Peach Bowl: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Georgia Bulldogs | Full Game Highlights

Peach Bowl: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Georgia Bulldogs | Full Game Highlights

Watch highlights from the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl as the Georgia Bulldogs rally to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes, 42-41, and secure a spot in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

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54 Responses

  1. Yeng Vang says:

    We should admit, we did not expect these playoff games to be this great. One of the greatest playoff games of all time.

    • Ethan Purita says:

      They’re both rigged.

    • Gabe Angel says:

      @Greg Carver let me tell you why that is – first off they were two of the most exciting games because people have been sucking off the media narrative since this thing began – so basically we’re oohing and ahhing over an aberration and they’ll probably return to same old selection process next year – the good thing about SMU is that we’ll see if they can hang in with Georgia I still think Georgia wins 9 out of 10 maybe 10 out of 10 by an even bigger score

    • Ed Kiely says:

      @Calvin Simpson Nailed it Calvin! Two of the greatest college football games ever in the modern era!

    • Greg Carver says:

      People he said one of the best, please learn to read comments before acting like fools.

    • Greg Carver says:

      @LadyErin And you’ll still be an idiot in 2023.

  2. ATB says:

    Ohio State is a force, they brought it all to the game and had a chance to the bitter end. This Georgia fan has much respect for the Buckeyes. They really had us beat and if not for the bad luck on the final field goal attempt they win. My hat is off to them, they have a great team.

    • Jacob Workman says:

      @Ron Baun the guy was being humble and you had to come in here and act like that, im glad your buckeyes lost 😂😂😂🖕🏻

    • ItzHoncho #1 says:

      Really uga missed 2 field goals so stop with the ifs

    • Buster Hyman says:

      @Ron Baun actually GA had the lead 53 seconds in the first half and 54 seconds in the 2nd half. What a performance with such key players out. CJ Stroud, I have been down on you for weeks, but you showed up tonight and put some real heart into this performance. That’s all I can ask for.

    • Ron Baun says:

      A chance to the very end? Seriously, they led the entire game, up by 2 touchdowns , only to lose on the last play of the game! Go Bucks!

  3. Staten Island says:

    Both games today were good enough to be a national championship game… great games great teams congrats to everyone they deserve to keep their heads up high with pride

  4. Liza Williams says:

    These two playoff games were the most exciting that I have seen since the college football playoff era

  5. Vincent says:

    Both QBs delivered accurate long passes under lots of pressure.

  6. Mitchell Golston says:

    I’m not a fan of either I’m a LSU fan but that was a tremendous game . Both teams played a spectacular game, I’ll rewatch this one . Great game guys

  7. Jeff Scott says:

    Im a UGA fan, but Ohio State definitely gained my respect tonight. Stroud and that passing game was unstoppable. What an amazing game!

    • EasyRider912 says:

      I’m sure everyone at that University took a sigh of relief knowing they now have your respect 🤣🤣🤣

    • Greg Berry says:

      @Stephen Curry I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Refs did all they could. Georgia just too good.

    • Matt Knotts says:

      @Stephen Curry man there was so much holding. I couldn’t believe it. I have about twenty pictures of holding from that game that weren’t called.

    • R Shelley says:

      Thanks and respect back even though this was as painful a loss that I’ve experienced as a fan of ohio st since 1975…😖😖😖

    • Stephen Curry says:

      Easy to pick apart a defense when your front 7 gets held all night.

  8. Luhcj22 says:

    As a buckeye fan I’m a little hurt but man I was at the game and I can honestly say for this to be the first ever college football game I ever been to, this has to be the best game I’ve ever seen and I am truly grateful to be in attendance.

    • Madden Pothead Chronicles says:

      We appreciate you spending your weekend here in Atlanta with us. I hope you enjoyed yourself fam

    • David Tice says:

      LL Ga fan myself. Your team is the best team we have played ALL year. You all have a team that is second to none in talent and execution. Y’all scared me to death. It could have gone either way.
      Congrats on having such a great team.

    • Jarvis Austin says:

      Dawgs fan. I wouldn’t have been mad we lost because you guys played incredible. This was georgia best game all season. I really thought you guys should have won the game. Mad respect to The Ohio State Buckeyes.

    • Brass Tacks Boxing says:

      @HammerU all great points u made. And, that kicker was an ace all year. Had previously hit a 48 yarder that same game.And, had hit multiple 50 plus this season. Choked it up when the pressure and game on the line, hahaha. True SEC fan here. Can’t stand Ohio state, lol. For ONCE, at least they weren’t overrated, hahaha. They played tough. Georgia played a B minus game, still got it done.

    • HammerU says:

      @Brass Tacks Boxing How about the more than obvious targeting call that knocked out their best receiver or that bs timeout call that was allowed but in the end that was a horrible field goal attempt.

  9. Judy Indisquise says:

    Congrats to Georgia. Our Buckeyes played a good game. Stroud played his tail off. It was great to see him run the ball. Keep your heads up young men you made us fans proud.

  10. Ariq Noor says:

    The greatest CFP weekend yet.

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