Pedro Pascal & Jon Favreau Compare American and Chilean Snacks | Snack Wars | @LADbible

Pedro Pascal & Jon Favreau Compare American and Chilean Snacks | Snack Wars | @LADbible

In this episode of Snack Wars we sat down with the amazing Pedro Pascal and Jon Favreau, who were comparing American and Chilean snacks.

Pedro got nostalgic talking about his favourite childhood snacks from Chile, whilst Jon told us about his go-to McDonald’s order and they both agreed that Reese’s is the best chocolate bar EVER!

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49 Responses

  1. LADbible TV says:

    The Mandalorian Season 3 is available now, exclusively on Disney+

  2. HYPERION says:

    Si no ganaba la empanada íbamos a tener serios problemas😂

    • WANERA says:

      ​@Lainie Medina la empanada de chile es característica y su base es solo cebolla

    • SerranoECH says:

      @Lainie Medina las empanadas en si Son internacionales pero como las Hacen y como son Son muy diferentes

    • Desty nova says:

      ​@Lainie Medina las empanadas son chilenas, es una comida típica que se come para las fiestas patrias, las de los otros países son solo copias y malas copias

    • SerranoECH says:

      @Info Libertad En si la empanada de argentina llena con unas 20 las de chile solo dos, las dos ricas eso si

    • Midas1086 says:

      ​@Lainie Medinajajaja tambien soy de panama, y nosotros tenemos varias clases de empanadas, pero me encantan las empanadas de colon. Te puedo decir que cada pais tiene su propio estilo de empanada.

  3. Coni says:

    I’m so proud they included marraqueta con palta 😭 Well done, LADbible

  4. Daira Melendez says:

    I love that Pedro keeps repeating “this would be better in Chile” 😂

    • Isadora fernandez moncada says:

      @Silver Wolf yo no le pondria leche condensada eso sí, quizas por eso también pensó que tenía vainilla. Leche, plátanos bien maduros y un poco de leche yeraaa. 🫠😮‍💨

    • Christina says:

      @Silver Wolf Ingredients are better and fresher in Latin America! The plátanos are sweeter and the milk is creamier over there.

    • DarklordIra says:

      Because food is always better in it’s country of origin rather than the “ethnic” food you can buy at restaurants.

    • Charlie Danvers says:

      la leche con platano en particular, con colun entera y weon no hay wea nas rica

    • Barbara Reyes says:

      @Silver Wolf give them some Chicha or Terremotos

  5. Consuelo. Araya says:

    Completo v/s hot dog hubiese sido el medio golazo para Chile 😅

  6. Pablo Contreras says:

    Leche con plátano y pan con palta es la mejor combinación jamas creada

  7. Rose says:

    One of the few things that makes me feel proud of being Chilean is the fact that Pedro Pascal loves this country so much 🥺🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

    • Aurora Uplinks says:

      That’s beautiful sentiment! 🙂

    • Amanda Bravo says:

      @Eeeris Rose is chilean, and clearly happy that Pedro embraces his country, and that makes her happy to be chilean herself, you’re the one who didn’t get the original comment lol

    • Eeeris says:

      @Amanda Bravo I guess rose doesn’t know grammar or didn’t know he was from there. This doesn’t concern ppl that already know like you, so congrats for knowing where he’s from!

    • Miguel Elgueta says:

      I love Chile, gorgeous little country and very nice people.

      cheers from Chile

    • Amanda Bravo says:

      ​@Eeeris Yeah no shit

  8. Zeus Ros says:

    Me gusta que Pedro se muestre como un hombre de mundo y analice toda la comida en su contexto. Seguro qué cuando recibe la visita de un amigo le dice “en este restaurante preparan el mejor…” .

  9. Constanza Benitez Gazzano says:

    No esperaba ver comida chilena en snack wars 👀 épico.

  10. Don Pasquale says:

    Love how they just downed almost the whole empanada because it was so good lol

    • Frankie Favero says:

      Yeah! I live in New Zealand and every 18th of September (Chilean Independence Day), my friends and coworkers pretty much line up for my empanadas (I cannot eat them, as I celiac disease, so I only make them once a year).

    • TheMrtgamer says:

      “Yeah, can you send this to my room?” – Pedro Pascal, 2023

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