People Cover Up Regrettable Tattoos

People Cover Up Regrettable Tattoos

“Getting a cover up under my boob.”

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Unlimited (Snakee)
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

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Diana C Munoz


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20 Responses

  1. Wednesday Caine says:

    what happens if you get a tattoo and then you wrinkle because of old age?
    Would your start looking demented.

  2. Autumn Crowe says:

    the tattoos look great but you can still see the t in the paramore lyric

  3. _Avid_Internet_weirdo_ says:

    Wait……. You’re not interested in Paramore anymore?? How??

  4. Crazy Eve says:

    The tattoo artist reminds me of Rita Ora

  5. LC Leto says:

    The tattoo artist is beautiful

  6. Tavia Gatanas says:


  7. Rad Chad Jones says:

    What happens when her boobs start to sag and it looks like a curtain

  8. Avril Solmayor says:

    I actually just want a small tattoo.. Probably on my middle, index or ring
    finger.. I just want a reversed ‘x’.

  9. nina knox says:

    that random pencil tattoo tho

  10. E Jones says:

    if I ever get a tattoo, I want a colorful and abstract little dreamcatcher
    on my wrist :P

  11. Hippocret says:

    The tattoo artist is so beautiful

  12. Dee Armieee says:

    The tattoo artist looks like Rihanna 🙂 Darn she’s gorgeous

  13. JohnVideos says:

    One bad tattoo, to a bigger worse tattoo.

  14. says:

    okai this just made me want to take a another tattoo even more thanks

  15. purpleprinc3 says:

    Who needs tattoo’s when you have manly scars?!?! I have one scar…on my
    pinky…from a penknife…when I pretended to be a zombie and got

  16. ExploreList says:

    No way could I get a tattoo, I’m a wimp. I cringed all the way through
    this. Good vid tho.

  17. Freakschwimmer says:

    I always thought Britanny was way too beatiful to be lesbian, but now I
    guess it kinda makes sence.

  18. AleEmi Hernandez says:

    The only commercial I don’t skip is the Phillips commercial I love it.

  19. Cait Smith says:

    This just confirms that tattoos are not for me lol

  20. mylifewithya says:

    I am indecisive about what clothes to wear in the morning. A tattoo would
    last me a week before I want it off lol