people in LA every time it rains

people in LA every time it rains

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86 Responses

  1. just a guy who likes anime says:


  2. Daniel Sambar says:

    “It’s the end times…”

  3. Kiwi says:

    Run! It’s a sky earthquake!

  4. Jefferson Juno says:

    *_What? Is Noah gonna come again?_*

  5. Mr Not That Famous says:

    the almost fall made me lose it

  6. The Derp Chaos says:

    What is this? Wet light?

  7. Tigorahan says:

    LaCroix tastes like someone vaguely shouting the name of a fruit in another room

  8. Kat Serrano says:

    Nah, rain has more flavour than La Croix

  9. Heriberto Barrios says:

    As a LA Student,I can confirm this.

  10. not tim says:

    in reality its just some homeless guy pissing on your window

  11. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    “Is that God crying?”

  12. Evariste Galois says:

    _ProZD, stop speaking facts bro_

  13. The Derp Chaos says:

    *people in Florida if it ever snows*
    Why is there cocaine falling from the sky?

  14. Juggleboy says:

    Meanwhile in Chicago… *-50°*

  15. kremit the frog says:

    Remember the sky earthquakes being the water

  16. Gugazero _ says:

    “What in Oblivion is that?!?”

  17. tomatoanus says:

    i believe you mean, la cwuah

  18. How to properly clean your metal computer says:

    Whoever is taking a piss up there needs to stop.

  19. The Perfect Gaming Zone says:

    Actually they’re called skyquakes, and a strange light phenomenon always precedes them

  20. kremit the frog says:

    Oh no! The dreaded Sky Water is upon us

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