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Anthony Davis (20 points, 16 rebounds, 4 blocks) and LeBron James (20 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists) combined for 40 points for the Los Angeles Lakers, while Lonnie Walker IV added a game-high 28 points in the victory. Zion Williamson had tallied 27 points, 5 rebounds, and 7 assists for the New Orleans Pelicans. The Lakers improve to 2-5 on the season, while the Pelicans fall to 4-3.

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40 Responses

  1. Francis Ayala says:

    An ugly but very entertaining game. Great win by the Lakers and a tough, tough loss for the Pels. Had the game in the bag but mistakes were made. I’m happy that Russ looks like he’s enjoying the game again. The energy that he and Lonnie Walker IV brought really sparked the Lakers on both sides of the court.

  2. Bryan Fischer says:

    I can’t believe Matt Ryan. From blowing a 28-3 lead in the superbowl to hitting the game tying shot. What an athlete.

  3. Sari-Sari Creations says:

    Russ seems to have been slowly finding his groove as a laker. Hope he continues to play well

    • IamGrandMagus says:

      @sfvirgo u kids sexually in love with that man lebron I swear 😂😂😂 Russ been giving it a shot if u know basketball. He’s jus not an offball guard….he needed lebron to gtf out the way. Lebron been scoring less and all of a sudden the Lakers can win again 😂😂😂😂hmmm I wonder why is that

    • Grim Kreaper says:

      Russ can ball if Lebron doesn’t turn him into a spot up shooter.

    • sfvirgo says:

      ​@IamGrandMagus 😂 or russ gave it a fair try. Maybe thats why bron got out the way🤷🏿😂😂

    • IMightBeBiased says:

      The bench role is perfect for him. When he comes in at the 6 minute mark, he’s still got a full-tank and he’s either going up against a bunch of dudes who are a little winded or their bench. Russ is too strong for most of the young kids, so that shoulder-check hard drive to the hoop is gonna be money.

      Pat Beverly is garbage, but being high-energy, scrappy garbage is still enough in stages. Dravin Ham has the unenviable task of trying to figure out how to balance the minutes for these two, because you absolutely CANNOT play them together.

    • IamGrandMagus says:

      Lebron got out of the damn way

  4. clay cox says:

    I’m so happy for Ryan, there was a piece on him that aired showing his plight and struggle to get into the league and it took awhile but he made it, I know his Dad was ecstatic last night, he can shoot with the best of them, happy and proud of that young man

  5. Christian Zimmer says:

    I was at the game. The whole crowd was stunned and going crazy. So happy the Lakers came away with the dub after Matt Ryan’s insane 3 sent the game to OT.

  6. Voyager of Satan says:

    Lonnie walker has been a great addition to the team 28 points tonight and is averging 14 for the team

    • Baruck Obungoo says:

      @LeUltraInstinct cmon bro they’re at best a play in team

    • Yann Courtel says:

      @LeUltraInstinct Nobody is afraid of the Lakers because they are barely going to make the play in this year…

    • Felipe says:

      @LeUltraInstinct bro im a lakers fan but don’t be putting us on the level of contenders yet

    • jj says:

      @Quan Boy nigga he only got injured twice in the past 2 seasons that he had to sit out for no matter how much u condition ur not stopped getting injured from somebody falling on u shut yo ass up and stay at home on the couch u never played a sport in yo life so stop acting like it nobody says it’s his conditioning go tf u gone tell a pro althelte what they need to be doing shut yo ass up dude

    • Dj Vander Remix 0205 says:

      @God Mode Activated 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0k0 0

  7. ApolloBoxer _ says:

    This game shows that the Lakers are capable of playing great basketball…Darvin Ham did a great job with the rotations and injecting some new blood with their younger guys…the energy was high and they competed…shout out to Russ 💪🏾💯

    • halo says:

      you people forget that they literally won the championship 2 years ago…

    • martin 777 says:

      @Mark Peck II yeah that’s the biggest 2 things I’ve noticed Ham brings, Vogels biggest downsides was bad rotations and bad offense but now everything is looking solid and it looks like the guys respect him

    • Mark Peck II says:

      Amen man. Once they get used to each other and get completely in tune for the season. They are going to be fun to watch. I really like how the rotations are looking right now!

  8. Jxirus _ says:

    May not have been the prettiest game but this was my most favorite game I’ve seen from the lakers these past 2 seasons it genuinely looked like they wanted to play…and russ coming off the bench, and Matt and Lonnie developing into shooters seems to be the main pieces for the lakers to succeed

  9. Thê Ghētto Øråclë says:

    The Lakeshow was on last night, what really showed their character and potential was the losing the lead and coming back to finish what they started with poise and grace! Russ, Walker and Ryan’s presence were nothing short of dominant! GO LAKERS!!!

  10. AlloWishez x says:

    Almost a playoff type feel…nice to see the young players coming into their own.

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