Peacock attack

Peacock attack

Peacocks during spring
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20 Responses

  1. ScHn3tZ4t0r says:

    just shoot Them lol

  2. Victor Maslo says:

    get the shotgun!

  3. Glenda De Celestino says:

    Holy peacock!

  4. burnouty says:

    wow so I won’t know what’s gonna happen ha

  5. KT Monte says:

    500,000 views? I expect it to have atleast a million by the end of the

  6. spencersdh1 says:


  7. Natasha Reeder (Thzkittengoesroar) says:

    OH MY GOD!!!-kids rip 2015-2015

  8. Barbara Walters says:

    hi peacock!

  9. Aditya Panchal says:

    nice place where is this

  10. ojjamajjasajja says:

    it that what PUAs mean when they talk about peacocking in bars? Now I
    understand why drunk people act that way

  11. Daniel Maia says:

    Is it normal to have pavões ( peacocks) around your town?? o.O

  12. Stevoo4552 says:

    Peacocks: “Humans! This Place has been taken over by the Peacock Union!
    Stay inside or otherwise we have to NATURAL SELECT you out!”

  13. HeavyMetal82 says:

    so where is the attack?

  14. Paige Griffin says:

    why was this on tmz and where did those peacocks come from lol

  15. Walter CRanallo says:

    Peacock attack

  16. Chryso Savva says:

    Live alarm clocks in action, hahaha :D

  17. Frow Spads says:


  18. vinzhell says:

    Wow. That was vicious.

  19. Ivan Pierce says:

    Where is this? It looks like my neighborhood in far North Dallas.

  20. higbey the demon says:

    Biology fact: Peacock males have metatarsal spurs on their legs they use to
    stab each other with when fighting. they are also omnivorous and will eat
    any reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals that are small and can be
    picked apart with their beak.
    Like turkeys, if they are kept together without enough room, they can
    sometimes engage in a panicked pecking frenzy when one peacock is pecked,
    leading to that peacock being pecked by multiple other peacocks in a frenzy
    until it is dead.