Peacock’s Insane Christmas Movies

Peacock’s Insane Christmas Movies

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Let’s take a trip into The Void™ and watch a couple of the most bizarre Christmas movies I’ve ever seen.

00:00 – peacock
05:35 – 12 dog days till christmas
19:20 – alone for christmas (ft. amanda)


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44 Responses

  1. Den says:

    How do i exit the video

  2. Omori says:

    Jack’s acting is harder to look at than petunia.

  3. Amara says:

    “What’s up with the white boy and the ugly dog” is the single funniest line I’ve heard in a movie ever

  4. Emily F says:

    Drew & Amanda’s lines have better timing than the actual actors’ do.

  5. demi burnett says:

    fun fact: “alone for christmas” used to be called “bone alone” and it was my favourite movie growing up😭

  6. Satan’s Niece says:

    My dog Jax was in 12 Dog Days Of Christmas. He was the aussie that barked a lot and scared away the criminals. He was a very good boy who got better at walking on a leash :’)

  7. Molly McNair says:

    At this point, no one’s trying to make a good Christmas movie anymore. They’re trying to make one bad enough that Drew Gooden will goof on it.

  8. Karuna Satori ASMR says:

    I’m so happy you make these every year, my husband and Iive for these reviews lmao

  9. Cassandra M says:

    Jack nicknamed her “cryin” because he knows that’s all she’ll be doing while dating him with his verbal abuse and violent outbursts.

    • K. Moreno says:


    • M C says:

      Yeah, seriously I don’t see how that was a happy ending. Jack definitively has a lot of unresolved anger issues. He set a sign on fire over a verbal argument and trashed his workplace over family issues. I give it about a month at best before he starts yelling at her because she spent an evening hanging out with friends or she was “too nice” to the waiter at a restaurant.

  10. Nick Weston says:

    “No, I want a dog that won’t traumatize my kids every time they see it.”
    Petunia: perfectly clean, perfectly normal, perfect health, perfectly perfect.

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