Penn Jillette Destroying 3 women who blame violence on video games

Penn Jillette Destroying 3 women who blame violence on video games

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20 Responses

  1. C.E. Nolan says:

    One of the few times I’ve agreed with Penn.

  2. TheRogueWampire says:

    I completely agree with Penn I’m a gamer who plays war games and I a
    pascifefist meaning I don’t like to use violence. Violent video games,
    shows on television, and movie very rarely have any effect on someone
    becoming a violent person; someone honestly will usually become violent
    depending on how their childhood was like how their home life was and even
    the friends they hung out with.

  3. Noor Khammas says:

    I blame minecraft for taking down trees out the amazon

  4. Zenith says:

    these feminist man I fucking hate them

  5. Mr Budweiser says:

    cant stand wendy williams. 2pac was right shes a fat troll.

  6. DarkoTDR says:

    This bitches are stupid and crazy as fuck along with anyone who thinks like
    them, you know THIS actually makes me think of violence and anger. not
    video games, fucking retards like them should be shot to the moon and let
    them die off there.

  7. Zeus Pluchino says:

    No, CoD does need to be stopped. And quality games should be put in its
    place, not the same rehashed garbage that had a few really games.

  8. Jamie Montgomery says:

    Jesus the audience applause everything wtf

  9. I See Tenzins Everywhere says:

    If you guys hear someone got sniped by a gunman who jumped 360 degree
    vertically while shooting from the waist, know its me.

  10. The Unknown Performer says:

    The older generation always blames the worlds problems on the newer
    generations fads. It used to be rock music, then those kids grew up and are
    blaming it on video games. In 40 years our generation will be blaming it on
    something else.

  11. Wealoo says:

    more pokemon less call of duty

  12. Joe_ S_FTW says:

    He’s right. Video games are ART and have 0 influence on REAL LIFE violence.
    Literally. I’ve played video games since the age of 3… I’ve played games
    with no violence whatsoever and games that literally are more violent than
    any horror movie out there, and enjoy it for the most part, because it’s a
    virtual reality and NOT REAL. Just because I kill someone in a video game
    doesn’t mean I would enjoy it in real life! Most games are designed to tell
    a story or provide the same thrill that movies do, except you’re the one in

    Anyone who plays a violent video game and then does something extremely
    violent in real life, was ALREADY a psychopath to begin with.

  13. Bob Patantay says:

    I played COD the other day, now my mum won’t hug me😞

  14. SNAKEx197 says:

    Wth is up with the audience

  15. Khoa Nguyen says:

    how ironic these women blasting the media, the very thing that pays for
    their fancy purses and clothes

  16. Randomly Funny says:

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and
    then beat you with experience.”

  17. GreasyBandage says:

    The audience will applause to anything; stupid or smart.

  18. korean cook mr.유 says:

    watch my video

  19. Astro Physics says:

    Penn just got much more respect from me dealing with these hags

  20. Just An Average Duck says:

    The irony of being a part of the media and criticizing the media.