People crying, leaving Clinton headquarters

People crying, leaving Clinton headquarters

CNN’s Brianna Keilar describes the scene at the Clinton headquarters tonight as results are come in.

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20 Responses

  1. Isprikitik burkabush says:

    Well they can just blame Russia anytime..

  2. Sven says:

    That’s what you get for stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

  3. Robert Helring says:

    good fuck you CNN and fuck hillary cry baby Trump 2016


    I never ever wanted to like a cnn video so much in my life

  5. Dikota Kreighbaum says:

    Love it! Evil has been defeated!

  6. Albert Hernandez says:


  7. fukcthegovernment says:

    Hillary’s speech turned into a suicide letter at the stroke of
    midnight…run swindlerella. Your crime scheme is over.

  8. Acklins Pioneer says:

    time to loose the court case now

  9. CometX-ing says:

    Boy… that was a real rigged election.

  10. RealityIsUndeniable says:

    Democrats are responsible for Trumps victory. For the past 8+ years, you’ve
    been calling everyone and everything racist, for simply disagreeing with
    you. You are still doing it, from the pundits I’ve seen. People are sick of
    it and they’re not shutting up and letting your slander and vitriol stop
    them anymore. You’ve pushed and pushed and pushed these social justice lies
    on everyone and this is the counter culture. A sweeping victory. Time to
    rub your noses in your mess

  11. Neil Hardie says:

    Hillary, YOU’RE FIRED!

  12. Francesca Bordi says:

    BIAS CNN No more room for you. Independent media will always crush you.
    None is watching CNN anymore

  13. Cameron Lee says:

    Lol what pussy ass Hillary supporters, she lost guys! Let’s go trump!

  14. GodDamnit7711 says:

    1:13 – Slow zoom into the shot of the little boy crying.
    1:20 – Oh shit, he’s just bored, cut the shot.

  15. austin styles says:

    Never been happier at someone’s misery?
    This is what happens to brainwashed idiots who don’t want to face
    She broke laws and jeopardize our nations security you assholes.
    She should be in jail. You better hope President Trump is merciful.

  16. Nick Dixon says:

    Sucks when the media talks all great about your candidate, then suddenly
    loses it all! GEEWIZ

  17. Mikae Gildon says:

    1st day on Trump office:
    Get the witch on jail.

  18. mysticresistence says:

    I will say what few are willing to admit: this was a combination of
    things, but the biggest issues were 1) trade, which has ruined the rust
    belt where Trump won and 2), let’s admit it, I am half-black, but the
    constant finger-wagging at white America calling them “privileged” lead
    to this. White people are suffering too and it is so unfair to
    constantly tell poor white people who saw their jobs shipped overseas
    that “you are the problem!” No politician ever talks to white people as a
    whole and tries to listen to them, but the whole media as of late has
    talked to them. And yes, racism is an issue and yes, black people are
    also suffering, but the constant ignoring of the majority had a big part
    in this. And no, they are not racist, they just feel ignored and they
    felt that Trump was the only person willing to listen to them.

    Trump won and me and everyone else who didn’t vote for him has to accept
    that. I hope he does a good job and in the end, it is just an election.
    Congrats to Trump and his supporters.

  19. David Rook says:

    I know who is most definitely crying other than Hillary, and that’s CNN

  20. Chris Maillet says:

    Hillary didn’t even thank her supporters for showing up. What a cunt.