Pearce leads Red Sox to 9-6 win in Game 4: 10/27/18

Pearce leads Red Sox to 9-6 win in Game 4: 10/27/18

Daily Recap: Steve Pearce tied the game with a homer in the 8th, then plated three with a double in the 9th to lead the Red Sox to a 9-6 win

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97 Responses

  1. FourLoko24oz says:

    Dodgers suck 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Kobe Neal says:

    The Steve Pearce deal was one fine acquisition.
    One More win Baby
    LET’S GO!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Bishop Smith says:

    What a game. LA led 4-0 after Puig slugs a homer. But that relentless offense by Boston scored 9 runs in the last 3 innings. Boston takes WS Sunday night.

    • Rubel Sisneros says:

      Hill was pulled out, because your MIT boy wanted to show how smaat he was!

    • Keith says:

      I would prefer to see them win it in Boston.

    • Psycho Mantis says:

      +Keith I would prefer to see them win it ASAP

    • Sue Robinson says:

      @Keith I want them to win it sooner than later, so tonight & they are hot now….they don’t need any breaks…they’ll celebrate in Boston regardless & if you were watching the after game interviews you would’ve heard they’d just ss soon win it in LA. It doesn’t matter where they win, it’s the win that matters!

  4. Typical lusitanian says:

    I love hearing the recations from weei radio.

  5. TheDieHardWWEAddict says:

    It’s coming to an end tomorrow. Sox finish it off

  6. Erubiel Arias says:

    Lmao Dodgers really thought 4 runs were enough to beat the best offense in baseball 😂😂😂

    • Inspired says:

      Frederick Dorsey, we weren’t sad at all, because we know will be back there this year again so it’s not like once in a life time opportunity here. Boston teams championships:
      PATRIOTS championship 2002, 2004,2005,2015,2017 + Eight straight yrs NFC finalist.
      RED SOX championship
      2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018.
      Celtics 2008 since then three time eastern conference finalists.
      BRUINS 2011. Champions.
      Here you have the league must be rigged I guess?

    • Donald Mousseau says:

      Well for 6 innings it looked that way. Thanks to the Red Sox bench and second tier stars who are getting it done. Betts and Martinez need to bring something tonight to close it out…

    • TheAz943 says:

      Erubiel Arias it was enough. Dave Roberts just handed it back to you on a silver platter

    • bad decision making Rob Low Sport says:

      +Psycho Mantis there’s zero

    • J says:

      And B for Brainwashed by their BS +José Mejía sí dianaeue

  7. Erubiel Arias says:

    Sox in 5

  8. K Dog says:

    It makes me wonder if Dave Roberts is going to run out there to celebrate with Boston tomorrow because he sure has been on their side lately worst freaking manager ever put in two pictures that haven’t been pitching good Hill was pitching fine only gave up one hit you got to be kidding me are manager sucks sorry to say. 😞

    • Carlos Cdizzle says:

      Mike Epstein if you were to put yourself in a dodger fans shoe you’d understand how frustrating it is to see Roberts manage this team with the decisions he makes! Yeah he has taken this team to the World Series back to back but what’s the point if he can’t win a title 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Mark Oakes says:

      K Dog hill was getting tired.

    • K Dog says:

      +Javier Sánchez fair enough but Madson, Alexander have been bad in the World Series so far why did he not put in another pitcher who have been good. he always switch out pitcher that are in rhythm for other ones that can’t even find the strike zone.

    • Javier Sánchez says:

      K Dog I was expecting a slugfest tonight! Finally both offenses got going late. The 1st reliever walked our 1st batter that led to the 3 run hr. Walks get you in trouble sometimes you get lucky, and escape. That was just one of those times you didn’t get off the hook. Cora paid with his gamble leaving Rodriguez in to long. At that point the Sox offense was dead. That 3 run hr gave them a boost, and they got going from there.

    • Keith says:

      Roberts was your Hero after Game 3 and now you hate him. LOL. Just admit that Boston is the better team.

  9. Kiko Smith says:

    Good win. Boston is showing resilience and objective. Roberts and our relief staff is letting the fans and the other Dodgers down

    • Owen Roberts says:

      this isn’t on roberts…hill is 38, had thrown 91 pitches, and was getting tired…LAD’s bullpen in theory is good enough to hold a 4-0 lead…worked out for me though so I’m not complaining

    • Sean Galvin says:

      Dodgers don’t know how to play in the World Series.

  10. Carlos Cdizzle says:

    Congrats to the Boston Red Sox 2018 WS champs dodgers are gonna suck as long as Roberts keeps managing this team smh gonna suck watching this team lose back to back WS and at home too hahah

  11. Jim Bertido says:

    Machado should be suspended for the remainder of the WS and for all of next season after his 2nd attempt at trying to end a career by spiking Pearce’s Achilles.

    • EJ says:

      He’s an immature, dirty, player. I hate him. Hope he goes to yankees so Sox can drill him every now and then.

    • lisus hiristous says:

      I hate that Fuckin illegal alien

    • Sue Robinson says:

      +Mean Green R/T 392 so true! The Sawx ARE humble! They never ham up with camera & act like they’re the best & it’s no sweat & act like they’re gonna win it….like some other teams. They have heart & grit, & they are just down to earth good players who have finally come out on top for the world to see! I wonder what the media will say when they take the WS???

    • Linderella DogMum says:

      He was popping his bubble gum, looking straight at his heel and intentionally stomped on it.

    • Mr. Rich says:

      +lisus hiristous lol

  12. JackGeezy says:

    With a loss tommorow the Dodgers will have the most World Series losses in history. Tough being a Dodgers fan, but that’s my team till I die.

  13. Saul Zepeda says:

    Dave Roberts is a joke,dodgers are choke artist,time and time again they prove the haters right,it’s humiliating,now we’ll never hear the end of this one not only from the red Sox fans,but from MLB fans period,and with their play like this,they deserve it,smh…

    • Blake Sosebee says:

      Agreed. They are chokers. They’re making the 90s Braves look really good rofl. The best thing they can do this offseason is to let Chokeshaw walk after he opts out. They’ll never win a ws with him on their team.

    • Mr. Rich says:

      +Saul Zepeda Another self consumed idiot who moved to Los Angeles

    • Keith says:

      Saul, Roberts is not a “joke” and the Red Sox are a great team. It must suck to watch a game and still not have a clue.

    • Saul Zepeda says:

      +Keith whatever dude,go be a keyboard warrior somewhere

    • Sue Robinson says:

      @Saul Zepeda Dave Roberts reminds me of John Farrell! Our guys played their hearts out for him but he ended up screwing them…look what it got him…GONE! Hopedully you will get a new manager & things will be different, you have a great team (Machado aside) & I doubt our fans are gonna rag on you guys.

  14. FRANK De Rudder says:

    Hill was pitching great!! Should have stayed in!! Madson Alexander floro maeda DIDN’T lose game!! Jansen did!!!! He is just plain awful!! I HAVE no confidence in him!! I thought he shook off THE cobwebs but I was wrong!! I wouldn’t even use him ANYMORE this series if it comes up °!!! Dodgers lost any chance of winning the world series BECAUSE of tonights game!!

    • Carlos Cdizzle says:

      FRANK De Rudder exactly once Roberts took hill out I said good pitching from him here comes Urias and Baez to finish it off but as always Roberts puts in Alexander and then madson pitchers that have been horrible this series

    • Lucas Hood says:

      Well none of those guys helped…

    • Presto418 says:

      I’m a Red Sox fan, but they should have left Hill in the game to win it or lose it. The Dodger manager made a big mistake.

    • anhell32 says:

      +Presto418 i’m with you on that one….and the other night roberts took out the starting picher too…these managers are crazy….

  15. Vernon Hart says:

    Machado needs a foot in his sorry ass

  16. Mike Watson says:

    Well…to swallow that loss on Friday night, then be down by 4 after the 6th, and come back to win….man, these Red Sox are one gutsy set of players. Respect!

    • Clay White says:

      BS, the Dodgers have one lousy manager or this never would have happened.

    • Rene Canseco says:

      Bro the Dodgers are kicking their own butts what you bragging about Boston being a good team, LA with a better manager would have this 3-1 Dodgers.

    • Psycho Mantis says:

      +Rene Canseco Dude. The Sox won 108 games and defeated 2 100+ win teams inn the playoffs. They have 2 MVP candidates, Betts most likely the AL MVP and they have 2 aces in Sale and Price. Lets not forget Eovaldi. The Sox are a better team. And they are doing it without much from Martinez and Betts. Get a clue

  17. Michael Muniz says:

    1 more win Sox fans. Boston plays the right way. LA is a dirtiest team I’ve seen all year. Do Damage!!! Go Sox!!!

  18. Bryant Chavira says:

    Dave roberts got you to the ws twice… aint his fault the dodgers cant hit in clutch situations… Dodgers were lucky to win game 3….

  19. Michael Muniz says:

    Moreland and Pearce kick down the door. And the Sox bust in to win. Even the lopsided strike zones wasn’t a factor.

  20. Tommy Thompson says:

    I love how Hill and Puig’s efforts meant absolutely nothing. Knowing that they are the sorest of losers makes this even better.

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