People Pleasers at a Restaurant

People Pleasers at a Restaurant

I apologize for existing – please throw me out

Co-write w/ Andrea Kelley

#peoplepleasing #bistrohuddy #serverlife #restaurantlife #bartenderlife #funnyshorts #comedyshorts #socialanxiety #takingupspace #confidence

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32 Responses

  1. Noone Special says:

    Omg. The only thing more me would be frantically stacking the plates and chugging a full glass of water before the check comes so the server doesn’t have to balance liquids and forks

    • Melisade Opal says:

      I feel personally attacked

    • Pouria Yazdankhah says:

      @Gerwi haha, same here! Although I’m from Iran and usually if I’m in a small mom and pop places instead of the fancy ones, I try to tidy the table, wipe the bread crumbs into the tray and then put the tray back on their counter and even though sometimes they look surprised, often they would smile back and say thanks for helping out.
      “Treat others how you want to be treated”

    • Banana316 says:

      You’re sweet 😇

    • dumpster fire says:

      @Tyler Childers yeah i usually didn’t like it when they stacked up their plates, but i appreciated the thought. they always stacked it up so weird too, and for some reason stacked plates on top of plates with silverware on them

    • Goose p says:

      Bro I had no idea about the liquids! I’m gonna have to do that from now on I feel like such a horrible person

  2. Gerwi says:

    I feel personally attacked…and I’m so sorry for making that assumption and inconveniencing anyone and I hope y’all have a lovely day at work. So sorry. Roll tide.😉😁

  3. Killer Koala says:

    Im like this with servers.yall have a hard job. Ive done it myself. I always feel bad for the servers cause CSR work is one of the most ungrateful jobs ever. People suck 😂

    • General Henry Stickmin says:

      Maybe you can get an education if you don’t want to be a server right?

    • Happy Feet says:

      @General Henry Stickmin Gotta start somewhere to get experience or to pay for education if it isnt free

    • oonanas says:

      @General Henry Stickmin what if you’re doing while studying? What if you’re working at a family owned restaurant? What if it’s your own establishment? What if you’re an asshole and your comment is bullshit?

  4. Zeldaline says:

    My moms a waitress and does this whenever we eat out, it’s respectable bro I like these kinds of people.

    • Cristina beby💦 says:

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    • AnabelIsGucciShoe says:

      Your moms a softy

  5. Sammi Cadwallader says:

    This literally me 😂 because I know how badly they get treated by people that I hate even asking. Or if my order is messed up I don’t even say anything sometimes lol

  6. Hannah Goss says:

    The only way you act like that its when you been a server before and really understand what it is! True story

  7. Classicist Sky says:

    This is how you can tell someone has worked in the service industry before

  8. Olivia Kingsley says:

    I feel called out. Like I always apologise for these things. Not only in restaurants but also everywhere I go. Yesterday I stumbled into a trash can and I apologized to it lol

  9. Pepper says:

    My moms a waitress and does this whenever we eat out, it’s respectable bro I like these kinds of people.

    • Nempel Njero says:

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    • MushRumi says:

      Only took me like 2 seconds of scrolling to find a copy of this comment 💀

    • Cason Edwards says:

      Ur moms annoying.

    • K Cgrrefhhg says:

      One thing I was always taught to do in any cafe or restaurant you take your plate up to make life easier for the lovely people that just served your meal and I get looks like I’m a crackhead for doing it always make me chuckle

    • Tay G says:

      It’s not respect it’s a mental response possibly routed in trauma

  10. Christian Pinargote says:

    Me and a date at a pretty nice restaurant ordered our dessert and I can’t remember what it was, but it was supposed to be warm to melt the icecream on top. I felt a little bad because it was getting close to closing but it also was basically cold. Had to say something

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