People Try Durian (The Smelliest Fruit In The World)

People Try Durian (The Smelliest Fruit In The World)

“It’s like a box of chocolates, but a bad box of chocolates”

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20 Responses

  1. Cynthia Natasha says:

    that’s…is it weird that i feel sad bc they just cut through everything
    with a knife rather that crack it open

  2. akhmad fadli says:

    if you think Durian is so smelly, just try Jengkol, Kabau or Petai

  3. p0piiah92 says:

    they cut it all wrong. yeah the smell isn’t so good. but the taste of it is

  4. Ella Razlan says:

    Seriously guys?? U didnt realized thats a taste from heaven ! 

  5. Mandy potter says:

    after all the times I ate durian, I never noticed a smell. well maybe a
    little something but nothing major :

  6. tulinh dong says:

    I love durian. Love how it smells and I just feel like people exaggerating
    their reaction :p

  7. liberi567 says:

    Dutch guy here, I never ate it like that. But I had durian ice cream once,
    that was amazing!

  8. marie kris verain says:

    its delicious really!!yum yum…the smell just mislead you but it tastes
    really good.

  9. Mome 13 says:

    it taste good and it smells makes my tummy hungry
    and it the best fruit in the world
    P/S:they dont know how to open it

  10. Kirby Venturina says:

    Kelsey is so sexy!

  11. Tan Kok Kheong says:

    Durian is the best!!!!!!

  12. insaneighbourhood says:


  13. Rob Sorbo says:

    I always kinda liked the smell. I didn’t mind the taste, but it wasn’t
    something I would crave.

  14. Isaiah Thomas says:

    that’s not how u open it. and it’s not that baddd!!! sporean!! XDXD

  15. iluvpie20101 says:

    I’m so used to this smell from when I was younger. I used to eat them in
    Malaysia so whenever I smell it it actually smells pretty good to me
    LMFAOOO the taste is great

  16. Maurice Li says:

    That’s the most amateurish way I’ve ever seen to open a durian, i’m so
    surprised they didn’t hurt themselves

  17. Tg Nabila says:

    Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian etc (southeast asian in general) people
    be like…
    ” y dafuq r they overreacting :/ “

  18. emeri vinette says:


  19. Kevin Lim says:

    that asian girl probably liking it. almost everone here in southest asia
    loving it.

  20. Andy Griffin says:

    People here annoyed that their native fruit has been insulted and all I’m
    thinking is who even looked at that fruit and said, “I bet I could eat