Pedestrian Question – Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

Pedestrian Question – Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

According to a new poll, a majority of Republicans still believe that President Obama is a Muslim. Jimmy was shocked by this and thought it might be a good subject for our audience guessing game #PedestrianQuestion. So we went out on the street and asked people “Is President Obama A Muslim?”

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Pedestrian Question – Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

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20 Responses

  1. I watch Will&Grace on an eternal loop says:

    this is basically a fuck you to muslims. saying we abnormal. fuck u jimmy,
    im joining the gaming community. stuck up for your fat ass yesterday.

  2. Hafsa Abdi says:

    Who cares if he’s Muslim or not. It’s up to him. Why is this a video? Man..
    Jimmy, smh..

  3. LittleBitofSunshine says:

    Lets see..he was raised a muslim, went to muslims schools, and said that if
    the winds shift in an ugly direction he will ALWAYS side with Islam. So
    what else is he if not a muslim? Funny how liberal cowards like Kimmel and
    his audience didn’t make fun of Madonna when she correctly stated we have a
    muslim president. Americans are so blind.

  4. Willy Rupino says:

    Stephan was the only honest one.

  5. BijouxZhero says:

    Why is this a comedic ….?

  6. Muddassir Raza says:

    1k dislikes…. are gamers still butt hurt? lol

  7. Madhu Kashyap says:

    give them a button to select already..

  8. christopher marshall says:

    The last guy is actually a good guy, not just funny, if he doesn’t know he
    says, no bullshit answer or acting like he knows when discussing a topic he

  9. Koala Bearz (Mr. Koala Bearz) says:

    By Muslim law, if your father is a muslim then the offspring is born a
    muslim, and the name barack Hussein is generally given to muslims not
    Christians. Fact

  10. Randy Smores says:

    i just came here to dislike the video.

  11. Hans & Carter says:

    The last guy will be the inspiration for another Key and Peele character.
    Just you wait.
    – C

  12. Dorian Twix says:

    The Red and Black Spiderman dudes didnt want to answer because WITH GREAT

  13. Darth Rubik says:

    Can’t believe any of sound mind still watches this bull.

  14. Steve Patterson says:

    Of course.

  15. DirtySouthGaming says:

    I’m an atheist vegan crossfitter pit bull owning feminist and this offends

  16. gorehound13 says:

    Excellent ! LOL

  17. Mikayla F (playing Devil's Advocate) says:

    obama is way too cool to be a muslim……

  18. OGTERROR420 says:

    you man it look like its a bad thing to be a Muslim. wtf jimmy. first
    gaming community now Muslims you really want people to hate you.

  19. Sophia N says:

    Normally I try to defend the people getting asked the questions, BUT HOLY

  20. ~ShiftR0ck~ says:

    I knew the guy with the masonic hat knew better, his a Mason it’s their
    thing to accept all religions. Wouldn’t be surprised if his a Mormon.