PE Teacher Requires Girls to Wear Bras

PE Teacher Requires Girls to Wear Bras

Real fam, do you think the mom of a 9-year-old daughter had a right to be mad at a PE teacher for making her daughter wear a sports bra?

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79 Responses

  1. Myronn Coleman says:

    Honestly I appreciate the teacher trying to also seek and make sure that the child is protected because there are early developers these days , and boys can sometimes be goofy and think it’s funny and that’s not ok ! So I don’t have a problem with that ! However make sure the parents are informed

  2. Yeni Taylor says:

    There is nothing wrong with what the pe teacher said.

    • Aliyah Norman says:

      Yeni Taylor you’re right! I’m guessing this parent is the type of parent that thinks bras are too grown for their daughter but doesn’t realize that their kid IS growing.

    • Natasha N says:


    • Tanya B says:

      Adrienne was right! Nothing was wrong with what the teacher said but just tell the parent no need to tell the child especially if she did in front of peers.

  3. StingingwithqueenC says:

    I agree with Adrienne.

  4. Darnelly Daniels says:

    Parents so sensitive these days … the teacher was right not being funny puberty hits girls at different ages and many young girls start developing form 8/9??‍♂️
    But Adrienne was right here

    • TaShaula Clark says:

      +Maryluvs Music We’re talking about society’s hang ups over the woman’s body. U do know it’s not to b shamed n there are many civilized populations around the world that do not shame the HUMAN BODY. Read the thread. Thanks.

    • Maryluvs Music says:

      TaShaula Clark I’m baffled & confused ??‍♀️ with your response. We r talking about USA ?? that’s it, that’s all! In the US it’s appropriate for a young lady to cover their breasts so they are not exposed. I really don’t give a damn about what’s happening in another part of the world ? re: this simple act of keeping a child from being embarrassed ? or teased. Indecent exposure is not appropriate in US. Parents need to make sure their child has the appropriate undergarments once they begin developing. Period!

    • O Fletcher says:

      +Maryluvs Music I totally agree with you. But obviously some people love to troll and have to disagree even though this makes total sense. Nothing wrong at all with what this teacher did. If the teacher hadn’t said anything then they would have gave her crap for that too

    • Maryluvs Music says:

      O Fletcher IKR! Thanks ?? for your logical response!

  5. Darnelly Daniels says:

    Jeannie and her *Panda eye* ??

  6. Nawal Baswedan says:

    Wow. I cannot believe parents are upset about it. The world is becoming so ridiculous

    • lynn faraj says:


    • techas says:

      Isn’t it? How are people become extremely sensitive but at the same time incredibly rude/cruel? It’s hypocrisy at its finest.

    • Chrissy Pacheco says:

      I agree ? And I’m glad that the teacher said something. I don’t know why parents today are so lax when it comes to being a parent. It’s about protecting your children. There could be pervs lurking, someone could take a photo of the child and post it online. I have a daughter and I always made sure she kept her legs closed when wearing a dress/skirt, that she was decent up top when she began showing. It doesn’t matter if the child is developed or not, it’s about teaching children about protecting their bodies and not allowing everyone to see their private parts. But if something did happen, I bet the parent would blame the school. I swear I will never understand parents today.

    • Dreamer V says:

      Yeah. Everyone wants something to complain about. It’s like people want validation from social media and they complain just to complain sometimes. ??‍♀️

  7. Isatu Mansaray says:

    I’m sorry, but some parents today are just too lazy. I’m tired of stories of teachers being attacked for something that parents are supposed to be responsible for. That PE teacher shouldn’t have to be the one to make that call.

    • Tanisha W says:

      I’m sure there were lazy parents of every generation ?… And this is not about laziness.

    • Barbie Benton says:

      So true

    • sogeni says:

      So true, I started wearing a training bra at 8 & got my period at 10. I didn’t want to wear it but my mom made me because she noticed I was starting to develop. I was embarrassed that I got my period earlier than other girls but I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like had my mother not forced me to wear a training bra

    • M Muss says:

      Exactly girl one more time for the parents in the back!!

  8. KINEZELO TV says:

    This mom is stupid that’s all!! My body developped earlier so i understand the teacher’s move.

    • SunKissNicole says:


    • TheJazzlover94 says:

      Saaaame i was 9. And got shamed by the little girls in my class. For my top and bra, i remember a girl the rich popular girl mind you she was only 10 or 9 saying i looked like a stripper because i had on a red sports bra. (hated PE and the dressing room)
      So all girls having to wear them is a good policy.

    • Jaelynn Faniel says:

      +TheJazzlover94 i was in the 1st and 2nd grade when i started developing

  9. Sophia Martha says:

    the teacher probably took her aside, and our p.e teacher in middle school taught us about development or what not. The teacher did absolutely nothing wrong, but trying to protect the child like it happens

    • Tanya B says:

      You don’t know how the teacher did it so I wouldn’t make that assumption but I do agree that the teacher was just trying to protect the child.

  10. Kandy Babesh says:

    The P.E teacher was just looking out for the child. The parent was being unnecessarily over-sensitive.

  11. sirenblack says:

    Shouldn’t you as a parent know that your child needs a bra or crop top?

    • sirenblack says:

      Lydia Hammond I am like this with my daughter she is constantly cartwheeling and doing backhand springs so shorts or leggings under her school skirt and vest, crop tops or something under her shirts

    • Mikayla Jaber says:

      Idk i definitely needed one long before my mom said anything. Idk when she wouldve said anything had i not told her i needed one since i was made fun of. My little sister is going through the same thing right now and needs one and my mom hasnt said anything now either

    • CeceLew Lou says:

      Wxtch Bxtch well since she wants to flip around she needs something to cover that

    • CeceLew Lou says:

      Enjinks but she should know she’s developing so something should b under the shirt

    • dammee says:

      My mom didnt know. She had blinders on and never wanted me to grow up.

  12. Xav A. Music says:

    It’s awkward to have someone tell that to your kid, but not as awkward as your young daughter’s upper body getting exposed to a bunch of elementary schoolers

  13. Bianca Boles says:

    We were taught about how our bodies were changing in school because by the time it was time to graduate 5 the grade most girls had started into woman hood. The PE teacher was right to inform the girls about it.

  14. StephanieDotDot says:

    This P.E teacher was 100 percent correct!

  15. VSG says:

    Everyone is too sensitive??? that mom is clearly has nothing to argue about

  16. Audesty Lovett says:

    Lets be real. If the PE teacger said something to the parent, they still wouldve found offense to that

    • AmazingAutumn 12 says:

      +Jasmine Valiente
      What the other lady tried to say is no matter what, how and to whom the teacher would have said it, a parent still would find a way to get offended.
      The times we live in…

    • AmazingAutumn 12 says:

      +Jasmine Valiente
      Are you offended, insulted, wanna pick a fight?

    • Jasmine Valiente says:

      +Audesty Lovett you never know theres always those parents who find anything to be mad about because they arent doing their job as a parent but I doubt anyone would be talking about this had the teacher still done the right thing and not addressed a child about her body and underwear but that’s just my take. I feel where you’re coming from.

    • Jasmine Valiente says:

      +AmazingAutumn 12 no does seems like you are though and had a lot to get off your chest with all the unrelated topics you felt the pressing need to bring up though.

    • Audesty Lovett says:

      +Jasmine Valiente yeah, i get what you’re saying also

  17. SeokJin's ho says:

    If she really was a mom she would’ve taken care of her baby and not let the teacher do the parenting

    • Sharon says:

      I think maybe it wasnt the fact that she was devloped enough to be noticeable just yet (standing up) moreso that her shirt when all the way down and exposed her while she was doing a handstand maybe thats why the mom hadn’t gotten her a bra yet.

  18. 1 says:

    Why can’t teachers who spend 8 hours with your children daily not make a recommendation…not only about bras, but about washing teeth, wearing deodorants. Some parents are lazy

    • Anon Mon says:

      I’m a teacher, and I do just that! I have many students who come to school in dirty uniforms, and BO- and I’ve had lessons on personal hygiene. I’ve provided a spray deodorant for the males and females, and assured them that this a safe space, so if you need to freshen up discretely- it”s okay!

      My issue , is that some parents are NOT attentive enough to notice when their children have poor hygiene. Though I love your argument, i want to clarify… Your child is at school for about 8 hours a day- that’s true. Each subject, however- is usually taught by a different teacher, and its usually about 45mins- 1hr long……. If i can notice that your child smells and i only teach them for ONE hour a day…. why don’t you?? They live with their parents 24/7…It’s frustrating, bc some parents are not doing their jobs, but get mad when educators have to teach them basic things about their bodies.

      Parents should be doing the work; They are not always attentive to their own children though. It’s sad.

    • Amibeing1718 says:

      Millennial parents are something else. When I do, I’ll bring up my children to be secure enough to not allow a simple fact of life to cause an existential crisis. The teacher was just helping. The mother should’ve had that conversation earlier. End of.


      I am a teacher and I spoke to my class about their hygiene… quite frankly they stink…. parent attacked me telling me her child bathed every day…now I am locked in an AC lab with these children no one cares about my health

    • Nirobiscloset says:

      Good point.

    • By Faith Walking says:

      Correct since some parents don’t pay attention to the letters/email/text that the school sends

  19. RaptorsFanGirl says:

    I think the mom is just embarrassed that she didnt “notice” that her daughter needed one before the teacher did….so she made a hissly fit to distract from her mistake.

  20. Marie DC says:

    Wait, girls are not wearing sports bras in p.e.?

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