expect them to perfect the process by the end of 2018 😉

    • Quirk91 says:

      You’ve gotta look at it in terms of how rare and smallscale rocket launches still are compared to the littering and Co2 release that happens globally on a daily basis. Plus, Elon’s got the whole Electric car thing going on the side as well 😉

    • Okipouros says:

      But isn’t an obsolete rocket worth recovering? Must be worth something

    • Connor says:

      They likely weighed out the cost of recovery vs dumping it. You have to think about the costs to send the drone ship then to get the drone ship back and then to travel it miles to their site to be recycled. I would guess SpaceX didn’t see it as cost effective.

    • Shard Falcors Gaming says:

      The real reason they didn’t want to continue the feed was to make sure Silver Surfer wasn’t there to ride a fairing down to earth.

  5. MoviegoerPageTH says:

    Rocket launches are cool aren’t they? Still get excited every time.

    • Maximilian Hawkins says:


    • maxedwill says:

      Do you reckon we’ll ever stop finding them exciting? like when there’s 100 or 1000 a day I probably wont be watching videos of them, but I think being near a launch must always be awesome. I vary rarely watch videos of planes taking off but being on or near one is still pretty exciting. Really need to get myself to a launch, shame that probably means going to America or Russia

    • P. Ricard says:

      I’m sorry for those who ‘do not care anymore’, in a time of flatearthers, alternative facts, religious wars, fear and hate, stuff like this and guys like Elon are the Antidote.

    • Connor says:

      First one I watched was the Falcon Heavy and I will be watching everyone after that!

    • faro0485 says:

      MoviegoerPageTH, that falcon heavy was far more impressive than earlier rockets. So little smoke. A long streak of heat like out of some 50s movie.

  6. Alexander Batyr says:

    In Musk We Thrust!

  7. Trex531 says:

    Thank you SpaceX! Another successful launch! Congratulations! 👍👏

  8. Alexander Batyr says:

    5:29 Translation start
    16:55 Takeoff
    19:33 Main Engine Cutoff, First Stage separation
    26:08 Second Engine Cutoff
    28:07 Payload Deploy

  9. J C says:

    16:44 is T minus 10 seconds for those wondering

  10. Timothy Chang says:

    Very good use of simple language to describe launch. E.g. “10 times the speed of a bullet.”
    What I’ve learned in communicating science is that there is no need to use more esoteric terminology if a simpler terminology is available (not always the case).
    The goal is to encourage public interest, not to be a jerkwad.

    • Ah Benny says:

      … but bullets kill, so we should outlaw any reference to them….. lol

    • coop island says:

      Maybe you should refer to something which we have an idea of its speed, rather than bullets.
      I don’t see bullets flying. Airplane speed is better for comparison.

    • Parrek says:

      NibsNiven You don’t understand it as well as you could if you can’t explain it effectively to a layman

    • Mr.Far3ll says:

      unfortunately some things have to be dumbified so the majority of people can understand..

    • Digital Jedi Master says:

      Mr.Far3ll – You’re not dumb if it’s not your field of expertise. Not everyone here would know what the hell I’m talking about if I just said set the border-radius of your div to 15px. But if I say it will give the boxes on your web page rounded corners, then you get the idea. Explaining things is not dumbing it down. It’s called school.

  11. eeduh says:

    Nuclear alien ufo from north korea sightings incoming

  12. Wild and Survival Channel says:

    Another succesfully launch! Way to go SpaceX, looking forward for more Falcon Heavy launches and of course Big Falcon Rocket!

  13. Charbax says:

    You should rename your company to Piece of cake.

  14. Platy says:

    310 flat earthers downvoted

  15. Documentary Life says:

    SpaceX 👍🏼

  16. Раб Трудоголик says:


  17. BanditRants says:

    I made a video about SpaceX once.

  18. European Robin says:

    Is it impossible to recover a rocket at night? Does it have light sensor so it cant work at night?
    Sorry if I missed it if they said it.

  19. Çılgın inek - Eğlenceli Minecraft videoları says:


    🌍🌎🌏 (¬_¬)ノ ______

  20. marie marq says:

    I love how space x explains everything in terms you can understand. I hope it makes a future musk excited and wanting to help the human race become multi planetary species and deep space travel as well.

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