Pee Tape, Fake News, Death Threats | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

Pee Tape, Fake News, Death Threats | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill and his guests – Alex Marlow, Ian Bremmer, Malcolm Nance and Eddie Izzard – answer viewer questions after the show.

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20 Responses

  1. Brushes Of Magic says:

    Love Eddie! Have him on more!!!

  2. Jack Sorto says:

    That is by far the best Overtime I have ever seen.

  3. Ángel Melendez says:

    Aghhh, why did he end the show, right at the good part.

  4. Carlos Gutierrez says:

    Fake news is not something new… Look at the bible

  5. Matt M #Lakers says:

    Breitbart Editor-In-Chief talking about fake news LMAO.

  6. quagmire444 says:

    LOL Alex got fucking obliterated. That was painful to watch tbh. He must have a drooping prolapsed asshole after getting strangle-fucked about the bullshit at Breitbat.

    Everytime I see some very extreme right winger come on Bill’s show, whether its this Breitbart guy, or even with Tomi Lahren, they always have a completely different tone. Mainly because they are con artists and they know they can’t get away with saying the same bullshit they put out online.

  7. Sebastien Dubois says:

    The Breitbart guy being lectured like the little schoolboy he is. Hahaha priceless.

  8. T Cat says:

    I love how Breitbert and the far-right likes to call liberals stuck up elite but this editor guy is so fucking pretentious. And just look at the way he plays the victim throughout the whole damn segment.

  9. Dan Silver says:

    Eddie Izzard is so great on this show.

  10. Shreyas Bhave says:

    Last comment abt Breitbart comment section was savage. LOL

  11. Hunter Izdebski says:

    Goddamn, Malcom Nance is a fucking gangster.

  12. Mike Fly says:

    The same batshit crazy people that watch Info Wars are the same nutty fucks that read Breitbart. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE

  13. gothmoth64 says:

    Malcolm had Alex shaking in his nazi boots

  14. omi god says:

    Fuck Breitbart.

  15. M. Rodrigo Lemus says:

    Snowflake Alex Marlow is a hysterical little Bitch.😈

  16. Michael Flynn says:

    Malcolm Nance is super smart. Respect.

  17. VM 9 says:

    Here is a small sample of what a typical Breitbart front page looks like:

    Article 1: We are right!
    Article 2: We are right again!
    Article 3: We are right! They are definitely wrong!
    Article 4: We are right on this too!
    Article 5: We are always right about everything!

  18. ndz avb says:

    I love that eddie pointed out the deflection here

  19. TheWokenSpirit says:

    Malcolm is the most savage sob on this planet. thank God he served our nation.

  20. Batman says:

    Malcolm Nance is a fucking badass, he’s now destroyed two Breitbart fuckheads on this show

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