People Fixing Things With RAMEN NOODLES Part 2

People Fixing Things With RAMEN NOODLES Part 2

People Fixing Things With Ramen Noodles Part 2! Have you ever tried these diy fixing things with ramen noodles hacks? Leave a Like if you enjoyed and watch PART 1

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68 Responses

  1. SSSniperWolf says:

    its SATURDAY 😀 make sure to watch part 1 that got 4m+ views!!

  2. alyssaaa_ _ says:

    1:49 fun fact, Oreos are actually an off brand of another brand


  3. alyssaaa_ _ says:

    *can I fix my feelings with ramen too?*

  4. Bangtan Imagination says:

    Tell me I’m not the only one who saw her face cam thingy glitched with the Buddha thingy video

  5. Alexa Zephirin says:

    Whoever is scrolling down the comments about that glitch just know that you are beautiful and your being loved ❤️??? SMILEEEEE!!”

  6. Silly Saturdays says:

    And I oop-
    Me: mum my face is broken
    Mum:oh ok let me just get my good old ramen noodles.
    Me: ? ok
    Also me: WAIT WAH?

  7. Muhammad Hamza Khan says:

    Sssniperwolf:NO!WAIT HOLD UP!
    Me:(gonna wanting to the washroom) ok I’ll hold it in if you want me to

  8. Top Fortnite Trendss says:

    Life lesson you break something in your house and don’t want your mom to find out use Ramen

    • Purple Lizard Army says:

      *Swings a baseball bat inside, knocks down the shelf, shatters mom’s pictures, boils water, house burns down, trips on the way out, and breaks face along with my phone*

      Ramen, I *_NEED_* you

  9. Lydia Scott says:

    me: i think i broke my arm

    doctor: pulls out ramen

    doctor: *gooD as nEw!*

  10. Big o’l Baguette says:

    9:21 im like 99% thats peanut butter, i could be wrong

  11. eXe PanDa says:

    3:48 why they gotta waste milk like that though i have tasted that kind of milk and it taste bomb af

  12. ginni says:

    List of things to fix… WITH RAMEN.
    – wall
    – door handle
    – chair
    – sink
    – my love life.

  13. Vasto Lorde says:

    Me: breaks leg
    School nurse: lemme go get…
    Me: the ramen?
    School nurse: what?
    Me: what?

  14. Jimpchickenhead Gaming says:

    Hmmm is this how mr beast smashed so many computers

    Cos he just fixed them with ramen hmmmmmm

    I’m a small YouTuber if anyone could show support I’d be really great full

  15. Sylvia Luna says:

    Car Employees: we can fix your car :D!

    Ramen Noodles: I’m gonna end this mans career >:3

  16. Kine plus Weirdness says:

    Who saw the glitch on face cam where a person covered in dark clothing was standing there and every second it glitched ??

  17. Samgel lovespets says:

    A few minutes or hours later
    Ants: ATTACK!!

  18. YT_Mag Mobile says:

    Guess what… my teacher said wholesome

    Me and my friend stared at each other

  19. sarcasm is in whatever I say says:

    “Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions”

    Sssniperwolf:PUT SOME RAMEN ON IT!

  20. Da Crazy Dinosaur says:

    2019 : uses ramen for fixing furnitures

    2020: uses ramen to make furnitures


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