Peanuts | Official Trailer [HD] | FOX Family

Peanuts | Official Trailer: Watch the exclusive new trailer for The Peanuts Movie where Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang will make their big-screen debut.

For the first time ever, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang we know and love from Charles Schulz’s timeless “Peanuts” comic strip will be making their big-screen debut; like they’ve never been seen before in a CG-Animated Feature film in 3D.

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Peanuts | Official Trailer [HD] | FOX Family

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20 Responses

  1. O Shaun11 says:

    Looks real modern.
    So is Peppermint Patty and Marcie going to come out of the closet and tie
    the knot? 

  2. daeodon says:

    1:31 Yay, we get to see most of the character’s new look!

  3. Cue DaNinja says:

    Interesting…I thought Shultz didn’t want anyone else making Peanuts

  4. Courtney Prantl says:

    I am so going to have to see this next year! I love Snoopy!

  5. OurImage FilmandArts says:

    I love that #Snoopy is still fixated on being a World War I flying ace 🙂
    #PEANUTSMOVIE out November 2015!

  6. Bubba Hines says:

    Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!

  7. Kollier W says:

    This. Looks. AMAZING! So excited to see this movie.

  8. Tony Crony says:

    At 1:35 isn’t that the “pretty girl with the red hair” slightly left of
    Charlie Brown?

  9. YnobeSnapdragon says:

    It’s too cute! I’m going to explode! AUUUGGGGG!!!!

  10. Zeldas Champion says:

    So I guess no more jazz….

  11. Josh Apple says:

    Looks good but it is going to be hard to improve on the perfection of the
    first Christmas film. 

  12. Artemis Gordon says:

    Can’t believe it… this might actually be true to the real thing and,
    gulp, good!

  13. Rubén Hidalgo says:

    Primer tráiler de *Peanuts*, película de #animación3d de *Charlie Brown y
    ¿Qué te parece?

  14. ccggenius says:

    Looks like they toned down the hair on the front of Charlie’s head since
    the last trailer I saw. Thank god, that thing looked kinda Tim Burton-ish.
    Also, glad this exists, it’ll be nice to have some new material for annual
    Christmas watching on TV come winter 2016.

  15. VJ-RoGeRs - BS says:


  16. Amanda Ramoninha says:

    Essa trilha sonora heim?! *u* 

  17. MrChisleblast says:

    Pig Pen looks like he is sitting in a fart cloud. 

  18. M. Alice says:


  19. Ripped Reviews says:

    Looks pretty good! It does have the “flavor” of a fan-made trailer, but I
    think this movie has some potential. I’d love to see it in 3D, but I do
    admit that I wish it had more of a 2D feel to it regardless of the fact
    that its rendered in 3D, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see….

  20. Carlos Montero says:

    I saw Schroeder, Lucy, Linus, Gloria, Sally, Peppermint Patty and Marcy.
    almost everybody!